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Night Shift Interview + Why A Roswell Movie Will Probably Never Happen Articles

Q) How did you prepare for this role?

A) I did a lot of research. I read a lot about military medics and a lot of the stories of Army medics. They all seem to be cut from the same kind of cloth and the most intriguing part was the guys that were shooting at them trying to kill them ten minutes before they’d be trying to save their lives. When you saw someone after the fire fight is done, when you see someone suffering and dying, as a medic your job is to save their life. You might save their life and then have them arrested. It was just their whole M.O., what they lived for was to make sure their brothers were safe and cared for until the very end. They’ll put themselves in harms way to do it. It really creates a solid foundation to build a character from who has a lot of character and a lot of integrity. It was a great start. I read a lot of military books and a few medical books. Trained Big John McCarthy for some MMA, which was a lot of fun.

“I will say no to any kind of movie or anything like that, only because I don’t have the imagination to see where that character is,” Fehr explained of being hesitant to return to the fan-favorite role of Michael. “I’m not sure I can get back in his head that way. Because my youth and inexperience played such a big part in that role, that after getting married and having three kids, you’re like, ‘Can I put myself back in that headspace and find that?’ I think I could, but I’ve never gone down that path. So I can’t see it, just because of lack of imagination more than anything else. But it would be interesting to see what others think.

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New HQ Episode 2 & 3 Stills, Promo Photo, another interview

I’ve added new HQ stills for episode 3 to the gallery as well as 3 new HQ episode 2 stills, and a new promotional photo of Brendan, with thanks to far, far away site.


There’s also another interview with Brendan at the link below.

“I’m the farthest thing from a hypochondriac. I can have something really obviously wrong with me and I’ll be like ‘I’ll just give it a day or two’…I do not want to go to a hospital!”

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Night Shift Episode 2 HQ Screencaps, Various Night Shift Interviews, & Twitter Photos

I’ve added 205 HQ Screencaps of Brendan in Episode 2 of Night Shift to the gallery.

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I’ve also linked to several Interviews Brendan gave about the show and his character this week.

I just hope people, regardless of their beliefs, see that I played Drew as a human being that’s just going through a struggle.

You’re going to see him deal with it like you’d see anyone else deal with a secret that they don’t want anyone else to know.

When I first got the pilot, I thought it was great. There were a lot of risks involved in a character like that. If I was going to play a gay character on television, I didn’t want it to be typical. I wanted it to be different. So as I got close to getting the part, I had long talks with people on the creative side about who they wanted the character to be, where we want to go with him and how we wanted to define this character. And we were all on the same page that I wanted to play him as a human, you know what I mean? As a guy who fights and works to save lives.

I’ve also added more Twitter Photos that were posted last night.


Along with the ATX TV Festival Roswell Reunion this upcoming weekend there’s a chance to attend a moderated panel and screening of “Night Shift” this coming Friday in San Antonio, TX. Click the link for more information.

Scheduled to appear in S.A. are four of the show’s leads — Freddy Rodriguez, Jill Flint, Daniella Alonso and Brendan Fehr — as well as executive producer Gabe Sachs.

It will happen at 7 p.m. on June 6 at City Base Cinema, 2623 S.E. Military Drive. A screening of two episodes, one of which will be new (not yet seen by TV viewers), will be followed by a Q&A with the celebrity panel. The event will be moderated by WOAI-TV anchorwoman Evy Ramos.

And, finally, TV Guide has a look at Episode 3 next week, click below to watch!

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