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Video/Screencaps: Brendan + Majandra Host Instagram Live Rewatch of Roswell’s ‘285 South’

Baron + Toluca Twitter – Brendan and Majandra Delfino are hosting a ‘series’ of Roswell rewatches live on Instagram. The second of these was for ‘285 South’. Please note that Brendan had connecting internet issues in this one, and that I wanted to wait until the Live was gone from Majandra’s page before posting.


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Press/Screencaps/Note: Brendan + Majandra Host Instagram Live Rewatch of Roswell’s ‘Heatwave’ & Instagram Live ‘285 South’ taking place 4/28/2020

Baron + Toluca Twitter – Brendan and Majandra Delfino are hosting a ‘series’ of Roswell rewatches live on Instagram. The first of these took place on Monday, 4/20/2020 and was for the ‘Heatwave’ episode of Season 1. Lena gave me screencaps from the live which I’ve added to the gallery and check below for more information on the second rewatch that takes place tonight for ‘285 South’. I’ve also included a statement from the Baron and Toluca twitter about the replay of ‘Heatwave’ for the time being.


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Press/News: Brendan Fehr’s 5 Best Movies And TV Shows (According To IMDb)

Screenrant -Brendan Fehr has been in everything from Better Call Saul to Marvel movies. But what are his best movies & TV shows according to IMDB? Let’s find out.

Canadian actor Brendan Fehr is best known for his portrayal of lab tech Dan Cooper in CSI: Miami but he’s had plenty of other interesting roles as well. Aside from acting, Fehr has modeled for global brands such as Calvin Klein and Armani.

Back in 2006, he received a “Hottest Canadian Male TV Star” Gemini Award. The actor began his career back in 1997. As of today, he has 51 TV and feature film credits in total. Here are his best movies and TV shows according to IMDb.

10/10 – Movie: Kill Me Later (6.3)

In the movie, a bank employee named Shawn Holloway quits her job and becomes suicidal after her goldfish dies and her boyfriend is exposed as a snitch. But before she can escape, she is taken hostage by a bank robber on the run who intends to flee to Venezuela. Strangely, Shawn agrees to do whatever the robber wants only if he promises to kill her. Things change when it turns out that the vice president of the bank was also part of the robbery. Fehr plays a boy named Billy in the movie.

9/10 TV Show: Nikita (7.7)

There had been previous versions of Nikita before but the 2010 remake starring Maggie Q ended up being the most popular one. The CW series followed Nikita (Maggie Q) an agent who escapes from a secret government agency known as Division and later tries to bring it down. Fehr appeared in the first season as Stephen, a field agent for Division. In the episode titled “Coupe De Grace” he was the leader of a special team tasked with taking out the King Of Georgia. He was also one of the villain Percy’s most loyal men.

8/10 Movie: Final Destination (6.7)

A young Fehr appeared in the very first Final Destination film back in 2001. He played a high school student named George Waggner who gets killed after the plane that he has boarded for a school field trip to Paris explodes. The movie is often considered a sleeper hit – something that takes a while before becoming widely popular. After the success of the first film, there were four more films as well as books set in the same universe. The movie also won the Saturn Award for Best Horror Film.

7/10 TV Show: Bones (7.8)

In Bones, a skilled forensic anthropologist named Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan teams up with an often confident F.B.I. Special Agent Seeley Booth to tackle complex murder mystery where nothing is really left but flesh and bones. Fehr appeared in Season 4 of Bones where he played Jared Booth, the younger brother of FBI agent Seeley Booth. Jared who often found himself in trouble and asked his sister to clean up came to Washington to take up a job at the Pentagon.

6/10 – Movie: Only I… (7.3)

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has finally hit the mainstream after years of being on the fringe. Unfortunately, Hollywood hasn’t really cashed in properly on the craze. In 2016, there was an exception with Only I…, a movie starring Brendan Fehr as a man named Orion Smith who is at the worst point of his life. Unable to pay his bills, Orion turns the world of professional fighting. He finds a trainer and also falls in love with a beautiful waitress, named Julie Wilkinson. Unfortunately, he gets a serious shoulder injury that throws him back to his previous struggles.

5/10 – TV Show: Millennium (8.0)

Millennium revolves around a former FBI profiler who has the ability to know what a serial killer is thinking. He begins providing his services for an organization known as the Millennium Group. The organization investigates murders, strange conspiracies, cult affairs, and most importantly, those who think the world is coming to an end.Fehr played a boy named Kevin Galbriath in Season 2. The series was created by Chris Carter was also created the X-Files. Millennium was often praised by critics. In 2018, Rotten Tomatoes ranked it 87th in its list of the “Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows Of All Time.”

4/10 – Movie: X-Men – First Class (7.7)

X-Men: First Class takes place in the 1960s during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It follows Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr who work together to find other mutants. However, Erik is more focused on finding a mutant who offended him a couple of years ago and thus the conflicting goals cause a rift between them. This leads to both of them forming separate groups namely the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Fehr plays the navigator of an American warship in the film. The movie was both a critical and commercial success, grossing $353,627,990 globally.

