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April 20, 2002

I’m back and have a few things to spew out at ya. The trip was great and it was a real experience of culture shock. When you have kids getting helped by their mothers to pee in the garbage cans in the middle of the market, street, or mall, it’s just gotta stike a chord with me. Such things as transportation (taxis start at 20 cents and a twenty minute ride will total about 70 cents), bargaining (at the markets you could talk them down anywhere from 50-90%, you could easily get ripped off to if you don’t know what you’re doing but hey I’m just that savvy), the pollution and dirtiness (this is one of the things that disturbed me, people routinely threw out their garbage from the window of the car on the highways, or walking down the street, in stores and places of business, etc., didn’t appear to have a lot of respect for Mother Earth. That’s a pet peeve of mine: littering. I hate it). Jakarta is not really a place made for tourists. Not a lot of attractions and stuff. I spend alot of time at the malls checking and writing email and watching soccer on a fuzzz channel. Go Arsenal! I did get to experience quite a different culture and am happy but wouldn’t recommend 3 weeks there. Now Lombok/Bali was a different story. Beautiful islands where surf, scuba, snorkeling is done in beautiful clear water of f ok beaches (the sand isn’t the greatest but we did it off a boat anyways so we never needed the beach). Well actually when I say “we” I mean them cause my stupid cast prohibited me from doing any of it and that really sucked. That definately took away from the trip. I was stuck on the boat videotaping and frying like bacon (not the acting exercise either). I saw some big spiders and scorpions, in my hotel room that is. Pictures to follow. All in all a great trip and I enjoyed myself but I do indeed love the great continent of North America… I hate it when people cause or turn a good thing into something silly or smutty because of some stupid grudge or who knows what. Go punch a hole in the wall or your head and don’t ruin something for others that are still following rules and being polite and respectful…. Ha ha, the Canucks are up 2-0 baby! We’re playing outstanding hockey and beating the best team in the league that ESPN called the best team ever. Well, I don’t agree with that and wouldn’t make that claim should we come out victorious, but it’s definately solid for bragging rights. Speaking of the best team ever, it’s probably some old Montreal team but I’m gonna have to go with the Oilers of the 80’s. Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Coffey, Fuhr, Tikannen, c’mon. Anyways, Canucks are winning it all and I’m psyched….. The cast comes off in 1 1/2 weeks and hopefully the wrist will be ok. It’s really skinny and the cast is barely hanging on. I’m just looking forward to seeing the cool looking scar….. I not really up to date on any current events to complain about and give my solutions to (we all know if taken my advice is rock solid) since Jakarta is not really the news capital of the world. We didn’t find out the Queen Mum died till like 2 weeks after. Actually that could be the same in the U.S. It’s not as important as it is to the countries – not necessarily to the people of those countries but politically it’s necessary to recognize I suppose because of the…. screw the history lesson actually – of the Commonwealth I suppose…. Well I didn’t have a whole lot of incredible and awe inspiring info for ya guys but pictures and other stuff will follow so…. Once I start getting reaquainted with this great country in which I can actually shower everyday, not the case over there and my pits whew!, I’ll see if I can offer up some dazzling rants for ya. Good to be back. See ya.