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Life just ain’t fair sometimes. Well all the time. Ok, not all the time but sometimes it feels like it’s all the time. Do you feel like that sometimes? I’m not really asking I’m just trying to confuse you now by saying “sometimes” sometimes and “all the times” the other sometimes.

The subject of this rant is why didn’t God make me the best hockey player ever. Why? I don’t know. I don’t. It’s unfair. I love it. I really do and I love it so much I think He should’ve at least had the courtesy to make me better than I am. Maybe not the best in the world but better than… No, He should’ve made me the best in the world. I’ll take second to Wayne but that’s it.

It’s terrible for a person’s psyche to love something so much and not be great at it. I think it’s something I’ll never really get over. Especially since I’m not even the best at some of the pick up games I play in!!! Unbelievable, I know. I had a guy today make me look like a bum about 3 times. Now I’m not a defenseman but pride myself on knowing how to play any position if called upon and he undressed me twice. I mean, it’s was fugly. No that’s not misspelled. Fugly is what I meant. Take a guess people. Now if it was contact it’d be a different thing cause I could’ve taken the body and would’ve but since it’s not you gotta focus more on the puck. Well, I’m just so disappointed. Between my legs, twice. I knew it was coming to. He was just really good and had great hands. But that’s the just the point. That’s the piss off. He’s not even in the NHL!!!! He’s just a guy who plays for fun and he’s way better. I hate it. The only guys I want to be better than me are pros. I really do and I think I deserve it quite frankly. I love the game too much for it not to be true.

Well it’s not true and won’t be and during the course of my life I will eventually have to learn to accept it or die a bitter, resentful person. I’m stubborn so I’m thinking the latter.

The reason I bring this up is because this weekend I’m playing in a tournament in Las Vegas with some celebs, pros, ex-pros, and the ones I hate the most, really good players who are better than me but aren’t pros. ARRRGGHHH, the worst of the lot. It should be really fun though and I’m hoping to get some pics to show you guys later on. I’m also hoping God grants me mad skills for the weekend. Mad skills? I did actually just say that. I apologize but I’m desparate people.

I’d give the location and times but it’s closed to the public so it wouldn’t make any sense too, not unlike God not making me the best in the world not making any sense!! Sorry. Well wish me luck (or don’t it doesn’t matter. God has already frowned upon me. It’s no use) and I’ll let you know how it goes. See ya.

And one aside. My team is the Winnipeg Jets. Sweet huh? For alot of you reading this it’s probably more “huh” than “sweet” but for those special few who know about hockey and the beloved Jets and such (the Nordiques fall into such a category as well) isn’t that just great. The ole Jets, my hometown. I can’t wait to see and wear the uniform. It’ll be so bitter sweet for so many reasons. Ahhh.