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Video/Screencaps: B+T filming updates, ‘Royally Wrapped for Christmas’ updates (Videos + Screencaps)

B+T has wrapped filming! You can check out all the updates (with screencaps) below. All of the screencaps for this are HERE.

Next up, ‘Royally Wrapped for Christmas’ aired last night. I’ve added screencaps of the movie, a new UHQ still, the trailer, and the at home featurette as well as the mini interview that aired during the showHERE. You can see the videos below.

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Video/Screencaps: Great American Christmas preview – “Royally Wrapped for Christmas: Interview and First Look Screencaps

Hi, so for those of you that don’t know GAC Family aired a preview of their xmas specials tonight. “Royally Wrapped for Christmas” was one of them. Brendan and his co-star even gave a interview before the clip played. You can watch it and the interview below.

You can find the interview caps and first look caps at the following link “Royally Wrapped for Christmas: HERE.

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New Project: Videos, Release Date + New UHQ Still “Royally Wrapped for Christmas”

Wow, hi, I’m so so sorry theres been a ton of news including B+T filming in November but my beloved computer of five years decided to basically up and die on me so thats why you haven’t gotten much on the way of updates. Theres a ton of them but for today I’m starting small. Below are all of the updates and videos for “Royally Wrapped For Christmas” which will be airing on GAC Family on Nov 27th, 2021 at 8 pm in the USA. Other updates, including screencaps and live IG’s, will be coming in the next days or weeks till there’s no more backlog. Thanks for being patient.



And now for the first UHQ Still from “Royally Wrapped for Christmas: HERE. I’ve also uploaded the MQ version.

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News/Video: Last B+T IG Live + ‘Behind The Yellow House’ synopisis, pledge link, and story clip

Baron + Toluca Twitter – Brendan and Majandra Delfino are hosting a ‘series’ of Roswell rewatches live on Instagram. The last of these is undetermined for the episode but do check below for more information including the date and time.

Next, here’s a update on ‘Behind The Yellow House’. Here’s a synopsis and a video with Brendan talking about the project. Also here’s the link to Seed & Spark to contribute to the project: Behind The Yellow House

Maggie survived but not without the scars of her past. Recounting her experiences brings Maggie back to a time that was dark, but after years of healing she feels empowered. This allows her strength to share her story and to help others. The story and remarkable subject matter will create an atmosphere of curiosity. Maggie’s incredible journey and her unstoppable force to survive and thrive, will embrace you as you become part of her recovery. This WILL create dialogue. Our team has confidence people will begin to talk about the subject matter most of us do not realize exists in the world, much less in our own backyards…Real life WITCHES! In Behind the Yellow House we follow the factual story of Maggie who was born and raised in an all-female dark and sinister coven in the mountains of New Mexico. Maggie witnessed and experienced torture and endured mental and physical abuse. She experienced human trafficking and was subjected to an unfathomable reality. Her destiny, though predetermined, is riddled with her fight against evil. Her protective nature as a sibling shows her compassion and loyalty for others. She is kind, loving and sweet but a fighter when the need arises. YOU will be pulled in to her story.

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Press/News: Brendan scheduled for ‘Fall Into Xmas’ convention (previously ‘Xmas in July’), Canadian Screen Awards for 2020 to take place online + ‘Roswell’ rewatch ‘Riverdog’ taking place this Weds 5/6/2020

The Canadian Academy – Brendan has been nominated for a 2020 Canadian Screen Award – He’s nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Drama for ‘Daughter of The Wolf’. ‘Daughter of The Wolf’ is also nominated for 2020 – Best TV Movie. The Canadian Screen Awards has come up with an alternative (in the time of covid), and the awards are going to take place. Check the tweet below for details.

Next, Fall Into Xmas – Xmas in July has been rebranded due to covid and is now called ‘Fall Into Christmas’ and Brendan is still attending (see tweet below). Check here for ticket information. ‘Fall into Christmas’ is scheduled for October 2-4, 2020.

Baron + Toluca Twitter – Brendan and Majandra Delfino are hosting a ‘series’ of Roswell rewatches live on Instagram. The next of these is for ‘Roswell’ Season 1 episode ‘Riverdog’ the rewatch is taking place tomorrow on 5/6/2020.

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Press/News: Brendan Fehr’s 5 Best Movies And TV Shows (According To IMDb)

Screenrant -Brendan Fehr has been in everything from Better Call Saul to Marvel movies. But what are his best movies & TV shows according to IMDB? Let’s find out.

Canadian actor Brendan Fehr is best known for his portrayal of lab tech Dan Cooper in CSI: Miami but he’s had plenty of other interesting roles as well. Aside from acting, Fehr has modeled for global brands such as Calvin Klein and Armani.

Back in 2006, he received a “Hottest Canadian Male TV Star” Gemini Award. The actor began his career back in 1997. As of today, he has 51 TV and feature film credits in total. Here are his best movies and TV shows according to IMDb.

10/10 – Movie: Kill Me Later (6.3)

In the movie, a bank employee named Shawn Holloway quits her job and becomes suicidal after her goldfish dies and her boyfriend is exposed as a snitch. But before she can escape, she is taken hostage by a bank robber on the run who intends to flee to Venezuela. Strangely, Shawn agrees to do whatever the robber wants only if he promises to kill her. Things change when it turns out that the vice president of the bank was also part of the robbery. Fehr plays a boy named Billy in the movie.

