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Brian Burke asks:

What is your favorite part of the Christmas holiday? Dinner with the family?
The presents you got as a kid? Getting a few days off work? Getting the
chance to catch up with old friends when you come home for the holidays?

Nowadays it’s just getting to go back to Canada and visit my family. We are
all really close and just sit and talk and play games (card and board) and
really that’s it. When I was a kid it was just all about the presents.

Brendan, are you one of those people who give their dogs scraps of food right
from the table and during the middle of meals? Or are you more disciplined
and able to tell your pets, no, you’ll get fat.

No scraps from the table but they do get to lick the plate after I am done if
it’s something that isn’t going to make them sick. Anyone wanna come over
for dinner now? But generally no, nothing at all but dog food and treats. My
sister has 3 dogs and they compete in flyball and are in the top five fastest
in North America so she has instilled in me fitness and health for pets.

Do you find you have a hard time getting up and going if you don’t have
coffee first thing in the morning? We Americans are big on coffee, but how
about you? Are you big on caffeine?

I do not like coffee. Coffee flavored drinks and such are ok sometimes,
never a favorite but coffee in general, though I will have a cup once in a
blue moon, you’d really have a hard time finding me with one in my hand.
Caffeine doesn’t affect me really. I can have a coke, tea, or coffee or
whatever, two, three, doesn’t matter, and go to bed right after.

Brendan, what is your preferred brand of sneakers for which specific sport? I
know your big on Hockey, so what’s your preferred brand of ice skates for
that sport?

Nike or adidas will do for any activity. Both great shoes. No favorite
really. Best brand in hockey is Bauer for almost everything though recently
I’ve found the best skates ever and they are the Graf 705’s. I had to give
up on my Bauer 5000’s which though still a great skate are too narrow for my

Brendan, baseball players often give their bats names of women, so have you
ever given your hockey stick the name of a woman?

No I haven’t but they along with my skates are the two things that get
treated like royalty or precious gems before and after games. I never let the
blade of them touch concrete or something like that in between games. Carpet
is ok.

Brendan, would you be willing to post a copy of your present work out?”

I don’t have a specific work out. My trainer switches it up everytime.
Inevitably we’ll do the same machines or exercises but never really in the
same order. We just decide what to work on that particular day and then he
improvises as to what is going to accomplish that.

Bodybuilding is a hobby of mine and I have to admit I would love to know the
type of work out you are doing at this moment in your life. Where you are at
stats, etc.

Same as above. My stats? Well since BikerBoyz I’ve added back some pounds,
about 5, cause I’ve been so busy and haven’t been able to work out as much.
Nice huh? But it’ll only take about 3 days to work it off, ok well a week and
a half but whatever. I won’t tell you what the numbers are but I cut in half
my fat %. That’s really the most important thing. Well second most important.
Numbers are not what you should be looking at. If you are 200 pounds or 130
or whatever you are, that doesn’t matter. You should only go by how you feel
and how you feel you look. Don’t necessarily shoot for a number the books
tell you you should be for your height. Depending on your makeup and such,
two people who are 6 feet tall can both look really good and differ by 20
pounds in weight so what good does setting a numerical do you?

Brendan, what are your feelings on plastic surgery and those towards actors
and actresses that decide to get plastic surgery done on themselves to look
younger for their job?

Plastic surgery (superficial, not for medical purposes obviously) nixes you
from being on the list of possible future Mrs. Fehr.

Do you think plastic surgery is bad? That the industry is making actors and
actresses feel pressured to get plastic surgery and look younger all the
Would you ever consider getting it done on yourself, even for your job?

Read above. I’d get my teeth done though maybe. That’s as far as I’d go.

Brendan, how many times would you say you seriously came close to crashing
and burning while riding that motorcycle in “Biker boys?”

Just once and I did crash and burn.

If you ever had a chance to produce and star in a movie that you yourself
wrote, what would the plot be about, and whom would you have star in it along
side with you?

If I knew that I would’ve have written one already.

Brendan, what is it you think makes a great actor?

I don’t, I think I’m a pretty good actor. That’s not even “good” that’s
just “pretty good”. I think I have the potential to be “great” but I gotta
get to “good” first. Why do I think that? I don’t know I’ve seen what I can
do and realizes where that stands and feel I can improve immensely and feel
I’ll have the opportunity to end up at “great”. Will it happen? We’ll see I

Brendan, what is your favorite thing to snack on during scenes on the job?
Generally they have some sort of little buffet for the cast and crew. what is
it you usually go for?

Carrot sticks and green peppers from the vegetable platter.

Do you have a particular favorite magazine, newspaper, periodical, that you
like to read in your spare time, or on the set when you don’t have anything
better to do?

ESPN the magazine and US weekly. And the sports section of the LA Times even
though their hockey coverage is brutal.

Spacecadet1962 asks:

What is your favorite Christmas Tradition?

Getting boozed up at the family gathering and then hitting on my grandma.

When you and Jason Behr were driving the race cars how fast were you going
and who won? (I think that it was while you were in hiatus from Roswell) Also
can you show us some pictures?

