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Brendan Fehr: Alien Autopsy

Brendan Fehr message board 10-19-01

I gotta give Jonathan Frakes credit for the title. I’ll explain right away. Just wanted to let you know, and not because I want a thread dedicated to wishes of good luck, etc., that on November 2 (in or around that date anyways), I’m going to have a hernia operation. And the reason I owe Frakes credit for the title is because today at work me and him were talking and the operation came up and I suggested we film it and have it as a bonus on a Roswell DVD if they ever come out. Or if the ratings dip any lower than they already are, we can have a special. Frakes then yelled out, “We’ll call it Alien Autopsy and I’ll host it!” It was quite humorous. Well, that’s a little piece of something there for you guys… I’m gettin’ gutted. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll be lurking and posting before the op. but figured you guys would appreciate the story. See ya.