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Video/Photos: B+T update – funded! & New films: ‘The Commando’, ‘Grey Elephant’ & ‘Captive’ + ‘Wander’ VOD/ Theater Date for USA/Canada

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is live, and was fully funded on October 23, 2020 keep it going! see below for stretch perks info and keep it going with 25 days left!

Second, Brendan’s been filming some projects! First is ‘Grey Elephant’ with several of his Night Shift costars. Check out the video below along with the article, and BTS photos (in the gallery).

Deadline ‘Nightflyers’ Eoin Macken To Helm Relationship Drama ‘Grey Elephant’


Video/Screencaps: B+T (Baron + Toluca) updates – Indiegogo et al.

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is live, and already at 58% keep it going! Below are the following updates on the campaign (since Friday) with screencaps in the gallery. Updates are from Facebook, Instagram, Indiegogo and YouTube.



Movies: New Short Film “The Crimson Line – Part 2” (video + screencaps)

Instagram – Brendan filmed a new short film that’s a new completed segment called “The Crimson Line – Part 2”. This one was a surprise, Thief Leite left a facebook comment alerting me that it was online and made I’ve embedded it for you all to watch below and added 100+ screencaps to the gallery as well as some new bts stills.


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Press/News: An Important Announcement from the Canadian Academy – Awards Canceled, Where to Purchase/Stream/Rent/Buy Brendan’s filmography during ‘social distancing’


An Important Announcement from the Canadian Academy

The Canadian Academy is deeply saddened to announce the cancellation of all Canadian Screen Week activities in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, including the national broadcast gala on Sunday, March 29th. Following a thorough review of Canadian Screen Week events and an assessment of the potential risk to our attendees, we feel this is the only responsible decision at this time.

We are committed to the celebration of our Canadian Screen Award nominees and Special Award honourees and will share an update in the coming weeks.

In light of most, if not all, country’s going through ‘social distancing’ and/or complete shutdowns (or under the possibility of them) due to the serious issue of COVID-19 I’ve put together a list of where you can legally Purchase, Stream, Rent, or Buy certain parts of Brendan’s filmography for USA/Canada. Check the twitter thread below I’ve compiled. Also check out the various media pages here for more clips and/or interviews. Stay safe, wash your hands, stay in doors, and enjoy.
Also for those of you overseas, check out the following for Germany
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Press/Photos/Videos: ‘Brotherhood’ Poster, Stills, Screencaps Note, Distribution Note

IMPORTANT: I’ve been asked by LevelFilm to take down the screencaps because it infringes on copyright so they’ve been removed. Apologies if you’re looking for them but this is the first time I’ve been asked to pull content regardless. In the interrim, I’ve uploaded some UHQ Stills they’ve given me. For links to purchase the film please see ‘Brotherhood’ on Digital & VOD.

Also as an added note, I’ve contacted the distribution company of ‘Brotherhood’ and was given the following message in regards to a DVD/Blu-Ray release: “At the moment there are no plans for a DVD release of Brotherhood but will let you know if that changes!”

If you don’t know what the film is about, don’t worry! Here is the official synopsis below along with the trailer:

In 1926, eleven teen-aged boys arrive at Long Point Camp for the adventure of their lives. When their canoe capsizes in a freak summer storm, their holiday descends into a soul-shuddering fight for survival


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Press/Video: CTV Announces 2006 Fall Schedule, Music Video Screencaps, + Video Archive Updated

I’ve updated alot. The video archive has been updated with more than 20 new/old videos. I’ve also added better quality screencaps for Brendan’s U2 and Vanessa Carlton videos. Finally I’ve added two new UHQ photos from a 2006 event. Thank you to Marica and Chris Evans Forum for helping with this update via pictures and watermarking of all the videos in the archive.




Finally, as far as the video archive here’s a link to what’s been added via corresponding page:

Award Appearances: 1 vid: Teen Choice

Music Videos: 2 vids: U2 & Vanessa Carlton

Various Interviews: 10 vids: Golf & Various & Radio Interviews

Show Interviews: 11 vids: Night Shift, Roswell, CSI: Miami

Movie Interviews: 9 vids: A Christmas Kiss, Daughter of the Wolf, The Forsaken, Biker Boyz

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Appearance/ Photos: [New/Old] 2018 & 2019 Begin Again Celebrity Golf Classic; X-Mas in July Convention July 24-26, 2020 in Nashville, TN. [Tickets on sale and additional info]

I’ve added a set of photos to the gallery from 2018 + 2019’s Begin Again Celebrity Golf Classic. Credit to the photographer organization group Begin Again Celebrity Golf Classic






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Tickets are now on sale!

A post shared by A Christmas In July (@christmasinjulyconvention) on

ALSO, tickets are now on sale for the Christmas in July convention (July 24-26, 2020).

Brendan was the first guest announced for the X-Mas in July convention for next year. The convention website where you can find out more info here – Silver Screen Events – Christmas in July. Brendan is not the only guest listed but for hotel booking, convention page information, other guests, and more click the link ( Silver Screen Events – Christmas in July) and scroll down to find out more information or visit the ticket page. To purchase tickets please go to this link: Christmas in July Convention Tickets

The convention takes place in Nashville, TN on July 24-26, 2020.

If you have any questions please reach out to the company putting on the convention at the links below or email them:

X-Mas in July Convention Instagram | X-Mas in July Convention Twitter | X-Mas in July Convention Facebook | X-Mas in July Convention Facebook Group

Also be sure to check out Brendan’s album of 2019 Twitter & Instagram Photos for a look back at his year! The album contains over 50 photos!


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Appearances/Movies: [New/Old, UHQ/MQ] 2008 Gemini Awards, 2001 MTV TRL + UHQ ‘Biker Boyz’ Stills

I’ve updated/added 4 stills in the gallery for “Biker Boyz” in UHQ and added 2 new/old photos of Brendan from the 2008 Gemini Awards as well as adding the MTV TRL Photobooth photo (courtesy Lena at Crashdown for helping me find that missing addition!).




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Movies: ‘Brotherhood’ Canada Mini Opening Screening Info + New MQ Stillls

Brendan posted the above tweet and the following message with a link to buy tickets to the screenings: “Gonna be in Toronto in Dec. 6… kinda. Come support Canadian stories and film.” The screenings will be held December 6 in Toronto at Cineplex Yonge & Dundas! CLICK HERE to buy tickets if you’re able to attend.

I’ve also added three new MQ Stills to the gallery.



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