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Video/Screencaps: B+T (Baron + Toluca) updates – IG Live UFO festival and other inquiries – Part 9

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is almost complete at 180% and Brendan and Majandra have extended the campaign for as long as you all keep making donations per indiegogo. Keep it going!.

Below are the following updates on the campaign with screencaps in the gallery. Updates are from Instagram. The Screencaps for the IG Live videos are HERE.

Instagram: The IG Lives – April 26, 2021 + May 7, 2021

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Video/Screencaps: B+T (Baron + Toluca) updates – Indiegogo et al. Part 2

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is live, and already funded with 141% keep it going! I’ve added screencaps of everything from the last few updates and this one into the gallery! Check out the gallery for those. Below are the most recent updates for the B+T campaign especially for the event this weekend.
Also the new perk released is B+T keychains, see below on Indiegogo:
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Video/Screencaps: Brendan hosts an Instagram!Live (Majandra peers in)+ Baron and Toluca Merch reminder

Instagram – Brendan posted on Instagram Live today updating about the order total for Baron & Toluca Merch (yes, you can still order right here- BARON AND TOLUCA MERCH PAGE, it’s going away soon!) among other things and Majandra peered in. I’ve uploaded the live and put screencaps in the gallery. Enjoy.


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News/Video/Screencaps: Brendan on Instagram TV before ‘Viva Las Vegas’ rewatch + Brendan still doing Cameos

Instagram – Brendan posted on Instagram TV before tonight’s Roswell rewatch live on Instagram. Tonight’s live rewatch is for ‘Viva Las Vegas’. I’ve uploaded the live and put screencaps in the gallery. Enjoy.


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Press/News: Brendan scheduled for ‘Fall Into Xmas’ convention (previously ‘Xmas in July’), Canadian Screen Awards for 2020 to take place online + ‘Roswell’ rewatch ‘Riverdog’ taking place this Weds 5/6/2020

The Canadian Academy – Brendan has been nominated for a 2020 Canadian Screen Award – He’s nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Drama for ‘Daughter of The Wolf’. ‘Daughter of The Wolf’ is also nominated for 2020 – Best TV Movie. The Canadian Screen Awards has come up with an alternative (in the time of covid), and the awards are going to take place. Check the tweet below for details.

Next, Fall Into Xmas – Xmas in July has been rebranded due to covid and is now called ‘Fall Into Christmas’ and Brendan is still attending (see tweet below). Check here for ticket information. ‘Fall into Christmas’ is scheduled for October 2-4, 2020.

Baron + Toluca Twitter – Brendan and Majandra Delfino are hosting a ‘series’ of Roswell rewatches live on Instagram. The next of these is for ‘Roswell’ Season 1 episode ‘Riverdog’ the rewatch is taking place tomorrow on 5/6/2020.

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News/Photo/Video: Brendan interviewed on “Smells Like Puppets”

Brendan was interviewed by ‘Smells like Puppets’. I’ve added over 500+ screencaps of Brendan in the ‘Smells Like Puppets’ interview. You can view the interview and find the links below. Alternately, the interview may be posted on their Facebook (here) and Youtube (here) later on. Note: Thanks to Thief Leite for bringing this to my attention originally.


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News/Video: Brendan on IG Live: ‘Social Distancing’, Questions, and Donations (including how to make Face Masks for Medical Professionals)

New City ABQ Donations Page – New City Church ABQ Donation Page.

Brendan mentioned New City ABQ on the Instagram Live which I’ve pieced together for you to view below. I’ve linked to the donation page for the church below as well as a link to an article on how to make face masks for the medical communities that are in need. (You can do this even if you are not in ABQ and donate the masks locally where ever you are!)

+ – New City ABQ Donations Page – New City Church ABQ Donation Page

+ – Coronavirus: Deaconess asks public to sew CDC-compliant face masks for staff and How to make a Face Mask

Note: THANK YOU to Lena from Crashdown for the textless version (that’s put together without my phone being in it – that version is still here if you want to see the live questions as he answers)

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