9/10 TV Show: Nikita (7.7)

There had been previous versions of Nikita before but the 2010 remake starring Maggie Q ended up being the most popular one. The CW series followed Nikita (Maggie Q) an agent who escapes from a secret government agency known as Division and later tries to bring it down. Fehr appeared in the first season as Stephen, a field agent for Division. In the episode titled “Coupe De Grace” he was the leader of a special team tasked with taking out the King Of Georgia. He was also one of the villain Percy’s most loyal men.

8/10 Movie: Final Destination (6.7)

A young Fehr appeared in the very first Final Destination film back in 2001. He played a high school student named George Waggner who gets killed after the plane that he has boarded for a school field trip to Paris explodes. The movie is often considered a sleeper hit – something that takes a while before becoming widely popular. After the success of the first film, there were four more films as well as books set in the same universe. The movie also won the Saturn Award for Best Horror Film.

7/10 TV Show: Bones (7.8)

In Bones, a skilled forensic anthropologist named Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan teams up with an often confident F.B.I. Special Agent Seeley Booth to tackle complex murder mystery where nothing is really left but flesh and bones. Fehr appeared in Season 4 of Bones where he played Jared Booth, the younger brother of FBI agent Seeley Booth. Jared who often found himself in trouble and asked his sister to clean up came to Washington to take up a job at the Pentagon.

6/10 – Movie: Only I… (7.3)

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has finally hit the mainstream after years of being on the fringe. Unfortunately, Hollywood hasn’t really cashed in properly on the craze. In 2016, there was an exception with Only I…, a movie starring Brendan Fehr as a man named Orion Smith who is at the worst point of his life. Unable to pay his bills, Orion turns the world of professional fighting. He finds a trainer and also falls in love with a beautiful waitress, named Julie Wilkinson. Unfortunately, he gets a serious shoulder injury that throws him back to his previous struggles.

5/10 – TV Show: Millennium (8.0)

Millennium revolves around a former FBI profiler who has the ability to know what a serial killer is thinking. He begins providing his services for an organization known as the Millennium Group. The organization investigates murders, strange conspiracies, cult affairs, and most importantly, those who think the world is coming to an end.Fehr played a boy named Kevin Galbriath in Season 2. The series was created by Chris Carter was also created the X-Files. Millennium was often praised by critics. In 2018, Rotten Tomatoes ranked it 87th in its list of the “Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows Of All Time.”

4/10 – Movie: X-Men – First Class (7.7)

X-Men: First Class takes place in the 1960s during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It follows Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr who work together to find other mutants. However, Erik is more focused on finding a mutant who offended him a couple of years ago and thus the conflicting goals cause a rift between them. This leads to both of them forming separate groups namely the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Fehr plays the navigator of an American warship in the film. The movie was both a critical and commercial success, grossing $353,627,990 globally.

3/10 – TV Show: Longmire (8.3)

The western crime drama revolves around a sheriff named Walt Longmire whose jurisdiction is in Absaroka County, Wyoming. In his day to day activities, Walt is assisted by friends, fellow officers and his dedicated daughter in investigating and solving major crimes. Longmire was once the highest-rated show on the A&E network. After the third season, ut was canceled but Netflix picked it up for a fourth. Fehr appeared in the fourth season where he played Greg Collette. Someone had stolen the engagement ring of Greg’s wife, resulting in Walt’s intervention.

2/10 – Movie: Guardians Of The Galaxy (8.0)

The 2014 MCU movie followed a group of extraterrestrial beings who were on the run in space after stealing an artifact. The movie had a stellar cast that included Chris Pratt. Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Djimon Honsou and Benicio Del Toro. Fehr only had a minor role as Corpsman Dey’s partner. Dey was a member of the Nova Corps, the military force of Planet Xandar. Despite being loyal to the military, he ends up developing a friendship with the leader of the Guardians Peter Quill/Starlord (Chris Pratt).

1/10 – TV Show: Better Call Saul (8.7)

The Breaking Bad prequel series follows devious criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill and his rise to ‘super-attorney’ status. The series features dozen of Breaking Bad characters as well as plenty of new characters as well. Even though it isn’t a huge hit among fans like Breaking Bad was, the show has been widely praised by critics. Since it first aired, the series has received 23 Emmy awards. Fehr appeared in Season 2 as Bauer, an Airforce captain who gives Jimmy access to a B-29 fighter jet so that he can film a commercial. He appeared in Season 3 two in an episode where he confronts Jimmy after learning that he lied.

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Press/News: An Important Announcement from the Canadian Academy – Awards Canceled, Where to Purchase/Stream/Rent/Buy Brendan’s filmography during ‘social distancing’


An Important Announcement from the Canadian Academy

The Canadian Academy is deeply saddened to announce the cancellation of all Canadian Screen Week activities in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, including the national broadcast gala on Sunday, March 29th. Following a thorough review of Canadian Screen Week events and an assessment of the potential risk to our attendees, we feel this is the only responsible decision at this time.

We are committed to the celebration of our Canadian Screen Award nominees and Special Award honourees and will share an update in the coming weeks.

In light of most, if not all, country’s going through ‘social distancing’ and/or complete shutdowns (or under the possibility of them) due to the serious issue of COVID-19 I’ve put together a list of where you can legally Purchase, Stream, Rent, or Buy certain parts of Brendan’s filmography for USA/Canada. Check the twitter thread below I’ve compiled. Also check out the various media pages here for more clips and/or interviews. Stay safe, wash your hands, stay in doors, and enjoy.
Also for those of you overseas, check out the following for Germany
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