3/10 – TV Show: Longmire (8.3)

The western crime drama revolves around a sheriff named Walt Longmire whose jurisdiction is in Absaroka County, Wyoming. In his day to day activities, Walt is assisted by friends, fellow officers and his dedicated daughter in investigating and solving major crimes. Longmire was once the highest-rated show on the A&E network. After the third season, ut was canceled but Netflix picked it up for a fourth. Fehr appeared in the fourth season where he played Greg Collette. Someone had stolen the engagement ring of Greg’s wife, resulting in Walt’s intervention.

2/10 – Movie: Guardians Of The Galaxy (8.0)

The 2014 MCU movie followed a group of extraterrestrial beings who were on the run in space after stealing an artifact. The movie had a stellar cast that included Chris Pratt. Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Djimon Honsou and Benicio Del Toro. Fehr only had a minor role as Corpsman Dey’s partner. Dey was a member of the Nova Corps, the military force of Planet Xandar. Despite being loyal to the military, he ends up developing a friendship with the leader of the Guardians Peter Quill/Starlord (Chris Pratt).

1/10 – TV Show: Better Call Saul (8.7)

The Breaking Bad prequel series follows devious criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill and his rise to ‘super-attorney’ status. The series features dozen of Breaking Bad characters as well as plenty of new characters as well. Even though it isn’t a huge hit among fans like Breaking Bad was, the show has been widely praised by critics. Since it first aired, the series has received 23 Emmy awards. Fehr appeared in Season 2 as Bauer, an Airforce captain who gives Jimmy access to a B-29 fighter jet so that he can film a commercial. He appeared in Season 3 two in an episode where he confronts Jimmy after learning that he lied.

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Press/Interviews: Q & A with Brendan Fehr, star of Syfy’s ‘Ice Quake’

Niagra Frontier Publications – Q-and-A with Brendan Fehr, star of Syfy’s ‘Ice Quake’

On screen, there’s not much “Roswell” and “Bones” star Brendan Fehr hasn’t overcome. As an alien on the former, and a military man on the latter, he’s faced danger on both global and universal scales. Naturally, then, Fehr was the perfect choice to topline Syfy’s holiday feature “Ice Quake.”

On Christmas Eve, Fehr’s character, scientist Michael Webster, is called in to investigate the melting Alaskan permafrost. As the ground thaws, underground rivers of liquid methane are formed and lead to caustic earthquakes — and possibly an explosion that will destroy the planet.

“Ice Quake” (9 p.m. ET, Saturday, Dec. 11) is the finale to Syfy’s first “Countdown to Christmas Week.”

Fehr spoke with BTS and a handful of TV writers this week. The Canadian actor discussed his involvement with Syfy (and his iconic sci-fi beginnings), his past achievements and future projects.

Question: What did you think of the script when you first received it?

Brendan Fehr: Well, Syfy obviously comes up with their original movies. They come up with a whole variety of scripts. You never know kind of what you’re going to get and it’s always probably going to be a little bit of a surprise.But this one was rather tame in the sense of how there’s no sort of shark to hunt or zombie. There’s no monster, per se; it’s all based in science and natural disaster. Something I suppose could realistically happen, or at least that’s what we … I don’t exactly know the science behind it. But I thought that was interesting in order to kind of do — it’s probably one of the few ones that they do in this original series that there is no monster, per se. And, hopefully that adds to the reality of this possibly happening. It could add to the audience being — engaging the audience in a different respect than kind of sitting down and watching a two-headed monster dog or something like that (which) runs rampant around the city or whatever else. And so that interested me when I saw the script is that it was kind of planted in reality a little bit, which it’s not necessarily. … The others are a lot of fun, but as an actor I think it’s much easier to get into a headspace of “OK, this can happen. All right, this is all legitimate now.” And it requires a little bit less work, I think, and it kind of works in an actor’s favor. So that was a pleasant surprise.

Question: With this movie, “Ice Quake,” we find a couple of things we don’t normally see in sci-fi movies. You’ve got the family theme, and you’ve got the Christmas elements. How are those things sort of woven into the plot line?

Fehr: Well, it takes place over … it’s Christmas Eve. I’m called in to work to look at these tremors and kind of, I don’t know if you’d call them earthquakes so much, but these kind of underground activities. … I’m called in to work on Christmas Eve, which obviously doesn’t sit well with the family and all the rest of them. And then going up — because I have to check up on something, I just simply take the family up, as well, to the site — to the mountain — in order to grab a Christmas tree. We’re going to do the old fashioned way; we’re going to go down and chop down a tree and bring it home and all hell breaks loose, and we’re caught up on the mountain Christmas Eve trying to look for a tree, but obviously trapped by the ice quake. So we get to have kind of a Christmas theme, which is obviously exactly the right time of the year. And when you involve a family and children and kids, hopefully you bring that kind of character and those relationships to it. And hopefully we’ve found a way to raise the stakes a little bit in terms of dealing with that and then the sci-fi aspects: the methane and the potential catastrophic end of the world stuff.

