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TV: Night Shift Season 1 + 2 on DVD ON 10/11/16 (REGION 1 – USA/Canada) PRE-ORDER LINK


Fans in the USA/Canada have been waiting for years for any news regarding NBC’s Night Shift to be released on DVD. Today the waiting ends. Check out more information about Season 1 + 2 being released below:

Amazon’s CreateSpace MOD (manufacture on demand) program has added pre-order listings for both The Night Shift – Season 1 and also The Night Shift – Season 2 on DVD. The 8-episode first season will come on 2 discs for $35.99 SRP. The 14-episode second season will come on 3 discs, and is priced at $45.99 SRP. The release date is October 11, 2016 for both seasons. (source)

Check out the cover art and the pre-order link for both seasons below:



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TV + Interviews: Night Shift “Burned” (3.13) HQ Screencaps, + Interview + ‘Breaker High’ Throwback Article (Includes Video)


Episode 3.13, the season finale, of Night Shift aired last night. I’ve added 120 3.13 HQ Logoless Screencaps to the gallery. Enjoy!

In addition, Brendan gave an interview about the season finale of Night Shift and some of his other projects. Click the embedded tweet below to read.

Lastly, check the next tweet for an article about Brendan’s appearance on 1997’s ‘Breaker High’ (includes video).

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