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– There are four meanings to the name “Brendan” from four different nationalities. In Celtic, it means “raven”. In Gaelic, it means “brave”. In German, it means “flame”. In Irish, it means “prince”, which originates from the well known Irish playwright and wit, Brendan Behan.

– He originally auditioned for the role of Max Evans, but was given the role of Michael Guerin instead, Fehr always had his eye on the role of Michael, even when producers had him audition for the lead of Max. “I wanted Michael from the beginning. I just liked his character better for myself. I thought it was more appropriate,” he says.

– Real stats: 6 feet, 11-12 shoe size, 7 1/8-7 1/4 hat size.

– Brendan’s favorite hockey team is the Vancouver Canucks.

– He plays baseball, golf, rides motorcycles and of course plays charity hockey. He also skis, snowboards & ice skates.

– He Appeared in the Us version of U2’s video, “Stuck in a Moment.” And Vanessa Carlton’s “Pretty baby.”

– Brendan has 2 Metallica-like tattoos.

– Was nominated for a Saturn Award for ‘Best Supporting Actor on Television in Roswell in 1999.

– Brendan has appeared in various national commercial campaigns for companies such as “Shell Canada”, “Champs Sports”, and a major tie-in campaign with “Levi’s” and “Roswell”.

– Worked with David Nutter (1st season director and producer of Roswell) and William Sadler before on the 1998 movie “Disturbing Behavior.”

– His first love was numbers and was inclined to be an accountant. The interest shifted to teaching in his later years, but he was persuaded by others to consider a modeling career due to his good looks. – Brendan spent his early years playing sports and wanting to be an accountant when he grew up due to his love of numbers.