Your leading Brendan Fehr source

What was your favorite game?
Smuggler’s Run was a lot of fun, but SSX–the snowboarding game–was the best. I’m a big sports guy, and the way the course was set up was great. You felt like, in a lame way, you were really snowboarding. You tensed up going around the corners, and it takes the same level of concentration as the real thing. That game was really tight.

How does PS2 compare to the original PlayStation?
Way better. Take NHL 2001 and Madden. In terms of graphics, it’s far superior to PlayStation. Between scenes, you see the players come out of dressing rooms, and there are little clips like you’re watching TV. It’s a lot of fun.

Will you buy one?
Definitely–it plays both DVDs and games. And the graphics are cool.

Would you stand in line for it?
The only thing I stand in line for is Metallica tickets. [Laughs.]

Did any other cast members play with you?
No. Everyone was like, “Oh, tell me! Show me! What’s it like?” But I didn’t let anyone. I was trying to finish the world circuit in SSX, and I didn’t have a memory card, so I couldn’t save it. I had to keep the TV on and the trailer door locked, so no one would go in and touch it.

What’s more exciting–playing PS2 or doing a love scene with (costar and real-life girlfriend) Majandra Delfino?