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News/Photos/Video: El Paso 11:55 available to watch till March 12 & ‘The Best Man’ Production Stills

El Paso 11:55 is available to watch till March 12. You have to create an account and purchase a ticket for 1.99 to view the film from now till March 12. Check the instagram posts below for more info. (No Screen Captures will be added til the film is widely available).


I’ve also added 2 new uhq production stills of Brendan in ‘The Best Man’ to the gallery. Enjoy.

Gallery Links —

Film < 2022 - The Best Man < Production Stills [UHQ]

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Photos/Video: ‘The Best Man’ Poster, Release Date & Trailer w/ Screen Captures

A trailer for Brendan’s new film The Best Man has been released check it out below. I’ve also added Screen Captures in the gallery as well as the poster. I’ll add BTS photos from filming to the gallery when the film is released. Also the release date is April 21st, 2023 in theaters, VOD, and on demand. The summary is as follows:
“Luke Wilson and Dolph Lundgren star in this pulse-pounding, action-packed thriller,” reads the film’s synopsis. “When a team of ruthless mercenaries violently seize control of a remote resort hotel, former Special Ops soldiers attending their best friend’s wedding must rely only on their wits and training to combat the terrorists and save the hostages held for ransom.” source

Gallery Links —

Film > 2022 – The Best Man > Trailer [Screencaps]

Film > 2022 – The Best Man > Poster

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Photos/Video: New B+T Clip and Screencaptures

Brendan released another mini clip from Baron + Toluca check it out below (click the link on his tweet). I’ve also added Screen Captures in the gallery.

Gallery Links —

Baron + Toluca > Pilot > Convention Scene [Screencaps]

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Photos/Video: Brendan on IG Live (11/22/22),German Comic Con Tickets and Merch info (12/3 +4/22), Ongoing Paris Poster Raffle

Brendan did an IG Live on 11/22/22 discussing German Comic Con, a film he’s completed, and the B+T pilot among other things. Click below to watch. I’ve also added screencaptures to the gallery.

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News/Video: Brendan on IG Live, more Paris photos, and DVD news

Brendan did an IG Live yesterday(10/1/22) the B+T pilot among other things. Click below to watch. I’ve also added screencaptures of the IG to the gallery. I’ve also added photos of Brendan and Majandra in Paris that were included in the B+T newsletter to the Dans as well as photos that were donated by Jessica.

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News/Photos/Video: B+T Sneak Peak & Brendan does an IG Live (w/ Screencaps)

Brendan did an IG Live this afternoon (8/26/22) discussing France and the B+T Sneak Peak among other things. Click below to watch. I’ve also added screencaptures to the gallery. But before that check out the B+T sneak peak here and screencaps in the gallery.

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News/Photos/Video: Brendan signs with an agency for convention activities, B+T BTS pics and video.

Brendan and Majandra have signed with ‘I Don’t Do Subtle’ Management for all convention related inquiries.

Secondly, Brendan released more B+T content. Check below. I’ve added the content to the gallery.


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Press/Appearances: B+T in Paris – You’re Invited to the International Premiere of BARON + TOLUCA

Written by Lena, Edited by Nomi

Visiting Paris is always worth a trip, but now you can combine the trip to the city of love with the attendance of a little ‚dan’ love fest, which is definitely the cherry on top of all the campaigning for we’ve done for ‘Roswell’s spiritual successor’, B+T. The second public screening and the international world premiere of the B+T pilot is going to happen in Paris, France.

That’s not all.

Majandra and Brendan the two co-creators of Baron + Toluca will also be in Paris to attend the screening and are ready to sweeten any dan’s day with special perks and meet and greets! You and your friends can join them, on September 8-11 for a multi-day experience on all things B+T.

You have the option between four different tickets (Gold, Silver, Bronze and General Admission), which cover different options, but hurry they are selling out fast! Start the day with a petit-déjeuner with your friends and your favorite paranormal duo. How exquisite, right? And there’s more… For all the details please watch the video that was released with a French voice-over, too. The premiere of the pilot on Saturday, September 10th, 2022 is followed by a Q & A panel, so, get your burning questions ready.

Be there and maybe you are in attendance when a new legendary hashtag or signature phrase gets created. Crab walking and salad tossers anyone?

Please spread the word and don‘t wait too long and email to request and reserve your ticket at

Were you a dan that couldn’t make it to the ATX Festival, the UFO festival or the filming perks of the B+T Indiegogo campaign and were sad to miss the fun, but totally lived it through the fans who shared their experiences on social media? Now is your chance to experience Brendan and Majandra live and in action. Don’t miss it!

They are coming to Europe for real!

Please don’t hesitate to contact the wonderful Aurélie and Julie, who are the busy bee queens of the planning team behind this fan organized “dan”’ con. There will be a website soon with all the info but until then please enjoy the following informative videos.

See you in Paris!

You’re Invited to the International Premiere of BARON + TOLUCA

All of you are cordially invited to the first international premiere of the Baron and Toluca pilot! Please join us, on September 8-11 for a multi-day experience on all things B+T.


*On September 8th and 9th, perks are available to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Brendan and Majandra and up to 5 of your closest friends. Perks are limited so hurry and schedule soon ( today even!) by emailing

*On September 10 one may enjoy viewing the B+T pilot and an interactive Q&A Panel with Brendan and Majandra to follow immediately after. Gold and Silver Ticket Holders can enjoy a hangout at a Bar with Brendan and Majandra.

*On September 11 brunch with Brendan and Majandra will be available for Golden Ticket Holders

Please view the video to see the 4 in-person ticket options to see how to get access to all the events! The options for purchase are: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and General Admission

Can’t come in person? We got you! Virtual ticket options are available- including a special perk just for those that cannot attend in person.

Remember to buy your merch when the Website goes live and share you wearing the merchandise on social media using the hashtags #WearAndShare #DansInParis #BaronAndToluca #InternationalDans.

See you in Paris!

Note: Thank you to Lena & Nomi from for the reposting permission for this article.
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