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Well it’s been quite a while no? Missed at all? No, I was too busy to miss any of you guys but way to have the balls to ask anyways. I like that, no beating around the bush. Speaking of bush,… well that could go a number of different directions now couldn’t it. Iraq, Moses, my hair. That’s really it. Oh shame on all you. Yes, yes we could go there, but c’mon that just so easy. And not to mentioned over a decade ago. Just leave George Sr. out of this.

As most of you know, I’ve been in Toronto, the homeland for the past month or so, filming a movie titled, “Sugar”. There’s a handful of you who read the script I’m sure since it’s out there for the public reading and I hope you are, well, I actually don’t hope anything. There’s the end of that thought. Sugar was an experience, both good and bad, but in the end was great for a handful of reasons (and no not a handful of ball. Those were the bad days.) Ha, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It was different and I learned a lot, and most of it was on the personal side actually, but still a few things on the professional side. I’ll not get into a lot of detail, I’ll wait until the movie comes out or closer to, but I did as much research as I could fit in about this particular lifestyle and it was quite interesting. I interviewed hustlers, prostitutes, high-class escorts (yes there is a distinction), addicts of all types of drugs including crack and cocaine (some still using and on the street, some in rehab), as well as the ever-colorful “trannies”. And no, not the thing that you need to have your engine run, though in a lot of cases they do get men’s motors running. Again, distinction was important in this particular group.Transgender or “trannie” is the umbrella term here. And through all this research, it was funny, regardless of what I thought of certain lifestyles and choices, it was different to put a face and personality to that. That fact changed things. And though my views, ethics, morals, rules, or whatever they fall under did not change, it was how I arrived at those that did, the attitude I know took when saying “right” or “wrong” that was altered. Very interesting for me to say the least.

Well enough of that, I lived it for a month, had my bubble burst, and am now building my new bubble. Ignorance is bliss and I’m all too knowing now. As interesting as it was and as much as I learned, I felt like Nicolas Cage’s character in 8mm. It really tired me out mentally so we must move on. The Canucks!

Game 7 tonight, that will be old news if you don’t read this today so boo-hoo for you. AHHH, no one cares! Shut up! We gotta step it up, get nasty and go for the kill. We’ve made the comeback from 3-1 to tie it up and can’t let up now. Go boys!!! Win it all!!!! Put on the foil!!!! Yeah!!! 3 points for knowing that statements origins. Oooooh there’s going to be screaming of one kind or another in the ‘Peg tonight.

And a big kick ass love to the Oil. That team is simply amazing and one of the most entertaining in hockey. I love to watch them and if hockey was right which it’s not since, and here’s the rant!!!!… Bob Goodenow, pres of the NHLPA, is the biggest douche bag and refuses to agree to a salary cap and that’s the reason there’s such a disparity in the game and teams like the Flames and my good buddy Robyn Regier and the Oilers, heck most of the Canadian teams, oh yeah, have to metntion the bankrupt Sens, and the small market American teams like the Wild, Sabres, etc. (though some of these teams are defying the odds, it doesn’t make it any more right) are having troubles in a lot of areas on and off the ice. That’s why the NFL is so great. There are no dynasties. Every team can really win on any given Sunday and it’s just so great to watch when that’s the case. It’s true competition and not assbeatings then. Except if you are the Bengals, but that’s not the system, it’s the people. Hopefully Marvin Lewis can turn that franchise around. But c’mon man, let’s get this league running right and the salary cap and revenue sharing are things that should be implemented in one way or another.

Back to the real important hockey though. Congratulations are in order as my team won the Burbank Senior Hockey League. We are again and rightfully so the champions for the 2nd time in 3 years. The summer season has already started and I’m sad to say I missed t he first game but will be back in time for the 2nd. Loving it and looking forward to it. And one more sports related topic, Mike Weir is a pimp, a true straight up pimp, and by blood, not relation. If you get that last part, you get 5 points for being extra cool.

I will be making my way back to LA in about a week, just gotta fill up on some more Canadiana to last awhile and I’ll be good to go. Got the accent back good, especially being here in the ‘Peg with my buddies. And speaking of that it’s time to go hang out with them and leave all you losers in my dust. Thanks for your time, I deserved it, and your welcome for mine, you should cherish it. Ok I know, a little much, but hey….. SCREW YOU! Wow, lotta anger there, I should work that out somehow. Suggestions? Again guys, why? Why go there? First George Bush Sr. is dragged up and through the mud and now this. No! Fighting is not the answer. No, I don’ t care if it’s on the ice! Ok, I do like it but c’mon guys, get the minds out of the gutter.

I leave you now though and hope you enjoyed. Me, along with Lisa and Moon will have some pics from the movie, not too much though, we gotta wait til the release is closer but some sneak quick peeks are alright. I’m also letting Lisa know through this right here that I’ll answer a batch of questions as well if some happen to fall into my hands or more specifically my hard drive. PEOPLE!!!! ENOUGH!!! Out of the gutter! Thank you.