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Brendan Jacob Joel Fehr was born on October 29th, 1977. Raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada He grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where he lived with his mother and two sisters. Although his parents divorced when he was young, he still talks to his father frequently. After graduating with honors in 1995, Brendan spent time working as a model in order to save money for college. His plan? Become a math teacher. In 1997, only eight days before he was to attend the University of Manitoba, he was discovered by a talent scout. He immediately landed a role on the popular Canadian show Breaker High.

“I walked into an agency in Vancouver hoping to get some modeling gigs, and they basically just asked me to be on television. I was never supposed to be doing this. I was supposed to be a teacher.”

Shortly after he started getting roles in television shows such as Millennium and The New Addams Family, and even had a small part in Disturbing Behavior. But it wasn’t until 1999, when he landed the role of Michael Guerin in the television series Roswell , that his career really took off. Initially the casting directors wanted Brendan for the role of Max Evans, but Brendan didn’t agree. “I like that Michael’s got a certain mystery to him, he only says what he has to. So, when he does have something to say, it generally means a lot to the story. I wanted Michael from the beginning. I just liked his character better for myself. I thought it was more appropriate.”

After a couple of months on the hit show, people really started to see Brendan’s potential. E! Online said, “With his undeniable James Dean vibe, it’s hard to believe Fehr isn’t supposed to be acting.” But Brendan didn’t agree: “I think it’s disrespectful to James to put me in the same category.”

In the next year and a half, Brendan filmed the movies Christina’s House as Eddy and a cameo in Final Destination as George. It seemed in 2000, he was not as excited as the rest of the cast of Roswell that the show was going to be added on for another two seasons. “I’m able to express my character better in a two-hour movie, compared to 45 minutes in a TV show.”

During the last seasons, Brendan worked on four different films throughout the US and Canada. Brendan played in Kill Me Later as lovable Billy, The Forsaken as vamp hunter Nick, The Long Shot as Danny, and in Edge Of Madness as the violent brutal character Simon Herron.

In 2003, Brendan starred in the over the top film Biker Boyz as Stuntman. He seemed more than happy to be a part of the film: “I got to eat whenever I wanted to, I had a place to sleep and X-box was set up.”

In 2002 Brendan also played the role of “Dennis Reveni” in the film Nemesis Game, a thriller based on riddles and games. Most recently, Brendan filmed the independent Canadian film Sugar in which he plays Butch, a homosexual drug-addict. To prepare for the role, Brendan visited rehab clinics and talked to prostitutes. His comment on going the extra mile: “It would have been insulting to do anything less than my best for the role.”

Childstar, another independent Canadian film, was released in October of 2004. It was selected to be shown at the Toronto Film Festival,which Brendan gladly attended. Brendan then took a recurring role as computer lab A/V tech Dan Cooper on weekly series, CSI:Miami. The Long Weekend opened to limited release in the US in June of 2006. The Fifth Patient was released overseasons in 2006.

He was on CSI: Miami from Season 4 to Season 6. Afterward, he went on to star in ABC Family mini series Samuari Girl, and have a few guest spots on Bones, CSI: NY, and the CW’s remake of Nikita. In between the guest spots he acted in the following films: The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice for ABC Family, Ice Quake, And Baby Will Fall, Adopting Terror, Fort McCoy, and a mini cameo in X-Men: First Class. Other films include A Christmas Kiss, the horror remake Silent Night, and direct to video movies Stranded and 13 Eerie. He also acted in an episode of A &E’s Longmire.

His upcoming projects include Roswell FM, Only I, and Zarra’s Law. No release date for these fiilms is known. He can be seen on NBC’s The Night Shift as Drew Alistair to air in 2014.