Question: Did you have to go through any special preparation or research for the role?

Fehr: I probably should start doing those things, but I don’t. The preparation and everything else for me at this point … generally a lot of these things are fairly last minute. It’s not the big studio pictures and films where you have six months of training and you have something like “Black Swan” where Natalie Portman gets to train full-time for a year for the making of this movie. We have about two weeks max, and usually about a week before the whole thing gets rolling. So during that time — I use that time to kind of break down the script and my character and what I can add to it and what I can do. I just, in terms of the research and all that stuff, I rely a little bit on the writers and everyone else having all the facts straight and all the rest of it. And I just feel that if I play the lines as they were designed and then kind of true to the nature of what I’m trying to put across, then that generally is fairly sufficient. And I think the more time you’re given and the bigger budget and the bigger time, and the amount of time you have beforehand, you can obviously start getting into greater detail. Kind of a time management issue, of sorts, in terms of what you’re going to spend your time on. And, when you’re not giving it too much I think it’s just getting familiar with the characters and the story and knowing where you are and just kind of being very comfortable with your lines and what you have to do. So, unfortunately, I haven’t had a (large-scale) project. … (“Ice Quake”) doesn’t give me enough time to think about it, which can be a good thing (because you don’t) over analyze it and I haven’t had the luxury of having a tremendous time and resources to do a lot of research on a lot of roles I have. And so I kind of work with what I’m given and it’s, I think, works with me so far. But, I’m always trying to get better and all that stuff. You’re always looking for new ways to kind of go about your business.

Question: You have a sci-fi following thanks to your work on “Roswell” (Fehr played alien Michael Guerin. His character dated Majandra Delfino’s Maria, and Katherine Heigl played his sister, Isabel). What do you think of the current slate of sci-fi offerings?

Fehr: I think they really — they’ve found kind of the winning formula, of sorts. I think earlier on a lot of it early, early on, was just B movie stuff and it was simply meant as entertainment and to scare you and something that gives something to audiences they haven’t seen before, but just in terms of visually like zombies or whatever else. And then you have something like “X-Files” come along where there was actually a lot of thought into it and there was the detail and everything. They paid attention to all the details and there was — you could see they were also trying to tell a story. And I think they were the first ones to kind of, in my opinion, to really bring it to another level. And then it took — and then people tried to follow in their footsteps. Obviously we were there in terms of “Roswell,” and we were trying to find our way and we lasted three years. But it’s a fine line. I think people appreciate the supernatural aspects and kind of all those unexpected things happening. But you have to marry that in some kind of cohesive manner with the characters and caring about them in the relationships. And I think the successful shows do that. I mean, you look at something like “Fringe,” where all the characters themselves are just very interesting regardless of what they’re talking about. Even the “Twilight” series. Obviously everyone’s very engrossed in this love triangle and all that stuff. And it’s no longer — I think people are paying more attention to just the character issues and the relationships and they’re putting as much effort into that as that sci-fi aspect. I haven’t seen it, but I was always informed that the “Battlestar Galatica” was very much like that where you’re in this kind of sci-fi universe in reality. But it’s — there is married to a certain amount of reality in terms of the emotions and relationships of the characters. And I think that’s what makes it so successful and we’re probably at a relatively high point in terms of what we’re doing or what television is doing on the sci-fi front.

Question: What’s next for you?

Fehr: There’s nothing I’m working on now. I just finished, I think it was in about October, maybe September/October, I did a movie of the week for Lifetime called “Never Tell a Lie,” and immediately after that I went to Richmond, Va., and I shot another Christmas movie for next Christmas. Kind of a romantic comedy, but it’s tentatively called “The Nutcracker.” And I finished that, but that’s for next year and then I — the day after I finished shooting that I shot up to Toronto and I shot an episode of “Nikita.” So those will all be airing in the new year. But, as far as any current work, I don’t have any. Well I’ve been gone for a number of months now from home depending on that from all those projects, so I’m just spending the holidays with my family — and we’re expecting our second child in January, so I’m sure that will keep me very busy.

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Press/News: Picks and Pans Review: Brendan Fehr Samurai Dad – September 08, 2008 – Roswell‘s former brooding alien, 30, plays a ninja on ABC Family’s Samurai Girl (Sept. 5-7). At home, his role is father to a 5-month-old.


I loved the character. He is a lone wolf, an outsider. Jake is forced to use [his power] and doesn’t want to.

The one time I was literally mobbed was at Disneyland. There were probably 200 16-year-old girls.

I always liked boys’ names for girls. It was inspired by my favorite musician, James Hetfield of Metallica.

I am. I’m faster than my wife at changing diapers.

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News/Photo/Video: Brendan interviewed on “Smells Like Puppets”

Brendan was interviewed by ‘Smells like Puppets’. I’ve added over 500+ screencaps of Brendan in the ‘Smells Like Puppets’ interview. You can view the interview and find the links below. Alternately, the interview may be posted on their Facebook (here) and Youtube (here) later on. Note: Thanks to Thief Leite for bringing this to my attention originally.


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