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Brendan Fehr message board 11-5-01

olderfherfan: So how is your recovery going?

Spiderman: Here’s a few answers to a few questions. Surgery went well as Jim posted. Suprisingly well actually. The day of the surgery is supposed to be not too bad because the drugs and freezing don’t wear off for twenty four hours so I decided to take advantage of that and …

Moondragon: There are rumors you attended a hockey game Friday night – after your surgery. Will you confirm or deny that? If you did – – – ouch! All those stairs down to the rink and back up! Hope it was a good game.

Spiderman: yes I did go to the Ducks game in Anaheim because they were playing the Blackhawks which is my buddies favorite team and he took me for my birthday. It took quite awhile to walk to the arena from the car and to the seats but we left in plenty of time. It wasn’t really painful but I just had to be really careful because certain positions and actions were and I was finding out as the day went on. Now the second day is supposed to be the worst but I woke up in the morning and felt quite good. I wasn’t as sore and decided to go hang out with my friends, watch some college ball, my team the Irish lost, and play some video games. I tried throwing the football and nearly bust a stitch so that didn’t last long. It’s funny, but I’ve realize that so many actions affect that area, like throwing, breathing, talking, coughing (if I cough it hurts like mad, I’ve avoided it so far except when I choked on a taco chip this afternoon and thought I busted open), sneezing (lethal, avoiding it like the plague) and laughing. I can’t string words or sentences together like normal because I can’t draw as deep as breathe as usual which causes me to talk like Christopher Walken sometimes. That was the second day so I figured going to bed that night I was going to pay today the 3rd day.

Well I woke up feeling even better and spend all day watching football resting up for a concert I went to tonight at the Roxy. I saw the band “Tomahawk” which Mike Patton of “Faith No More” heads. It was pretty good. I however did not rock out but enjoyed myself nonetheless. After the concert walking back to the car I saw and shook hands with none other than Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. That was great. He didn’t stop and talk but did quickly shake my hand and said thanks when I blurted out like an idiot, “Lemmy?! You’re rad. I saw the show” What a dork. Oh well. That’s been the recovering so far and hopefully it’ll keep on the same track. The freezing is all gone however and I’m thinking when it does I may be in for a bit of trouble but probably not. Freezing or not, it’s healing and usually after 5-7 days, it’s good to go basically, except for activities like hockey, that’s a couple weeks. Anyways, the scar is above the business to the left and about 4 inches long. Cut horizontally and stitched up with string hanging out of the wound. Pretty cool all in all. That’s that and now some other answers.

conhosh: First– just something I wondered just a few seconds ago– Do you like cats? I’m asking cause I luv them. I’ve got three females & six kittens(won’t be keeping the kittens). I don’t know what I’d do without them. They just have this calming effect on me. I already know that you like dogs since I know that you have one or two? I have a seven year old dog whom I luv too.

Spiderman: I hate cats but am taking one we found in Covina. It’s great. It licks like a dog and plays like one and is quite affectionate, not like 99% of the rest of the species. I’m getting it this week sometime and am naming it “Dog”. It’s a white little kitty and is very cool. I still hate cats though.

Destiny_ 1947: Whats the funniest rumor you have heard about yourself?

Spiderman: Funniest rumor: got caught sniffing cocaine in the Paramount bathroom; dating Britney Spears; engaged to Majandra (that was in the Star); am the coolest and greatest man ever (I’ve had that from several people over the course of my existence, unfounded as of yet however but looking into it); am gay; the new bassist for Metallica (I started that one, help me out)

Cows: Do you like cows? (are you all really suprised this question is here now that im back?

Spiderman: Cows are okay, especially barbequed with a little marinate

Zeppelin Chick: This question has probably been asked a million times before but: what is your favorite Metallica song/album?

Spiderman: Fav Metallica song: Fuel ” ” album: can’t decide but perhaps Reload cause it’s got heavy and soft (under the assumption I have to chose one album to listen to for the rest of my life, actually probably the black album for the same reason. And if I could cheat, S&M; cause it’s a mix of old and new plus it’s a double CD.

olderfherfan: Do you have any movies in the works?

Spiderman: Nothing new in the works to announce but working on possible movies for hiatus and possible little roles in some movies that could be shot during the season. That’s about it and I’m going to bed. See ya.

A few more:

Sweet lil nuttin: Have u ever pissed out of the window?!?!

Spiderman: Yes I pissed out a window. I’ve also peed in a Sunny delight bottle while driving, peed on a person cause he was poking me in the butt with a hockey stick in the dressing room while I was at the urinal, and peed on myself unfortunately.

Sweet lil nuttin: Did u ever break something cuz u were mad?!

Spiderman: I’ve broken plenty of things because I’ve been mad: video controlling, tore off a towel bar thingy out of the wall, phone, bike, guitar. ~*~
Heli: What kind of car do you drive? Do you like cars of more american style,like Cadillac and Ford or do you like more the German ones like Daimler Chrysler (Mercedes) and BMW?

Spiderman: Favorite cars are American: Dodge trucks and old muscle cars. I hate Fords, old and new. I’d love to buy the new Cadillac DTS but don’t need it and will save that purchase for when I’m older.

Anna: When skating on the ice do you push off first with your left foot or right?

Spiderman: I generally push off my right to start skating, almost always now that I think about it.

conhosh: Last– what’s your favorite piece of art or artist, and what does it mean to you? Art is my domain– I’ve been drawing/painting since elementary. Art is one of the biggest parts of who I am, and I luv to share it with those around me. So’s I just wonder what it means to you?

Spiderman: Not a big art fan but do have several limited edition Spiderman paintings, sketches, stenographs or whatever they’re called that hang on my wall. Todd McFarlane would be my favorite artist of Spiderman.

Alright that’s it for now. It’s sleepy time.