Your leading Brendan Fehr source

Thanks to Anna for putting these together

Q. What are your fav. charities? By Kliska

A. Favorite charity: Rainbow Factory

Q. Do you happen to like Depeche Mode (old ornew)? By Warped Redhead

A. DepecheMode sucks, sorry.

Q. Fuel? By Sqgly & Lady J originally

A. All Fehrians: Fuel is a little too poppy to me like a Buckcherry. All you Metallica fans check out Corrosion of Conformity. Absolutely awesome.

Q. What do you think of the Canadian band Our Lady Peace? Jenifehr

A. Our Lady Peace, loved their first 2 albums, not a big fan of anything after. They’re actually kinda buddies of mine now

Q. What’s your opinion on Don Cherry? By Icicle

A. Don Cherry rocks and should be PM of Canada

Q. What was the biggest promise you ever gave? By bestfriend

A. Biggest promise: to the Man upstairs

Q. What are your favourite clothes? By bestfriend

A. Favorite clothes: Levi’s jeans (1969 Gap jeans now as well), my jogging pants, and always Doc Martens, I have 13 pairs, all the same the ones I wear on Roswell and the Forsaken. the ones I like have been discontiued so DM was nice enough to send me all the pairs they had left in my size.
Q. In a baseball game between the Cleveland Indians and Anaheim Angels, who would you root for? By BYtheSEA

A. Indians vs. Angels: really don’t care but Angels cause of Vaughn, Salmon and Glaus. Erstad as well

Q. Brendan, what’s your favorite smell? By egghead3

A. Favorite smell: lots but Pleasures by Estee Lauder has always done something for me.

Q. Have you ever wore a dress? Like maybe as a dare or something? By egghead3

A. wore dress for Halloween one year.

Q. I just wanna ask, I asked this before, but hows ya guitar thing going? by Papri

A. Guitar is going nowhere. I haven’t found the time to take lessons yet so…

Q. Hi Brendan. What’s your favorite movie? By Dareka

A. Favorite movie: Braveheart, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, stand by me

Q Sorry if I take the fun out of your story. I haven’t figured out how to ask what I want to know without ruining the punch line: by Qfanny

A. QFanny: sorry I never said hi. that kinda sucks but somedays you just wanna zone out. I apologize. but the story is me and some friends went to this improv group called the Groundlings where everyone from SNL comes out of and there was this one skit with this guy pretending to be Arnold Schwer….whatever was at a party and people would come in and say how big fans they were and how they loved his movies and this one guy says, “hey arnold, i’m a big fan and…” then arnold cuts him off and yells in that voice, “what do you do for a living?” the guy goes “I’m a plumber…” and arnold yells out “WELL, maybe I’ll be a fan of yours someday!!!!” it was just a really funny skit.

Q. Do you walk/talk in your sleep? By egghead3

A. I apparently talk and whimper in my sleep.

Q. Ok, so when your alarm goes off, do you jump right up out of bed or do you hit the snooze for another hour or two? By Secret~Keeper

A. I set my alarm clock about half an hour ahead of when I wake up just so I can hit the snooze 4 to 5 times.

Q. What is your favorite word? By Fune1

A. Favorite word: Righteous (alot of meanings, both profound and not)

Q. Have you ever broken your leg, arm… etc? By egghead3

A. Suffered injuries: broken wrist, broken knee, 1 separated shoulder, 2 broken collar bones, stitches in knees, face, head over 7 times.

Q. Do you zip first then button your pants, or button first then zip?? By Secret~Keeper

A. If I’m wearing button fly, then bottom to top. if zipper button first then zipper

Q. Tube socks, crew socks, or ankle socks?? By Secret~Keeper

A. lots of kinds but almost always black, ankle socks for golf and basketball. barefeet for hockey.

There’s some more answers for you guys and one more thing not that I’ve taken offense cause you know me by now but just my take on something I’ve read a few times. It’s been said that “Nick” slipped into “Michael” sometimes. I agree there were times of similarities but that’s not “Michael” slipping in but Brendan simply being in both. It’s Brendan in “Michael” and “Nick”. That’s always gonna be there the “Brendanisms” but it’s when you really, really minimize that is when you become or are a great actor and that’s obviously sometihng I’m working towards and will get better at throughout my career. Creating a character and not being just you saying lines is the key to acting but it’s also the actor’s own aura and intangibles, which defines the person not the actor, that makes them enjoyable to watch and sometimes mesmerizing. So it’s a fine line to walk in creating a completely different character from yourself but at the same time allowing your instincts, which are yours and yours only, to be reproduced by no one, to merge with this new character in order to assure it’s authenticity as a real person. That’s my little acting lesson 101. Thanks for reading. See ya guys and have a good weekend.