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Video/Screencaps: B+T (Baron + Toluca) updates – IG Live UFO festival and other inquiries – Part 9

Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is almost complete at 180% and Brendan and Majandra have extended the campaign for as long as you all keep making donations per indiegogo. Keep it going!.

Below are the following updates on the campaign with screencaps in the gallery. Updates are from Instagram. The Screencaps for the IG Live videos are HERE.

Instagram: The IG Lives – April 26, 2021 + May 7, 2021

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Press/News: An Important Announcement from the Canadian Academy – Awards Canceled, Where to Purchase/Stream/Rent/Buy Brendan’s filmography during ‘social distancing’


An Important Announcement from the Canadian Academy

The Canadian Academy is deeply saddened to announce the cancellation of all Canadian Screen Week activities in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, including the national broadcast gala on Sunday, March 29th. Following a thorough review of Canadian Screen Week events and an assessment of the potential risk to our attendees, we feel this is the only responsible decision at this time.

We are committed to the celebration of our Canadian Screen Award nominees and Special Award honourees and will share an update in the coming weeks.

In light of most, if not all, country’s going through ‘social distancing’ and/or complete shutdowns (or under the possibility of them) due to the serious issue of COVID-19 I’ve put together a list of where you can legally Purchase, Stream, Rent, or Buy certain parts of Brendan’s filmography for USA/Canada. Check the twitter thread below I’ve compiled. Also check out the various media pages here for more clips and/or interviews. Stay safe, wash your hands, stay in doors, and enjoy.
Also for those of you overseas, check out the following for Germany
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Press/Video: CTV Announces 2006 Fall Schedule, Music Video Screencaps, + Video Archive Updated

I’ve updated alot. The video archive has been updated with more than 20 new/old videos. I’ve also added better quality screencaps for Brendan’s U2 and Vanessa Carlton videos. Finally I’ve added two new UHQ photos from a 2006 event. Thank you to Marica and Chris Evans Forum for helping with this update via pictures and watermarking of all the videos in the archive.




Finally, as far as the video archive here’s a link to what’s been added via corresponding page:

Award Appearances: 1 vid: Teen Choice

Music Videos: 2 vids: U2 & Vanessa Carlton

Various Interviews: 10 vids: Golf & Various & Radio Interviews

Show Interviews: 11 vids: Night Shift, Roswell, CSI: Miami

Movie Interviews: 9 vids: A Christmas Kiss, Daughter of the Wolf, The Forsaken, Biker Boyz

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Movies: New Short Film “The Crimson Line” (video + screencaps) + “Daughter of the Wolf” Signed DVD giveaway reminder

Brendan filmed a new short film that’s completed called “The Crimson Line”. This one was a surprise even to me, Thief Leite left a facebook comment alerting me that it was online and made I’ve embedded it for you all to watch below and added 1,000+ screencaps to the gallery.



ALSO if you’re interested there’s 8 DAYS left to enter to win a Brendan signed Daughter of the Wolf DVD! Click below on the photo for info and rules on how to enter (USA/CANADA ONLY DUE TO DVD REGION) – winner will be picked on 9/24 at 8 PM EST:
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Directing/Appearances : Music videos for Susie Tallman & Friends + “Daughter of the Wolf” Signed DVD giveaway reminder

Brendan directed a few more things! This time it’s music videos for Susie Tallman and Friends! Continue reading below for more info!


As evidenced by the post on Facebook Brendan did indeed direct some music videos for Susie Tallman and Friends! I’ve embedded my tweet thread about it below but also listed and linked them below for easy viewing since there are 7 total.


Here are the following 7 videos Brendan directed (I’ve embedded them below): Báte Báte Chocoláte (Rhyme), Canción De Color (Color Song) featuring Tom Petersson, Los Elefantes (Counting Song), Mamá Yo Quiero, Pimpón, La Tía Mónica, and Que Llueva (Let it Rain).



I’ve also added two UHQ photos to the gallery enjoy.



ALSO if you’re interested there’s 9 DAYS left to enter to win a Brendan signed Daughter of the Wolf DVD! Click below on the photo for info and rules on how to enter (USA/CANADA ONLY DUE TO DVD REGION) – winner will be picked on 9/24 at 8 PM EST:
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INTERVIEWS + Site: Brendan on Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (DSTSS) + Link to “Daughter of the Wolf” DVD Giveaway info.

Surprise! Brendan did another episode of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (DSTSSTV) it was posted on Youtube this morning, I’ve added UHQ Screencaps of this to the gallery – also check out the link to the below post for a little fun giveaway announcement for USA/Canada fans!


First, check out the Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (DSTSSTV) interview on Youtube below along with 1,000+ UHQ Screencaps.





Secondly, please click the still for info about the “Daughter of the Wolf” DVD Giveaway!
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SITE + MOVIES: “Daughter of the Wolf” Signed DVD Site Giveaway (info + how to enter)

Daughter of the Wolf comes out on DVD in the USA/Canada on 9/24/19. Here are a few links to purchase: Best Buy, amazon I’ve put together a little something and I’m happy to announce a giveaway for the site.


This is a giveaway for “Daughter of The Wolf” on DVD signed by Brendan. Please note that the DVD is REGION 1 which will only play in USA/CANADA. Winner will be chosen on 9/24/19


⁃ To enter this one you must be in the United States or Canada, again, this is due to the Region of the DVD its self (important to note because I’m not excluding anyone on purpose!)


⁃ send an email to – subject line: “Daughter of the Wolf DVD Giveaway”


⁃ The winner will be chosen randomly on 9/24/19 after 8 PM EST. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping time and delivery estimates once notified.


The winner will receive 1 copy of “Daughter of the Wolf” on DVD SIGNED by Brendan.
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Brendan is now on the CAMEO website and app service + Hiatus Reminder

Brendan is now on the CAMEO website and app service! BRENDAN FEHR ON CAMEO

What is CAMEO and how does it work? Check out CAMEO – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for more or read on below. There’s also a CAMEO app to download for those of you on the go!

Q: What is Cameo?

A: Cameo is a platform where fans can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite celebrities, athletes, or influencers. Our mission is to create the most authentic and memorable fan experiences in the world.

Q: What occasions are Cameos good for?

A: Cameos are perfect for any occasion! Want to wish your friend Happy Birthday? Roast your buddy? Or just hear from your favorite talent? As long as the request is appropriate, talent will be excited to do your Cameo!

Q: Do I get to keep my Cameo?

A: Of course! Download your Cameo, share it across your social media pages and save it for life! Once it is sent to your email and texted to you – it is yours forever.

For more FAQ please check out the link above (the screenshot also lists all the details as well!)

Once again Brendan’s page is here: BRENDAN FEHR ON CAMEO

Finally, in a bit of a personal note, I have to put this site on hiatus for a while. As much as I wish I didn’t have to — an extreme loss that occurred last year has had drastic effects on my life that haven’t been for the better. I need some time, more importantly though, Brendan needs time to give you guys some awesome content so I can update. So, thank you, I’ll be around but not as much. — Samantha

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