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News: New television series about New Mexico cult may film in Belen

newsbreakapp – Brendan gave an interview to News bulletin about “Behind The Yellow House” click the link or read below.
BELEN — The Hub City is once again going to find itself in the background.

Late last week, members of the production crew and location scouts for a television show in pre-production were roaming the city of Belen looking for some prime real estate to film a new television series.

Kim Graham, the owner of Belen-based production company What Are The Odds, brought Brendan Fehr, one of the show’s executive producers to Belen to find locations that evoked just the right small-town vibe.

Brendan Fehr, executive producer of “Behind The Yellow House,” stands in front of the Belen Police Department, one of the locations he and the location crew scouted for the new show last week.

The show, “Behind The Yellow House,” is based on the true story of a New Mexico cult, a group of witches, that still exists and practices to some extent to this day, Fehr said.

“The show tells the story of Maggie, this young girl who is the chosen one. She is raised by her grandmother, who is the leader of the cult,” Fehr said.

The woman’s story is filled with dark rituals and abuse, ranging from human sacrifice to incest, he said, but she manages to escape and thrive.

“There are a lot of dark things in this show, things she was thrust into, but she escaped,” he said.

Fehr, who is best known for his role as Michael Guerin in the original “Roswell” TV series that ran from 1999 to 2002, will play a small role in the new show, that of Sheriff Brown.

“He’s investigating this cult, so he’s on the outside and really doesn’t know what’s going on,” Fehr said. “It’s a small town with a lot of secrets.”

While the show is based on a true story of a cult in New Mexico, and the woman known as Maggie is collaborating with creators, Fehr was clear it wasn’t about Belen.

“This happened in the late 1960s and we’re looking for locations that still evoke that era,” he said. “Projects with bigger budgets can just build a set. We need places that already have that look or can be achieved with a few changes.”

While they were in town, the group visited H.T. Jaramillo School and the Belen Police Department as possible filming locations.

Fehr said they really liked Belen’s “look.”

“It’s smaller, has more of a community feel, where everybody knows everybody else,” he said. “Other places might have something similar but there are tall buildings and have an urban feel.”

While the show will delve into the dark rituals and abuse that happened in the woods “behind the yellow house,” Fehr said he wants it to serve as a source of help to people experiencing abuse and other situations.

At the end of every show, there will be information and resources about sex trafficking and child abuse, he said.

“We want to provide resources to people experiencing these things. We’d like the show to do some good,” Fehr said.

Graham said she’s very excited to have the show film in Belen.

“I really want to highlight the positive things we’re doing here,” she said.

The show doesn’t have a distributor yet, Fehr said, so right now it’s a group of creative people coming together to bring the project to life.

“It’s a great story that does need to be told,” he said. “Artists and creative people don’t do well sitting around.

“The woman Maggie is based on, she went through some dark things. She came out of it one of the most positive and happiest people I know. There’s a lot of darkness to this show but, in the end, it’s all about the triumph of the human spirit.”

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Movies/Screencaps/Photos: ‘Wander’ UHQ Screencaps, ‘Biker Boyz’ Press Kit Photos + Info, ‘The Commando’ Director Interview & B+T on indiegogo still going

Brendan’s latest film ‘Wander’ is now on DVD in USA and Canada. I’ve added UHQ screencaps to the gallery. I’ve also gotten my hands on an old ‘Biker Boyz’ Press Kit and added scans and photos to the gallery as well. I also found an interview about ‘The Commando’ click below to check it out. Finally, B+T on indiegogo, is still going strong!


Asif Akbar on The Commando, Pandemic Shoots, and Delivering Consistently (source)

IFJ: Your latest feature, The Commando, is scheduled to come out soon. Can you tell us what it’s about?

AA: It stars Mickey Rourke and Micahel Jai White who plays James Baker a DEA agent. Baker returns home after a failed mission and is suffering PTSD. What he doesn’t know is that the house he is living in with his family has millions of dollars hidden all over within the walls and floors of it. Rourke plays Johnny. Johnny has just been released from prison and coming to get his money. Along with his goons, they will stop at nothing to retrieve the loot, except they don’t know they picked the wrong family to mess with. The film has a great ensemble cast as well, with supporting by Jeff Fahey, UFC legend Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Gianni Capaldi, Cord Newman and Brendan Fehr to name a few of the other guys. I hope everyone is going to enjoy what we have accomplished with this film as my vision with this was to make it a bit different from the recent typical action flicks. One of my greatest highlights of course on this one is working with the legendary Mickey Rourke.

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Video/Screencaps: B+T (Baron + Toluca) updates – Indiegogo et al. – Part III

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is almost complete at 170% and Brendan and Majandra have extended the campaign another 60 days per indiegogo. Keep it going! Below are the following updates on the campaign with screencaps in the gallery. Updates are from Facebook,Indiegogo and Twitter.


The Screencaps are HERE.

A new batch of perks was announced on the live stream check the below tweets for more information on whats now available and new on indiegogo.

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Video/Photos: B+T update – funded! & New films: ‘The Commando’, ‘Grey Elephant’ & ‘Captive’ + ‘Wander’ VOD/ Theater Date for USA/Canada

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is live, and was fully funded on October 23, 2020 keep it going! see below for stretch perks info and keep it going with 25 days left!

Second, Brendan’s been filming some projects! First is ‘Grey Elephant’ with several of his Night Shift costars. Check out the video below along with the article, and BTS photos (in the gallery).

Deadline ‘Nightflyers’ Eoin Macken To Helm Relationship Drama ‘Grey Elephant’


Video/Screencaps: B+T (Baron + Toluca) updates – Indiegogo et al.

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is live, and already at 58% keep it going! Below are the following updates on the campaign (since Friday) with screencaps in the gallery. Updates are from Facebook, Instagram, Indiegogo and YouTube.



Video/Screencaps: Brendan with B+T merch update via Instagram!Live and ‘Behind The Yellow House’ tiny update

Instagram – Brendan posted on Instagram Live tonight mentioning a B+T Merch update and a request to check out BEHIND THE YELLOW HOUSE,(donate if you can) among other things along with the fact that he’ll be playing Sheriff in the series . I’ve uploaded the live and put screencaps in the gallery. Enjoy.


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Audio: Brendan on Endeavors Radio (4/8/19)

Archive – I found an old podcast interview from 2019. Enjoy. I’ve included the summary below. Click below to listen.

My first guest could be described as a “where do I know him from?” type of actor. He has had bit parts in both X-Men: First Class and Guardians of the Galaxy and has also appeared in such films as Biker Boyz, the indie Canadian darlings Childstar and Sugar, for which he recieved a Genie nomination for best actor in a supporting role, remake Silent Night and the cult classic Final Destination. On television, he starred as a series regular on both Roswell, which garnered him back-to-back gemini nominations as well as a Saturn award nomination, and The Night Shift had recurring parts in CSI: Miami and Bones. He has guested on numerous others including Breaker High, The New Addams Family, Nikita, Longmire, Better Call Saul, and canadian favourite Wynonna Earp. His latest film is Daughter of the Wolf in which he stars opposite Gina Carano and Richard Dreyfuss. He is Brendan Fehr and I spoke with him last week.The was my conversation with actor Brendan Fehr. His newest film Daughter of the Wolf is out now.

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