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Press/Photos: Baron + Toluca at ATX (Part II)

Page Six – ‘Baron + Toluca’ stars detail their on-and-off ‘Roswell’ teen romance. Click the link to read the interview with Brendan and Majandra.

Also thank you to Lauren Wojcik and Alicia (@dreamn4ever) for donating some photos from ATX to the gallery. I’ve given them their own photo albums with credit. Reminder incase: if you were at ATX and want to submit your photos to the gallery with credit email:


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Photos: Over 300+ Updated Public Appearance UHQ’s

I’ve added over 300+ updated public appearances UHQ’s. I’ve linked to each section of the gallery that I’ve updated by year because they’re too many to list individually. Enjoy all the better quality photos.

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Press/Photo/Video: ‘Baron and Toluca’ headed to ATX Festival, IG Live Video + Screencaptures

ATX Festival — Baron + Toluca premiere at ATX Festival Baron and Toluca is headed to ATX Festival for its Premiere in June. Check the website for more information including badge types and how to attend. Theres not a formal date for the premiere yet but the following is listed on the ATX Website about the show and the panel that will take place after the premiere.


Premiere Screening of Baron and Toluca, an independent pilot from Roswell co-stars Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr, which was crowdfunded via IndieGogo and produced during the pandemic. Described as a “spiritual successor” to Roswell, the series follows exes Jake Baron (Fehr) and Toluca Mendez (Delfino), who find themselves reunited in a familiar part of New Mexico – much to the delight of one and the horror of the other. Forced together by unforeseen circumstances, they must remain there together, to try and unravel a paranormal mystery threatening to kill them both. That is, if they don’t kill each other first.

Following the premiere screening, Delfino and Fehr will be joined by fellow cast members for a conversation about reuniting for a new project, their experience producing an independent pilot, and their future plans for Baron and Toluca’s story.

Panelists: Majandra Delfino (Co-Creator/Cast) Brendan Fehr (Co-Creator/Cast) Arthur Martinez (Cast) Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (Cast) Micah Fowler (Cast) David Walton (Cast)

In addition Brendan did some IG Lives in recent weeks and those are below, screencaps have been added to the gallery. Theyre from April 17 + 24th.

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Video/Screencaps: B+T filming updates, ‘Royally Wrapped for Christmas’ updates (Videos + Screencaps)

B+T has wrapped filming! You can check out all the updates (with screencaps) below. All of the screencaps for this are HERE.

Next up, ‘Royally Wrapped for Christmas’ aired last night. I’ve added screencaps of the movie, a new UHQ still, the trailer, and the at home featurette as well as the mini interview that aired during the showHERE. You can see the videos below.

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Video/Screencaps: Great American Christmas preview – “Royally Wrapped for Christmas: Interview and First Look Screencaps

Hi, so for those of you that don’t know GAC Family aired a preview of their xmas specials tonight. “Royally Wrapped for Christmas” was one of them. Brendan and his co-star even gave a interview before the clip played. You can watch it and the interview below.

You can find the interview caps and first look caps at the following link “Royally Wrapped for Christmas: HERE.

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Video/Screencaps, News/Photo: IG Live Videos, “Desert Run” film project summary and poster

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is going at 180% and Brendan and Majandra have extended the campaign for as long as you all keep making donations per indiegogo. Keep it going!.

Below are the following updates on the campaign with screencaps in the gallery. Updates are from Instagram. The Screencaps for the IG Live videos (all of them) are HERE. They also include the two that Brendan did while on set for “Royally Wrapped for Christmas”.

Instagram: The IG Live videos are from September 5, September 22, October 6 and October 8, 2021 Majandra makes an appearance in the last one.

In new project news Brendan has been cast in “Desert Run” I’ve added the poster to the gallery HERE. The summary is below.

Michael Gordon finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time when he witnesses a horrific murder of a police officer carried out by two detectives deep in the desert. Detectives Dimitri Sokolov and Dennis Crater are intertwined with a hit-for-hire organization which they need to protect at all costs. They come up with a scheme to blame the murder on Michael. Michael is labeled as a cop killer and has the entire law enforcement searching for him. He then embarks on a desperate run for survival. Michael quickly learns that the corruption goes deeper than anyone could ever imagine. He must find a way to prove his innocence before he is silenced forever. (Think No Country For Old Men meets The Fugitive.)” (source)

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New Project: Videos, Release Date + New UHQ Still “Royally Wrapped for Christmas”

Wow, hi, I’m so so sorry theres been a ton of news including B+T filming in November but my beloved computer of five years decided to basically up and die on me so thats why you haven’t gotten much on the way of updates. Theres a ton of them but for today I’m starting small. Below are all of the updates and videos for “Royally Wrapped For Christmas” which will be airing on GAC Family on Nov 27th, 2021 at 8 pm in the USA. Other updates, including screencaps and live IG’s, will be coming in the next days or weeks till there’s no more backlog. Thanks for being patient.



And now for the first UHQ Still from “Royally Wrapped for Christmas: HERE. I’ve also uploaded the MQ version.

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Video/Photos: B+T (Baron + Toluca) updates –Part 10 – UFO Festival

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is at 180% and Brendan and Majandra have extended the campaign for as long as you all keep making donations per indiegogo. Keep it going!.

The UFO Festival took place July 2 – 4th, 2021. Several of you have donated your pics and (a few vids). Thank you to the following people: we want roswell back (nomi), lizparkerortecho, nsearchofsunrise, the roswell michelle, and roswellvirtualparty. (if any of you want to be credited differently or anything pulled email or dm me on instagram). All of the photos each of you have donated are HERE and in individual folders with your instagram names on them. if anyone else wants to donate anything and receive credit please email or you can dm brendanfehrnet on instagram or message on twitter. Screencaps for the opening ceremony are HERE. Three new official photos are HERE

2021 UFO Festival Opening Ceremony

Instagram videos via the roswell michelle

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Video/Screencaps: B+T (Baron + Toluca) updates – IG Live + Auction/Raffle items et al. – Part 6

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is almost complete at 180% and Brendan and Majandra have extended the campaign for as long as you all keep making donations per indiegogo. Keep it going!.

. The IG Live with more items (raffle auction is live and you can find the link to view (and bid) on all of it here: B+T RAFFLE/AUCTION ITEMS.

. If you have you have any questions please email: Below are the following updates on the campaign and today’s IG live with screencaps in the gallery. Updates are from Instagram, Indiegogo and YouTube. The Screencaps for the IG Live video is HERE. The Screencaps for the B+T BTS videos (including the new poster reveals) are HERE.

Instagram: The IG Live

YouTube: The Poster Reveal

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