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SITE + OFFICIAL: New Layouts! New Official Site Posts

Brendan Fehr Online ( has a new look! It’s not just on the site its also on the gallery. I hope this was a surprise after three years with the old layouts. Major thank you to Tania for all of her help in setting things just right.

In addition, as an extra surprise there’s a new section to the website that I’ve gotten permission from Brendan to re-post for his old and new fans.

Rants + Rages (Q+A’s) and Recs – Official Site PostsNEW SECTION!!!!!

In the following pages are posts from Brendan’s official website from 2000 – 2009. It includes Q +A’s (which were affectionately known as Rants and Rages because he did occasionally ‘rant’ as well). Recs was known as ‘Brendan’s picks’ and only a handful of those existed. I’ve tried to compile this as fully as I could given the length of time its been since everything was posted. Please note that all of these posts have not been edited for format or spelling errors and are posted in their entirety to view. I have been given permission by Brendan to re-post all of these here for the enjoyment of his new (and old) fans who are curious or simply want to enjoy them.

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Hi! Hello! I’m sorry this took so long and because I’ve had serious personal issues it hasn’t been easy to do but the gallery is back online and I’ve added new things. First, the gallery is now located here: BRENDAN FEHR ONLINE GALLERY so please update your bookmarks!


I’ve added 1, 188 HQ Logoless Screencaps to the gallery from the remaining Season 4 Night Shift episodes including Family Matters, Keep The Faith, R3b0ot, Land of The Free, & Resurgence. Enjoy!

I’ve also added the remaining UHQ Episode Stills for Family Matters, Keep The Faith, R3b0ot, Land of The Free, & Resurgence into the gallery. A huge thank you to far, far, away site.

Additionally, I’ve added 312 UHQ Logoless Screencaps to the gallery from the remaining Season 2 Wynonna Earp episodes including Let’s Pretend We’re Friends, No Future In The Past, I See A Darkness, & I Hope You Dance.

I’ve also added 1 remaining UHQ Still from the Wynonna Earp episodes with thanks to far, far, away site.

Finally, I’ve added 25 UHQ Untagged photos from Brendan’s Public Appearance on 08-03-17: NBC Summer TCA Press Tour Day. I’ve added photos from the event as well as several UHQ Untagged Press Portraits. Thanks to far, far, away site and

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TV + INTERVIEWS:’Night Shift’ 4.10 Episode Clip + Matt Carter Interview + Site Note


There’s an episode clip of this week’s episode “Resurgence” to enjoy. Click below to watch.

In addition, Brendan gave an interview to Matt Carter Media this week. Check out the tweet below for the interview and more info.

Also, on a final note, please be aware of the current circumstances regarding updates to this site. Many thanks in advance. Please note, the gallery is still in the process of being worked on so I can provide you with more photo updates.

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TV + INTERVIEWS: Night Shift 4.05 “Turbulence” [UHQ + Logoless] Screencaps + Matt Carter Interview + Site Note


Episode 4.05 of Night Shift – “Turbulence” aired this week. I’ve added 273 HQ Logoless Screencaps to the gallery. Enjoy!

In addition, Brendan gave an interview to Matt Carter Media this week. Check out the tweet below for the interview and more info.

Also, on a final note, please be aware of the current circumstances regarding updates to this site. Many thanks in advance.

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TV: “Night Shift” 4.01 “RECOIL” UHQ Screencaps [Logoless] + Audio + Video Interviews +Site Update + Night Shift on German itunes


Episode 4.01 of Night Shift – “Recoil” was last night. I’ve added 169 HQ Logoless Screencaps to the gallery. Enjoy!

In addition, check out the recent tweets below for news about video and audio interviews that are new and old about season 4. Also, please understand that for the rest of the season I’ve included a note about the remainder an time frame I’ll be able to do Screencaps for. Thanks.

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TV: Mission C.I.N.D.Y. For B+T (B + T Campaign Info)


“Candies Implore Netflix (to) Descry (their) Yearnings” for B+T

We have heard of the movie, “Mission Impossible,” how every type of mission was carried out with acute precision by the person who was assigned to carry it out. They always used clever tactics to successfully complete the mission. Some missions were somewhat easy; not as challenging. For other missions it was necessary to call in people to help out with successfully completing the mission. What was envisioned as impossible feats ultimately turned into a victorious accomplishment. The agents always walked away with some bruises and battle scars, but also walked away with unmeasurable gratification for a job well done.

Fans and Dans are agents working on a single Mission since June, 2016. A Mission to some that may seem impossible, while others have their eye set on the Goal – Netflix picking up B+T. They keep strategizing how to carry out the mission in a way that we will have success!


So Fans and Dans, our next mission has been presented! Our next mission is to write a letter to Cindy Holland relaying what all Fans and Dans want so badly, “For Netflix to pick up B+T. ” For Netflix to hear our voices and see our tenacity. We need “agents” willing to join in and help to reach the goal. We need your help to be victorious; to send letters to Netflix. It will make a difference, YOU will make a difference.

