Your leading Brendan Fehr source

Q: Do you believe in aliens?
A: (Laughing) I don’t answer that question anymore!

Q: If you have any spare time, what do you like to do?
A: huh…if I have spare time, I would like to sleep…play monopoly, golf and walk my dog.

Q: Do you surf the Web? What is your favorite site?
A: I don’t have a computer, so I don’t surf the Web that often.

Q: How does it feel to be one of the top 25 hot young stars under 25? Is that something that limits you or moves you forward?
A: It’s flattering to be named one of the top 25 under 25. I don’t think it will limit you at all. I think in terms of the superficial stuff, that’s what the studio executives look at … I don’t think it’s not gonna land you a job. You know, if someone is on the fence about casting you, sure you got the certain benefits of popularity. It kind of turns the tide. It is very cool.

Q: Has there been any downside to your rise to stardom?
A: I don’t have time for my porn any more…(laugh)…Come on! This is funny!

Q: You worked with Kerr Smith, of Dawson’s Creek, in a new Vampire movie. Tell us a little about that?
A: This vampire movie is not your typical vampire movie. I have been bitten by a vampire, and through drugs I haven’t turned into a vampire yet. For this I am hunting the one that I think maybe by kill him then I am cured. And I meet Kerr alone the way. At first we helped and eventually begins through you know hunting the vampires and kind of travel and across the United States. I mean it takes place within one sate but we’re prepared to travel. It’s kind of a road movie as much it is a vampire movie. It’s got a lot of different…it’s got a little bit of horror, it’s got a little bit of western, so it’s kind of cool.

Q: You have worked with Selma Blair?
A: Yeah…with the Summer Players, this summer in Vancouver on the small movie called Take My Life Please. I didn’t have a scene with her, but she was good in the movie.

Q: Are there any possibilities of you or the other aliens crossing over into other WB shows?
A: ha…I don’t know. That’s totally up to the WB. But if I was given the opportunity to work on Angel, I definitely think that would be cool.

Q: I know you studied accounting…Do you do your own taxes?
A: I’ve done my own taxes twice, but there is too much to know about…with how much money I am making… all the loopholes. And Canada has been different from the United States. I am totally not qualified to do that any more, so I’ve got to hire someone.

Q: Cliff or Jason? If you had to go, would it be in a tour bus accident? How?
A: I don’t know enough about Cliff to say. I mean it’s regarding the bassist from Metallica. Cliff was one of the funding members of Metallica as Lars and James, but Cliff was the bassist. He was killed in…their bus flipped over in the Sweden…and he was crushed by it after he was thrown out of the window and the bus rolled on top of them. I don’t know. I don’t know enough about Cliff, but the Metallica members seem to like him but I probably go for either one. If I had to go, I guess touring on the rock band would be all right but I don’t think I wanted him to be crashed by a bus. I don’t know. I don’t know how to want to go. I am prepared to go anyway.

Q: You have a unique hairstyle that’s garnered almost as much attention as Keri Russell’s. Has it spawned any copycats or trends? Has the network forbidden you from changing it?
A: Well..I am growing out my hair, and I don’t think it’s gonna go up for another season. So I hope I don’t disappoint fans. But I don’t know if it spawned a lot of trends. A lot of people are wearing it up now. I am not taking any credit for that though. But I have been stopped in a mall by hairdressers, and they told me that guys come in and asked for hair cuts like the guy on Roswell. I thought that was fine.

Q: What is in store for Michael in the coming season?
A: I know what’s in store for the show. But first for episodes, what we are doing this season is actually different from last season. We are going to do a story that is gonna take over three episodes. And then we are gonna have a show that stands on its own and then we are gonna get into another story that takes over three episodes till the show is done on its own. So you can miss some of the episodes and still kind of know what is going because there are clues all the time. But as for my character, I kind of know what happens, but I don’t know actually specifically for my character. He is again…looking for answers. He is skeptical and you know, the same guy but a little bit more materials. All I know is it takes place after the summer, and nothing happens and they are all waiting for the end of the fall.

Q: Any big surprises you could hint at?
A: No, I just wish I could play the guitar.

Q: Do you ever wish you had the powers of your character? When and what sort?
A: Well, I would want to be a spider man. He is witty and he is charming…(laugh) You know, he is cool. He’s got the strength of a spider. He is smart. He is cool. He is not so….I don’t know. I would be a spider man. That’s better. You just stand cool. The power as what I’ll be? I don’t know. Not to get my ass kicked. Whatever power…(laugh)…that may be…that’s what I would want. I don’t wanna lean on all the time.

Q: Do you actually like Tabasco sauce?
A: I’ll put it on the macaroni and cheese once in a while but…yeah…I eat it all the time. I put it in the meal as I cook.

Q: Any pranks on the set?
A: Any pranks…yeah…once in a while, you know the other people will get the mood. Once we had to go to ADR, which is looping. When the sound went wrong we go into a theater and we got to lips into our own voices. You have the microphones around working. After I finished mine, I told them to go to one of Jason’s scenes that he had to loop and I looped it for him, saying that “Brendan is the greatest” and all the stuff. It was quite funny. So when he came in like one hour later, they showed him the scene that he had to reloop, and there was my voice over there and that was like a bad Japanese movie. It was pretty funny.

Q: Any other new project coming up?
A: Besides the Forsaken, which right now is due out in February or March. We are hoping to get it out in advance. And that’s it…