Are you ready to help us make sure that EVERYONE knows about ‘Only I…’?

Are you ready to help us get #OnlyIFilmCampaign TRENDING worldwide?

Are you ready to help us make our completed film ‘Only I…’ SUCCESSFUL?

When Rodny began his journey of making ‘Only I…’ he knew it was going to be a lot of hard work. He wanted to make a big splash by showcasing the film through his filmmaking abilities, the talents of our incredible cast, and the universal theme of chasing your dreams, which everyone can relate to.

Getting an independent feature film made is a huge feat. Getting an independent feature film released properly is an even larger feat.

That is why we have created the #OnlyIFilmCampaign

Throughout our campaign, we will be posting selected clips and photos from the film; Engaging in a lot of great fan interactive activities; We will be going on an online campaign trail; and starting a crowd funding campaign, which will help us with the promotion and release of ‘Only I…’ (We will announce the start of the crowd funding campaign at a later date).

We are relying on the support of the FANS to assist us with our PR efforts to make sure that ‘Only I…’ gets the recognition, promotion and release that it deserves.

We have set up the film on eventful.com, and everyone who would like ‘Only I…’ to come to their city, can click on the ‘Demand it!’ button. Here is the link:
This is OUR time!