Please send letters to Cindy Holland at this address:

Cindy Holland ℅: NETFLIX
335 N. Maple Drive
Suite 353
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(international fees for postage and handling)

Here are some helpful tips to add to your letter:

  • Roswell is still on NETFLIX which means fans are re-watching and being introduced to the show constantly. Having Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino would give the same “feels” though it’s a different show.
  • B+T is not Roswell – it’s different, exciting, mysterious, and already has thousands of fans
  • Date: When the promo went up on October 31 2016 there were 1,000 views within the first HOUR on Facebook!
  • Fans have been consistently tweeting #NETFLIXforBandT since the summer of 2016
  • Fans have sent in Honey and Tea
  • If you are super busy, a postcard will help too. Choose a pre-made card and print it or send it via (Tutorial). That’s a short, simple and fast way to make your voice heard as well.
  • Fans could add 1 Tea bag to the letter
  • Or a small ‘Netflix Or Bust’ sign (pre-made card)
  • Should you choose to accept the mission feel free to post your letter on social media as well to inspire other fans. Need inspiration? Look at Marey’s letter: B+T Campaign: A Heartfelt Letter To Netflix she wrote one to Peter Friedlander and now will do so to Cindy.



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    TV: B+T Campaign (Baron + Toluca) : Sweet As Honey. Spicy As Tea. NETFLIX, Please Bring Us B+T!


    B+T Campaign: Sweet As Honey. Spicy As Tea. NETFLIX, Please Bring Us B+T!

    b and t postcard bee + tea.inddHey fans & dans,

    We are lucky to have you on board for the next phase of our plan to get BARON + TOLUCA on our TV screens! We all have done an excellent job during the weekly Twitter Missions on Saturdays.

    Big thanks to everyone for staying behind this project and for spreading the word online and offline. Especially in the past month, we noticed that many new faces showed up on Twitter – and thanks to all of you who just created accounts just so you could join in and help!

    That’s what we call a real DAN!


    Watch & share the campaign video!

    Roswellians, dans & sci-fi fans: It’s time to get Netflix’ attention! After busy tweeting we are taking the campaign from a virtual approach to a physical one! You say you want B+T? Well, letʼs show them! We loved how Majandra and Brendan used the ‘bee’ + ‘tea’ icons for Baron And Toluca on social media. Let’s get started and join the “ B(ee) + T(ea)” campaign!


    Here’s what you can do:

    Send Honey* + Tea with any Baron and Toluca print out to Netflix, starting on October 1, 2016. How much should you send? Whatever amount represents just how badly you want it. We want to have a united front and flood the Netflix headquarter with B(ee) + T(ea) Between Oct 1 – Nov 30.

    Let’s make it count and get our message heard!

    We have to be surgical and precise. This is our last shot in getting Netflix to pick up BARON + TOLUCA. Please prepare your package and start sending it out on October 1, 2016. You may send multiple packages! Any number you want! We just have to get their attention! Be sure to mail your package allowing enough time for your package to arrive at Netflix between Oct 1 – Nov 30.

    Also, to achieve our goal, it is important that Netflix receives many-many first mailings in the same time period to avoid single packages, or letters trickling in that won’t have an impact.

    Just in case, that you can’t send a package (e.g. Due to your location and shipping costs) we have also prepared some postcards that you can print, write on and send to the headquarters. In addition, you can print out the amazing fan art you created over the past weeks and show NETFLIX your dedication.

    Don’t forget! Show us your B+T packages and postcards you prepared and get other fans on board. Take a photo, add the hashtag #NETFLIXforBandT and share it on social media!!

    B+T Physical Instructions.pdfSend Honey* & Tea With Any B+T print out to:

    335 N. Maple Dr. Suite 353
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    The United States of America

    How much do you send? Whatever amount represents just how badly you want it.

    Download Pre-Made Postcards

    bt_postcards_01 bt_postcards_02 bt_postcard_03 bt_postcard_4

    PDF: Layout 1 | Layout 2 | Layout 3 | Layout 4
    Download All as PDF file

    PHASE 2 – Partners:

    * or favorite syrup since we’ve all heard of the notorious honey shortage occurring around the world now or show Netflix the connection to B+T with a photo!

    For overseas mailing information check here and here

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    MOVIES, SITE, & MISC: “Flashback Sat”- “Final Destination” HQ Screencaps, “Last Transmission” Info, “Night Shift” Auction Info + Brendan’s Fanmail Address


    I’ve added/upgraded 108 HQ Screencaps of Brendan in “Final Destination” to the gallery. Enjoy.

    “The Last Transmission”
    is now a completed film:

    LADIES AND GENTS Solano Pictures is beyond thrilled to tell you ‪#‎TheLastTransmission‬ is COMPLETE!!!! Stay tuned for screening locations and dates as we begin submitting to festivals worldwide!


    Live in Albuquerque, NM (USA) and want to have lunch with the cast of NBC’s “Night Shift”? Click the tweet below to find out how to enter.

    Finally I’ve added Brendan’s address for Fanmail to the site. Want to get an autograph? Use this address located here: FANMAIL ADDRESS

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    Video + Photos: “Flashback Saturday” New/Old “Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice” Stills + 2006 Degrassi Set Vid


    Since news may be a bit slow I’ve decided to dig out my collection of things you guys might like to see. I’ve added 1 new video in the Media Section. Its from a 06-21-2006 CTV Set Visit to ‘Degrassi’ with former CSI:Miami co-star Jonathan Togo event. Enjoy. Also, please, note: this is the LAST of the flashback videos I have as of this update.

    Here’s what’s been added to the Media – Video pages:

  • Event Interviews – 1
  • All of the Videos can be found at this page: Various Interviews

    I’ve also added a few more old (yet new) stills of “Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice” to the gallery. Click below to view them.

    Note: This is the update for November, because, real life happens sometimes.

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