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Well I read and enjoyed the responses both postive and negative. I actually went to RAMS after someone said they had a thread about it and most of them were understanding as well. But they thought I had help from Mr. M or someone writing it cause apparently they think I’m too arrogant based on my sense of humor and honesty and don’t think I’m intelligent and eloquent enough (if I may, little too far witht the eloquent but whatever) to write something like that. They write nasty stuff to me, get mad when I respond back in the same vein and then paint me completely stupid and arrogant. A little unfair way to base an opinion on someone, no? ANYWAYS, back to my point, I wanted to add something to a point alot of people brought up which was that they enjoy watching a character grow on TV through various years instead of a 2 hour movie and that I should be looking at that aspect of it as an actor. And that that is something that makes TV special is this continuing evolution of characters on TV through the years. And another point people made was about me complaing about having a job and saying that I should just be happy with it and that they have jobs that they don’t like and get paid way less and what am I doing complaining. Both these are great points but let me add something to them and this is the last post about this. You guys as fans get to see these characters develop and it’s really great getting to that day in the week where a show you really like is on and you get to watch your favorite character or story line develop and unfold. For the shows I liked I enjoyed those days as well, but you guys watch a total of 22 hours of Roswell a year, whereas I work on it for over 2500 hours over 9 months for those 22 hours. Not counting publicity, photo shoots, table reads, etc. I live and breath it basically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 9 months. That’s where the boredom factors in putting my attitude towards it in a totally different light obviously.

And for all those thinking I think I can walk into the world of movies and star in great epics and huge blockbusters, that’s not where my head is at all. You deem me completely retarded if you think I feel the Forsaken put me on the map. It sucked, absolutely, didn’t hurt my career in the least, far from it (I held my own on the bigscreen, in a crappy movie yes but nonetheless held my own quite nicely) but no it didn’t send me spiralling into huge offers either. Even the Wilderness Station won’t put me on the map in that big break sense but will open doors for me and also prove I’m an actor. And a pretty impressive one at times even. Not always but it’s there.

I start totally over after my TV career is done and have to prove myself once again but now in a different way. Cause whether you think so or not, there is a difference between TV stars and movie stars and if you’re on TV you’re simply not a movie star. Yes there are TV stars who are in movies and good ones at that sometimes but are still consider TV personalities. There’s not a single person on TV who defies that. You have to leave TV to be consider for the best movie roles really, even if your talent is that equal to that of the movie star pool. It’s 100% true. Ask anyone in the industry. It’s better than it once was but the TV stigma is still there and still haunts.

Well I got a little off topic but had that to say and hope that it wasn’t just verbal diaherrea, but just food for thought. That’s the last to be said on my part and thank you for reading whatever your opinion or response is. See ya.