Welcome to Brendan Fehr Online (Brendan-Fehr.net); a fansite for the extremely talented Brendan Fehr. You may know him for portraying Michael Guerin in the WB television series Roswell, Jared Booth in Bones, and for portraying Laboratory Tech Dan Cooper in CSI: Miami. He's currently known for playing Dr. Drew Alister on The Night Shift. Check back for all the latest news, photos and more.
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I’ve added 654 UHQ Screencaps of Brendan to the gallery from the Baron + Toluca promo video that Brendan directed to the gallery. Click below for more. Enjoy.


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Happy Halloween! I’ll be posting screencaps in a few days.

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Brendan’s short film ‘The Stowaway’ is now available to view in its entirety online. You can view the short film via watching below. I’ve added 437 HQ Screencaps of Brendan in ‘The Stowaway’ to the gallery. Enjoy!

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B+T Campaign: Sweet As Honey. Spicy As Tea. NETFLIX, Please Bring Us B+T!

b and t postcard bee + tea.inddHey fans & dans,

We are lucky to have you on board for the next phase of our plan to get BARON + TOLUCA on our TV screens! We all have done an excellent job during the weekly Twitter Missions on Saturdays.

Big thanks to everyone for staying behind this project and for spreading the word online and offline. Especially in the past month, we noticed that many new faces showed up on Twitter – and thanks to all of you who just created accounts just so you could join in and help!

That’s what we call a real DAN!


Watch & share the campaign video!

Roswellians, dans & sci-fi fans: It’s time to get Netflix’ attention! After busy tweeting we are taking the campaign from a virtual approach to a physical one! You say you want B+T? Well, letʼs show them! We loved how Majandra and Brendan used the ‘bee’ + ‘tea’ icons for Baron And Toluca on social media. Let’s get started and join the “ B(ee) + T(ea)” campaign!


Here’s what you can do:

Send Honey* + Tea with any Baron and Toluca print out to Netflix, starting on October 1, 2016. How much should you send? Whatever amount represents just how badly you want it. We want to have a united front and flood the Netflix headquarter with B(ee) + T(ea) Between Oct 1 – Nov 30.

Let’s make it count and get our message heard!

We have to be surgical and precise. This is our last shot in getting Netflix to pick up BARON + TOLUCA. Please prepare your package and start sending it out on October 1, 2016. You may send multiple packages! Any number you want! We just have to get their attention! Be sure to mail your package allowing enough time for your package to arrive at Netflix between Oct 1 – Nov 30.

Also, to achieve our goal, it is important that Netflix receives many-many first mailings in the same time period to avoid single packages, or letters trickling in that won’t have an impact.

Just in case, that you can’t send a package (e.g. Due to your location and shipping costs) we have also prepared some postcards that you can print, write on and send to the headquarters. In addition, you can print out the amazing fan art you created over the past weeks and show NETFLIX your dedication.

Don’t forget! Show us your B+T packages and postcards you prepared and get other fans on board. Take a photo, add the hashtag #NETFLIXforBandT and share it on social media!!

B+T Physical Instructions.pdfSend Honey* & Tea With Any B+T print out to:

335 N. Maple Dr. Suite 353
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
The United States of America

How much do you send? Whatever amount represents just how badly you want it.

Download Pre-Made Postcards

bt_postcards_01 bt_postcards_02 bt_postcard_03 bt_postcard_4

PDF: Layout 1 | Layout 2 | Layout 3 | Layout 4
Download All as PDF file

PHASE 2 – Partners:

* or favorite syrup since we’ve all heard of the notorious honey shortage occurring around the world now or show Netflix the connection to B+T with a photo!

For overseas mailing information check here and here

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Fans in the USA/Canada have been waiting for years for any news regarding NBC’s Night Shift to be released on DVD. Today the waiting ends. Check out more information about Season 1 + 2 being released below:

Amazon’s CreateSpace MOD (manufacture on demand) program has added pre-order listings for both The Night Shift – Season 1 and also The Night Shift – Season 2 on DVD. The 8-episode first season will come on 2 discs for $35.99 SRP. The 14-episode second season will come on 3 discs, and is priced at $45.99 SRP. The release date is October 11, 2016 for both seasons. (source)

Check out the cover art and the pre-order link for both seasons below:



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Episode 3.13, the season finale, of Night Shift aired last night. I’ve added 120 3.13 HQ Logoless Screencaps to the gallery. Enjoy!

In addition, Brendan gave an interview about the season finale of Night Shift and some of his other projects. Click the embedded tweet below to read.

Lastly, check the next tweet for an article about Brendan’s appearance on 1997’s ‘Breaker High’ (includes video).

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Episode 3.12 of Night Shift aired last night. I’ve added 115 3.12 HQ Logoless Screencaps to the gallery. Enjoy!

Brendan also took part in a Q & A session on Twitter yesterday. If you missed it you can check out the answers at this sites tumblr via the embedded tweet below.

In addition, @TNS_Fans on twitter has a project to show appreciation to the cast. For more information, including how to participate, click on the information in the tweet below.

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Surprise Update! I’ve found slightly better quality vids of Brendan’s DKNY Anti-Drug 2003 Campaign and I’ve also added Screencaps of both the Interview and the BTS of the photoshoot to the gallery. Enjoy!

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I’ve added 3 New/Old HQ stills for episodes of Night Shift that have already aired the episodes are 3.03, 3.06, + 3.09 to the gallery, with thanks to far, far, away site.

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TNS_Fans on Twitter has posted information on how you can let NBC know you want Season 4 of The Night Shift. Click the tweet for more info or read below.

Calling all Night Shift fans! We want YOU to help let NBC know how much we love The Night Shift and want to see the story continue on in a 4th season! On August 10th & 17th join us for all-day online events as we show our support through Twitter, Facebook and other online platforms.

A few guidelines:
For contacting NBC through their online form, please only do so ONE time.

Contact them here – http://www.nbc.com/contact-us

On Twitter, we’re wanting to make a huge wave of Night Shift family love so we’d like to ask everyone to tweet this specific tweet at 10pm EST: .@NBC We love scrubbin’ in with our favorite doctors & nurses! Give us another dose of @NBCNightShift! #NightShiftS4 Also, throughout the entire day, please share your favorite photos, GIF’s & moments from the series and keep the conversations going using @NBC & #NightShiftS4 in your tweets.

***If you are NOT able to join us on Twitter you can schedule your Tweets in advance by using either Hootsuite or Tweetdeck

Check NBC’s official Facebook page to see if there are any Night Shift related posts and comment on THOSE posts only!

Link to the official NBC Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nbc/?fref=ts Please be considerate with your messages and refrain from harsh language & “bashing” other fans or the network.(source)

In addition here’s recent Interviews about Baron and Toluca, Night Shift, and his Golf Tournament that sets out to help ABQ schools with their Shine Partnership. Click below to watch.

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