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Well, there’s been alot said about how I feel about Roswell, by people that know me, that don’t know me, that have read things or just guessed, and even some by me that have rung a little different depending on what side of the bed I’ve woken up on so I figure I’ll set the record straight and put it up for discussion, a real one based on facts. Not everyone will be pleased but I think everyone will understand my position.

I never wanted to be an actor. It was something I never thought I’d have the chance to do nor ever sought it out. Turns out, Someone out there (or up there) had different plans. While starting my career in Vancouver, doing various guest stars and appearances in TV and features alike I came to the conclusion that if I was to do this for a living I wanted to make it in the movie world. I was never a fan of TV or any actor on TV really but could always immerse myself in a well made movie. I had favorite TV shows of course but no matter how well done the TV show was done it never had the effect on me that a movie could. Now I never bothered trying to figure out why. I didn’t really think about it until I started acting and it dawned on me and that realization was proven in my various jobs. TV is a different world than the movies. The way they’re shot, what’s involved, different equipment sometimes even, just a whole different attitude. And the big difference is the rules and regulations each is governed by. Because TV is what it is there are stricter rules to abide by and I’ve found in my experience those rules tend to stifle both the writing and the acting. Not the the work ethic of either is half-assed, because TV people have a tighter schedule than most features and it requires alot of work and effort in a short period of time, but because of the constraints of content, what you can and can’t do, and the time factor (42 minutes) I feel alot of stories and character suffer. It’s extremely difficult to get as deep into a story and character on TV as you can in a feature. With TV alot of times you are dealing with 3 to 9 main characters and have 42 minutes to include everyone. How deep can it get compared to a movie which has 1-4 main character usually and you have anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours or more to weave a tale. This is problem #1.

That’s fairly understandable I’m assuming. Now problem #2 is going to ruffle a few feathers possibly. It is that playing the same character over years is something I find extremely boring. Yes, TV characters evolve and have epiphanies and mature but essentially it’s the same character. Same mannerisms, quirks, speech pattern. Those are things you can’t change because then you change who the character is. And that as an actor, at least for me, is very monotonous. I like acting for the very simple reason I get to be creative and change and create these different personas and tell stories and intrigue the audience, make them laugh, and cry, and both at the same time maybe but I want to be able to do this while experiencing different things for myself and playing the same character doesn’t really allow that. I have, or at least feel I have, alot in me that I can use to create wonderful characters and tell a story through these characters and entertain not only the audience but myself and I feel that TV is not conduscive to that, at least on the level I want. I want to create and then play it out and then do it all over again but differently and that’s what movies will allow me to do.

That in short, or was that long, is why you hear and I say I would like to leave Roswell. Would I? Yes, to have the chance to try and achieve that. I’d rather fail at it then do something that does not satisfy me or the drive in me. I have not forgot for a second how lucky I am to be on TV and to do what I do. I’m extremely grateful for that opportunity and what it’s all given me but feel I’d like to move on and try new things. Am I entitled? Not necessarily. Will I ever be entitled? Maybe not, whose entitled to anything? But could I do it? I really think I could. I feel I have alot to offer and look forward to the opportunity. Until that day comes, if it ever does (I’m not conceding it will though I think the odds are good) and how it comes is not up to me really and until then I will continue my present work on Roswell, as much as the rules allow, to the best of my ability.

Don’t mistake unrest, restlessness, and discontent for inconsiderate and ungrateful. That’s not always the case.

This subject is up for debate obviously and all opinions are welcome even those who may not believe or buy into what I’ve just said. Please just offer it up in a decent manner and that doesn’t mean you can’t be blunt about it or even harsh I guess if you feel the urge, just use your best judgement. Thanks.


“I’m choking on a BAD seed.” It’s called Hollywood.