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Spiderman: I’m gonna make this quick cause my buddies are picking me up for golf right away. But I’ve been absent for awhile and thought I’d answer a few questions.

Olderfherfan: so Bren – what was your fav SUMMER movie ?

Spiderman: My favorite summer movie was, well, they all sucked really. Pearl Harbor and A Knight’s Tale were two of the worst of all time. Fast and the Furious which I was looking forward to was really bad, only Vin Diesel made it good. Paul Walker sucked and so did the Japanese hot rods. Put real cars in there like the Charger. I’m biased because I just bought a 68 Camaro, black, a 396 with 410 hp. It’s sweet. Oh, Joe Dirt was really funny and Swordfish was alright.

DaveyApp13: In Roswell, Michael can draw. Can you? If so, what do you draw? (I’m an artist myself, so comparing pictures is a must do)

Spiderman: No, I can’t draw but can trace. (and photocopy and even that’s confusing sometimes)

DaveyApp13: What Metallica album ya reccomend? I have Vertigo which I’m told is the best. Any preferences?

Spiderman: Vertigo is not a Metallica album unless it was a single of some sort just released in the UK. But a recommendation would be their box set called “Binge and Purge: Live ****” and the B-side to “Load” since that has probably gone unlistened by a few. It’s very cool in my opinion.

Olderfherfan: how did you like South Beach ? do you swim? how did you like Vegas ? do you gamble ?

Spiderman: South Beach and Miami was way too hot for me. I didn’t like Florida. I had a good time because of who I was with and stuff (I went to Universal and had the VIP tour which was loads of fun) but would never consider being there for an extended period of time without huge amounts of compensation. Not my thing in the least. Vegas sucks too. I don’t really like that city but can spend a weekend there for events without going nuts. I gamble a little but never in Vegas. 7 card stud and Let it Ride are my favs.

‘Chele: Would you do a sequel to The Foresaken if you were asked to?

Spiderman: I would do the Forsaken 2 if the script was up to my liking and such. I felt it wasn’t a great movie but entertaining as you all know but after seeing what some of my peers did this summer I feel it was really kick ass. Man, was there crappy movies!

Spiderman: There’s some answers for you guys. Hope it’s enough for awhile. And remember the new website is getting worked on and it’s gonna be totally reworked so be on the look out. Other than that, nothing new and I’ll keep on dropping in throughout the summer. Oh, we start filming Roswell July 30 for anyone who cares. Oh, you do? Great. See ya and enjoy the summer days. Fore!