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Brendan is now on the CAMEO website and app service + Hiatus Reminder

Brendan is now on the CAMEO website and app service! BRENDAN FEHR ON CAMEO

What is CAMEO and how does it work? Check out CAMEO – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for more or read on below. There’s also a CAMEO app to download for those of you on the go!

Q: What is Cameo?

A: Cameo is a platform where fans can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite celebrities, athletes, or influencers. Our mission is to create the most authentic and memorable fan experiences in the world.

Q: What occasions are Cameos good for?

A: Cameos are perfect for any occasion! Want to wish your friend Happy Birthday? Roast your buddy? Or just hear from your favorite talent? As long as the request is appropriate, talent will be excited to do your Cameo!

Q: Do I get to keep my Cameo?

A: Of course! Download your Cameo, share it across your social media pages and save it for life! Once it is sent to your email and texted to you – it is yours forever.

For more FAQ please check out the link above (the screenshot also lists all the details as well!)

Once again Brendan’s page is here: BRENDAN FEHR ON CAMEO

Finally, in a bit of a personal note, I have to put this site on hiatus for a while. As much as I wish I didn’t have to — an extreme loss that occurred last year has had drastic effects on my life that haven’t been for the better. I need some time, more importantly though, Brendan needs time to give you guys some awesome content so I can update. So, thank you, I’ll be around but not as much. — Samantha

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MOVIES: “Entertaining Christmas” Preview Clip +Air Times w/ dates, Site Twitter Account Note


Brendan’s newest Christmas Movie is titled “Entertaining Christmas” and airs on the Hallmark Channel this year. Hallmark has uploaded a clip from the film which you can view here (Hallmark doesn’t allow embeded views so click the link to view)

In addition, I’ve tweeted out a screenshot of the screening schedule to view below.

Finally, if you use Twitter I’ve posted a note since the fansite account now has their DM’s open.

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MOVIES: “Wrapped Up In Christmas” Film Clip + Brendan directed “The Ugly Christmas Sweater” Info/Air Date + Snapchat Updates


Brendan’s newest Lifetime Movie is now titled “Wrapped Up In Christmas” and is the first film of Christmas Season to air on Lifetime on November 25th at 8/7c (check your local listings for more airings after this Saturday)! Lifetime has uploaded a clip from the film which you can view here or below.

ALSO! Coming up soon please check the following tweets for more info regarding Brendan’s newest project – a short he directed called “The Ugly Christmas Sweater”. The tweets include a summary, air date (12/2/17 at 10 pm on lifetime), and Brendan’s confirmation that he did direct the short film.

Finally, check out Brendan’s recent Snapchat’s that I’ve saved for people that don’t use the app. Enjoy.


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