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CBC News – “It’s packed with funnily absurd moments and lines…”
Chart Attack – “…The result is even funnier and smarter than what came before it.”
MyTelus – “McKellar’s script is packed with juicy cameos and supporting roles, all of them filled by interesting actors”

Film Threat -“The production works best when its characters are silent, leaving John Westheuser’s knowing camera and Robert Kennedy’s seamless editing to bring to life the telling sequences”
Verdict Review -” ‘[…] watching the movie was a very odd experience because it really brought back the stories—which were quite autobiographical—for me in a surprisingly faithful and moving way.’ – Bruce LaBruce”

Como Hacer Cine -“Esta es la historia de dos hermanos. El primero es Ed Waxman (Brendan Fehr). Ed creció grabándolo todo y a todos en vídeo.” it’s in Spanish you can click here to view the Translation of that review. A huge Thanks to EOcean
Sunstar-“Brendan Fehr (of the defunct TV series Roswell) plays Ed Waxman, an advertising executive and brother to Klein’s Cooper”
Qwipster’s Movie Reviews -“My advice: eat that bucket of popcorn as fast as you can, so you’ll have someplace to puke in once the movie gets started.”

Diario De Xalapa
Shoreline Entertainment -“The Fifth Patient is a surprising and innovative thriller that takes us on a wild ride through the world of international espionage and terrorism”