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INTERVIEWS + Site: Brendan on Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (DSTSS) + Link to “Daughter of the Wolf” DVD Giveaway info.

Surprise! Brendan did another episode of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (DSTSSTV) it was posted on Youtube this morning, I’ve added UHQ Screencaps of this to the gallery – also check out the link to the below post for a little fun giveaway announcement for USA/Canada fans!


First, check out the Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (DSTSSTV) interview on Youtube below along with 1,000+ UHQ Screencaps.





Secondly, please click the still for info about the “Daughter of the Wolf” DVD Giveaway!
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SITE + MOVIES: “Daughter of the Wolf” Signed DVD Site Giveaway (info + how to enter)

Daughter of the Wolf comes out on DVD in the USA/Canada on 9/24/19. Here are a few links to purchase: Best Buy, amazon I’ve put together a little something and I’m happy to announce a giveaway for the site.


This is a giveaway for “Daughter of The Wolf” on DVD signed by Brendan. Please note that the DVD is REGION 1 which will only play in USA/CANADA. Winner will be chosen on 9/24/19


⁃ To enter this one you must be in the United States or Canada, again, this is due to the Region of the DVD its self (important to note because I’m not excluding anyone on purpose!)


⁃ send an email to – subject line: “Daughter of the Wolf DVD Giveaway”


⁃ The winner will be chosen randomly on 9/24/19 after 8 PM EST. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping time and delivery estimates once notified.


The winner will receive 1 copy of “Daughter of the Wolf” on DVD SIGNED by Brendan.
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MOVIES: ‘Daughter of the Wolf’ DVD Extras [Video + Screencaps]

Brendan’s ‘Daughter of the Wolf’ is now available in Redbox in the USA. Thanks to a tip from Erin “EJ” Frederiksen here are the extra bits that were available on the DVD. Below is a 15 minute BTS video I’ve also added 900+ UHQ Screencaps to the gallery in four different sections for featurettes. Enjoy!


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MOVIES: New film role in ‘Wander’

Brendan has booked another film role. He teased this a while back with a picture of himself in a FBI jacket on instagram but I did some searching and was able to find information (also Heather Graham confirmed it in a tweet below).
Arthur Bretnik is a mentally unstable conspiracy theorist and private eye with a traumatic past. After being hired to investigate a possible murder cover up in the small town of Wander, Arthur is plunged into a world of lies and deceit, as he quickly suspects the murder may be part of the same ‘conspiracy cover up’ that caused the death of his daughter. Increasingly paranoid, Arthur’s sanity is tested as he attempts to filter fact from fiction and solve the case, all the while questioning if he is a pawn in a much bigger game. (via imdb)
April Mullen did direct Brendan before in “Real Detective”. ETA: 8/13/19: Here’s an update with more info about who Brendan is playing courtesy of “Deadline”.
Meanwhile Fehr, who played Michael Guerin in the WB series, plays FBI officer Nick Cassidy, who is the partner of Graham’s Luscomb. (via deadline
I’ve also added the poster and two BTS photos to the gallery. Enjoy.



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