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“I like math, because there’s only one right answer.”

“I was a smartass more than anything, making jokes and speaking out of turn. Didn’t break the rules, however.”

“I’m a mama’s boy, the type of guy that would rather go to a diner than a bar. I’m more mischievous than troublesome. I follow the rules.”

“I walked into an agency in Vancouver hoping to get some modeling gigs, and they basically just asked me to be on television. I was never supposed to be doing this. I was supposed to be a teacher.”

“Like most people, I grew up in a place where movies and being an actor seemed really out of reach. You don’t [think about] giving it a shot because the chances are so slim. I’d go into auditions ready for people to say ‘You’re not good enough,’ so every part I got was a bonus. It was like putting money into a slot machine: You don’t expect to win. You play for fun.”

“The person I want to be…I’m going to get there, whether I go back to Winnipeg or whether I’m here doing this. And I’m going to make it.”

“When I moved to L.A. there was such a negative vibe. Being in Hollywood sucked the life out of me. Never been drunk, never done drugs…”

“If I have spare time, I would like to sleep…play monopoly, golf and walk my dog.”


“Oh, I get razzed about [being Canadian],” he laughs. You let one eh’ out or slip one sorry instead of sawry and they’re all over you! But it’s all in good fun. I poke fun at them for being American, but I have to tread lightly because I’m surrounded by about a hundred of ’em every day.”


“I don’t answer that question anymore.”


“I would want to be Spider-Man. He is witty and he is charming…you know, he is cool. He’s got the strength of a spider. He is smart. He is cool. He is not so…I don’t know. I would be a spider man. That’s better. You just stand cool. The power as what I’ll be? I don’t know. Not to get my ass kicked. Whatever power…that may be…that’s what I would want. I don’t wanna lean on all the time.”


“I thought he was a better character for me; I thought I had a better chance of nailing it.” “I like that Michael’s got a certain mystery to him, he only says what he has to. So, when he does have something to say, it generally means a lot to the story. I wanted Michael from the beginning. I just liked his character better for myself. I thought it was more appropriate.”

“Michael’s got a certain spontaneity that I would probably take the time to think through. I’d want to do it as quickly as possible, but I would devise a plan first, whereas he`s kind of a do-first and get out of the situation later kind of guy, which isn’t like me.”

“Once in a while I kind of like it that he thinks he`s got a place in life, that this is his journey and he`s going to follow that journey, no questions asked. He`s going to question everything else and defy all authority. I kind of like that, because even when he doesn’t want to do something, I figured he would go against his heart and do what he felt he was meant to do.”

“I don’t play him as an alien, I play him as a guy who’s been dealt a particular hand in life where the stakes are very high, as a guy who has to be very cautious and do certain things to survive.”


“I think Independence Day was my favorite episode. It wasn’t the most exciting, but I got to do stuff I’ve never done as an actor before–crying, and the whole situation with my dad, I think some kids relate to that.”


“I’m working with Kerr Smith, from Dawson’s. Kerr and I got along well on the set of Final Destination, so its gonna be fun to work with him again. I didn’t work much with anyone on that movie–I died.”


“Nick Wechsler, who plays the sheriff’s son, is just one of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet in your life.”


“Jason Behr has a million impressions and a million accents which are really funny.”


“She just hated me, and she readily admits it. I’ve asked her why, and she says, ‘I don’t know. There was just something about you I hated.’ And once I figured that out, I’d go out of my way to kiss her and hug her good morning and good night every day, just to tick her off. But she knew I was doing it because it bugged her, so she wouldn’t admit that it bugged her.”

“We get along so well. I hang out with her more than anyone on the show. We hate to love each other, and we love to hate each other. She’s very, very cool. At first I didn’t want Michael to go through this, but I like the way they’ve gone about it.”


“He’s a big dork. He never wears his hair like that. He’s a dork with glasses.”

“He’s a homebody who plays with his dog, and I harass him on occasion.”

“He’s actually the [Roswell cast member] I hang out with the most. He’s, uh, my boyfriend in real life. We’ve been dating for, like, the past six months. Brendan is a lot of fun, he’s actually a lot cooler than Michael. He’s not moody. He’s so different from Michael. It’s so funny to me. But he’s an actor — what can I say.”


“Brendan’s like the brother that you just love, but you want to punch him half the time.”