Episode 4.02 of Night Shift - "Off The Rails" was aired this week. I've added 207 HQ Logoless Screencaps to the gallery. Enjoy!
In addition, check out a new Access Hollywood video with Brendan via the tweet below. Thanks to TNS_FANS for the heads up. Also, screencaps might not becoming for next week until Monday. Keep an eye out on Brendan's twitter for some news this week.

Episode 4.01 of Night Shift - "Recoil" was last night. I've added 169 HQ Logoless Screencaps to the gallery. Enjoy!
In addition, check out the recent tweets below for news about video and audio interviews that are new and old about season 4. Also, please understand that for the rest of the season I've included a note about the remainder an time frame I'll be able to do Screencaps for. Thanks.

Season 4 of the Night Shift Premiere's next week. I've added two episode clips for the premiere as well as two videos. One is a BTS of Season 4 and one is an interview with Brendan, click below to watch in UHQ. I've also added 323 HQ Logoless Screencaps of the interview to the gallery. Enjoy!

I've added a set of 4 UHQ's to the gallery from the Night Shift Season 4 Premiere entitled "Recoil". Huge thanks to far far away site
In addition, I've also updated the quality of the screencaps of The Forsakenin the gallery to UHQ for your enjoyment. There are 732 UHQ screencaps of the film in the gallery.
Finally, check out the news below for "Roswell FM" and info about the Season Pass for "Wynonna Earp" (Brendan will be featured on four of the shows twelve episodes this season).

The Indie Vue event took place but due to technical issues Brendan was only seen (not heard) on screen for a moment. I've added the brief seconds to the gallery in screencaps.
Since the Indievue event had issues Brendan immediately did a Facebook Live Session (see below tweets) answering questions about B + T, Night Shift, and Wynonna Earp. Click below to watch his Q+A Facebook Session. ETA: No idea if its a facebook error but the live session is down

I've added a set of 7 new UHQ's to the gallery from yesterday's NBCUniveral Summer Press Day photoshoot that was done of Brendan (and his Night Shift co-stars). Huge thanks to as well as far, far away site for the help.
I've added a set of 67 new UHQ's to the gallery from this week's NBCUniversal Summer Press Day that took place. Huge thanks to Tania at Note: This brings the total number of pictures to 126 for the entire event.
In addition, click below to check out interviews Brendan and co-star JR Lemon did that talks abut Season 4 of the Night Shift. (Brendan is confused for co-star Eoin Macken in one).
Also, click below to see a video of Brendan arriving at the event. Thanks to TNS_Fans for the heads up.