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This page contains various links to audio interviews Brendan has given over the years. (Please right click and ‘save as’ to listen to the files)

Loveline Radio Show (Feat. Nick W. from ‘Roswell’)Date: 2/25/2002; NSFW; MATURE CONTENT
Small Screen Buzz PodcastDate: UNKNOWN
Shaun O Mac Radio PodcastDate: 12/10/10
TapouT Radio PodcastDate: 10/29/12; NSFW; MATURE CONTENT
The Fake Show PodcastDate: 4/7/15
The Sports Town Chicago PodcastDate: 7/1/14

The Morning Invasion – Star 8.88 FMDate: 3/4/19

The Morning Invasion – Star 8.88 FMDate: 3/21/19

Endeavors Radio Date: 4/8/19