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July 21st, 2000

Hey guys, this is very cool. I’m at my dad’s in B.C. (for my sister’s wedding)and thought I’d stop by. This new website and fanboard is, in the immortal words of James Hetfield, totally righteous. I just wanted to say thanks, answer a few questions, and note a few observations. Number 1: Well, thanks!!!! That was easy. Number 2: Let’s see if I remember the questions posted. Well, I’m definately a dog person but I do live with 2 cats (my roommates each have one). A typical day on set is 12-15 hours in which you are only in front of the camera acting for about 4 hours. The rest is lighting, setting up, rehearsing, blocking out the scene, lunch, and waiting around for your scene(s) to come up. Sorry for the quick answer but it’s basically that simple. Here’s 2 quotes to sum up acting that are commonly used: “I get paid to wait and act for free” and “Hurry up and wait!!” Ummm… The washing the hands thing I brought that up to and it just never fits in with how we have block the scene and where the camera’s are and stuff. Yeah, I suppose it’s kinda gross but I just tell myself I didn’t hold it and just let it hang out there HA HA HA. Some of the pictures with my hair down are really bad, huh? It looks really flat like I just got out of the shower and is really ugly. But that was when I was growing it out to the length it is in the GQ with MAD so hopefully it won’t look so geeky. But in case you want to know, I am wearing it down for next season and we dyed it back to it’s darker color but it’s styled the same as the GQ. Yeah, those pictures with my Canada kicks ass shirt, it looks really bad!!! Please don’t post those, HA HA. My top 5 Metallica songs, huh? In no particular order, Fuel, Nothing Else Matters, Ain’t My Bitch, ahhh, there’s too many but here’s some ones I am listening to nowadays that are my kinda now favorites. Whiplash, The Thing That Should Not Be, Outlaw Torn, Waste My Hate, Poor Twisted Me, Bleeding Me, Fade to Black. These ones didn’t get much radio play but I’ve kinda rediscovered for myself and there righteous. No, when I swing from building to building I don’t get bugs in my mouth but I do fart once in awhile. Well, I should go, I gotta MC the wedding so I gotta prepare so thanks (wo)man!!!! I’ll answer as much as I can but be patient I still don’t have a computer.