Here’s a few videos from the ATX Festival this weekend! One is Brendan doing karaoke, and the other are Roswell Reunion vids!

In addition more interviews have been written check them out below.

This was definitely the biggest TMI moment of the conference, with Brendan Fehr — who played Michael Guerin — giving an explicit play-by-play of a dare that ended with him peeing his own pants.
Shiri’s shocked expression says it all.

TV Guide Magazine: Let’s scare the network. Tell us an idea that didn’t make it on to the screen.
Sachs and Judah: It’s not printable

What is it like portraying a gay military character?

Brendan Fehr: I mean it’s interesting. It’s, that was the challenge that when I read the script, it was something that just struck me. I felt like I had something to offer to that role. You don’t want to take a role that you don’t feel that you can kind of elevate and have something to offer. It was the struggle. Whether you agree or disagree, it was the pain of this character that you just saw on the page that he couldn’t be who he wanted to be, you know, or who he is. I think for anyone, that’s just something that is everyone can kind of sympathize and empathize with. And so, it was just wanting to tell his story and making that available to not only the LGBTQ community to kind of hold on to, you know what I mean? And to be someone there where they can be, that’s yes, I get that, and to just something that, um, for them to hang onto a little bit or to relate to. But also just on a bigger, on a human level, to have other people who might not have understood it or might not agree with it, to give them just a different perspective. To, as an actor, try to tell this guy’s story in such a way that was so well written that other people will just be like…I never saw that part. You know what I mean? I just read it in newspapers and I just see it, and I just get a little news clip of, you know, the gay and the military and this and equal rights and marriage, and then to have them sit there and watch it actually. Because when you see something with your own eyes, when it’s part of an experience, you are always going to view it in a different light, you know what I mean? There’s something there of being there instead of just reading about it. I think that was kinda my challenge, and I was excited to live up to that and to bring everybody into his story.