I've added a set of 4 UHQ's to the gallery from the Night Shift Season 4 Premiere entitled "Recoil". Huge thanks to far far away site
In addition, I've also updated the quality of the screencaps of The Forsakenin the gallery to UHQ for your enjoyment. There are 732 UHQ screencaps of the film in the gallery.
Finally, check out the news below for "Roswell FM" and info about the Season Pass for "Wynonna Earp" (Brendan will be featured on four of the shows twelve episodes this season).

There's also a new article about the #NetflixforBandT - BARON + TOLUCA (B +T) campaign. Click below to read: Also the tweet chart for next week is below: Don't forget to @Netflix in all of your tweets Brendan also won an award for his work in "The Last Transmission" short film. Click below to read the post about it

Brendan's 2012 film 'Roswell FM' is now available to view (buy and/or rent) in its entirety online at Vimeo. You can view the film via watching below. Thank you to the filmmakers for releasing the film online. (source). I've added 1,205 HQ Screencaps of Brendan in 'Roswell FM' to the gallery. Enjoy!
Click the link above to rent or buy the film on Vimeo.

I've added/updated 16 Annual Curling Match Untagged and UHQ photos from 2013's - First Hollywood Curling Celebrity Charity Match at the Hollywood Curling Summer Blockbuster Bonspiel to the gallery
I've also added 5 new/old and UHQ Stills from ' A Christmas Kiss' to the gallery.

Brendan made a cameo in the movie 'Disturbing Behavior' in the beginning of his career. I've added/updated 50 HQ Screencaps of Brendan in the movie to the gallery. Enjoy!
In other news, Night Shift is returning to the ATX Festival. Check the tweets below for more information (including how to get tickets)

I've added/upgraded 108 HQ Screencaps of Brendan in "Final Destination" to the gallery. Enjoy.
"The Last Transmission" is now a completed film:
LADIES AND GENTS Solano Pictures is beyond thrilled to tell you ‪#‎TheLastTransmission‬ is COMPLETE!!!! Stay tuned for screening locations and dates as we begin submitting to festivals worldwide!
(source) Live in Albuquerque, NM (USA) and want to have lunch with the cast of NBC's "Night Shift"? Click the tweet below to find out how to enter. Finally I've added Brendan's address for Fanmail to the site. Want to get an autograph? Use this address located here: FANMAIL ADDRESS

Since news may be a bit slow I've decided to dig out my collection of things you guys might like to see. I've added 1 new video in the Media Section. Its from a 06-21-2006 CTV Set Visit to 'Degrassi' with former CSI:Miami co-star Jonathan Togo event. Enjoy. Also, please, note: this is the LAST of the flashback videos I have as of this update.
Here's what's been added to the Media - Video pages:
  • Event Interviews - 1
  • All of the Videos can be found at this page: Various Interviews I've also added a few more old (yet new) stills of "Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice" to the gallery. Click below to view them.
    Note: This is the update for November, because, real life happens sometimes.