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Photos/Video: B+T in Paris

Brendan and Majandra went to Paris for B+T! This is just a mini update but if you went to the event and would like to donate photos you will be properly credited.

The set of photos in the gallery have been donated by m. Including those check out the two videos of Brendan and Majandra signing things in Paris.

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TV: Better Call Saul “Mabel” 3.01 HQ Screencaps


Brendan made another cameo in the TV Series ‘Better Call Saul’. Brendan appears in episode 3.01 named “Mabel”. You can view the episode on the AMC website: Better Call Saul streaming (if available where you live). I’ve added 199 HQ Screencaps of Brendan’s episode appearance to the gallery for those of you that are curious (or don’t have AMC/ the episode available to view). Enjoy!

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