Your leading Brendan Fehr source

Written By Nerina Rammairone

Age: 22
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he and his two older sisters were raised by their mom, a case manager at a correctional facility. (His parents divorced when he was G, but he remains close to his dad, a yacht manufacturer.
Current residence: A rented Los Angeles house that he shares with his Rottweiler, Opa (grandpa in German).
Alien resurrection: He plays one of three extraterrestrials living in Roswell, N.M., site of the fabled 1947 UFO crash, on the WB’s sci- hit Roswell. This month, he also co-stars in the thriller Final Destination.
Numbers game: After graduating from high school in 1995, Fehr took a few years off and began modeling part-time in order to save money for college, where he planned to be a math major. “I like math,” he says, “because there’s only one right answer.” Camera-ready: In 1997, eight days before Fehr was to start at the University of Manitoba, a talent scout discovered him at a modeling agency. He immediately landed a small role on the Canadian teen show Breaker High and put off plans for college.
The truth is out there: “Lots of people say I look like David Duchovny, but I’m not gonna freak out over it.” Exfiles: Fehr just came out of a one-year relationship with a girl from back home but says he’s open to meeting someone new “She doesn’t have to be a blonde or brunette, or tall or short. But it’s important that she share the same religious values as me.”
Slap shot: “I went to a hockey game [in L.A.], and the fans were so polite. The slightest hit and they’re yelling at the ref to call a penalty. It’s the Canadian in me – I don’t mind playing a little dirty.”