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January 21st, 2001

I’m extremely tired from playing basketball with my buddy so after this explanation I won’t be talking in complete sentences but here are a few answers to some of the questions I’ve been reading.

Shoe size between 11-12
Forsakens release date April 27
Opa is doing well but I had to give her away to some friends in Canada. I do visit her. Don’t ask why I had to but yes I am very sad.
I may release some baby pictures for brendan-fehr. com for those of you who are interested.
My favorite hockey team is the Vancouver Canucks.
I’d take either Jason or Cliff but now that Jason has left I am anxious to find out who the new guy will be.
I have order a computer for myself finally but have not received it yet.
I don’t know if Maria and Michael will be getting back together totally.
No, unfortunately I will not be trying out for Metallica because I can’t play a single instrument never mind the bass for the greatest band in the world.
By the way, Johnny Cash is only second to James Hetfield for being the coolest guy in the world. I seriously recommend checking his stuff out. No joke.
The future episodes of Roswell are looking really good.
I’m about 10-15 overweight from Xmas. Wish me luck in losing it. HA HA.

Up to the minute news I will also share with you guys since everyone here really does alot for me and my websites and such. I will be getting one more tattoo but I will not tell you where and what it is yet though I know. I ‘ll have to get it once I fly up to Vancouver to get it done by the same guy since he did such a good job on my last one.
You guys can have fun trying to figure out where and what.
I will see the Forsaken in about 2 weeks so I’ll let you know what I think though from what I’ve seen so far it’s looks and is really good and for me personally is probably my best work.

Thanks to you all for keeping this website going and enjoying yourselves with it. That’s about all I have to say but I will look at the questions section and respond to more a little later. Righteous, baby.