We were going 140 mph and there was no winner because we had a guy in our
headsets organizing passes, etc. You can’t just go out and race without
extensive classes and such. It takes a lot of time and money for that so…

Were you worried about running into the wall?

No, those tires stuck like bubble gum. Amazing really.

How much time did you have training to drive those cars?

Half an hour.

Did ever think that there was any danger? I recently saw that Jason Priestly
was involved in an accident in which he was driving one of those racecars.
Also would you ever consider a career in racecar driving?

I’d love to race cars for a living. I love speed and apparently after
crashing 3 times already on my motorcycle I need 4 wheels to do it.

Do you like to drive fast?

Ask Jim.

Why were you wearing a Ramons T-shirt [Vanessa Carlton’s Pretty Baby video]?
Was it your own shirt?

They had brought it as a choice to wear so I took it.

KrisCow asks:

So tell us about your first time meeting James Hetfield!! What’d you talk
about, where was it at, and how’d you feel??? Coooool.

I felt like you guys do when you meet someone you love. Retarded and excited.

P.S. Did you know that Metallica’s looking for a new bassist??!! You should
try-out (It’s invitation only, but minor technicality)!!

James invited me for the tryouts but I am just too busy for something so
trivial right. I got more important things to do like winning the SuperBowl i
n NFL 2K3.

Moondragon asks:

On meeting James Hatfield, were you as shy and tongue-tie as we fans are when
meeting you? Did your heart beat just a little faster; were your palms just a
tad bit sweaty, did you NOT wash the hand that shook his for over a week? Did
the stars sparkle just a little bit more that night? Did you find yourself
actually “joyful” and walking on air with a silly grin on your face? ”

Read above.

Did you take the wrong turn off of the freeway on the way home and get lost
on a drive you’ve made several hundred times before, just 15 miles from your
house? Wait, that was me and meeting you for the first time. Never mind the
last question.


Actors are often called upon to promote their films by making guest
appearances on television to talk about the film. Having done this yourself,
what form of appearance are you most comfortable with? Actual talk shows
where you are one on one with the host, or the junket type things where
you’re set up in a room and reporters from different television magazines
come in and talk to you for 15 minutes?

Talk shows are fine I guess. But beyond saying “I’m in a film go watch it”
I’m generally at my most uncomfortable in life (which isn’t that
uncomfortable really) because I hate pushing or pimping myself. And I never
put as much thought or time or analysis into my characters as much as people
would think, or want, or expect. I really have very little info to offer up
in terms of that. I just do it.

What questions would you like to be ask (and answer), but never are asked?

This one. Wow, you won!

Do you enjoy discussing your craft with others; or would you rather be
discussing hockey, motorcycle riding and other sports any time and any place?

Other stuff other than my crap, uhh, craft I mean. At least 95% of the time
anyways. The only time I really enjoying talking about acting is to my family
or friends because it’s not a world they are apart of and it’s a different
kind of discussion than it is with another actor. But even then, it’s a
pretty short conversation.

What types of scenes are the most difficult for you as an actor?

Scenes where you have to be charming and sweet. Always feels fake to me.
Raping someone is easier believe it or not.

Other than the horse problem in EOM have you had any other close calls with
physical harm while filming any of your movies? I’d think Biker Boyz might
have been one since you were riding powerful motorcycles and there were shots
where your stunt double could not be used. How about The Forsaken?

No that was pretty non-exciting in the sense of danger. The most crazy thing
really wasn’t even that crazy. But when we were filming the end scene at
Ina’s house, a snake had strolled in from the outside. One of the crew just
picked it up and put it outside. Kinda ballsy not knowing what kind of snake
it was.

HeavyMetalQueen asks:

If I were invisible & sitting in the classroom, tell us what you were really

Some days the class clown getting kicked out and sometimes sleeping and
sometimes answering every question the teacher asked.

Were you in the front of the classroom, or the back ( or in alphabetical

Almost always at the front.

Did you ask “intelligent questions”, or just ask any old question, just to
pass the time away?

I only asked questions I needed answers to.

Did you make “President of the Class” or were you in a lot of clubs after
school hours?

I never ran for class president. It wasn’t something anyone cared about at my
school. I was the money man for my grade though. Not the accountant but
basically I guess. I balanced our books from various fundraisers, etc. And
just like any great politician me and the president deciding at the end of
the year to purchase a great big expensive stereo so as to leave our mark and
the class of ’96 in debt.

And if this is not to personal, what did you receive in Honors for being a
great student?

I had several scholarships to different universities across Canada.

Jellocat asks:

Being a high school English teacher — just wondering what you were like in
English class. Would I have been screaming bloody murder at you, writing you
detentions, or praising your witty stories and patting you on the back for
being such a well-behaved teenager?

I would’ve been getting 1/3 to 1/2 of A’s on most assignments and the rest B
pluses and then arguing with you, actually telling you English is the
stupidest course cause the grades are subjective unlike Math where opinion
doesn’t factor in. But all in such a way where you’d ask me to babysit your
kids that night. That’s true by the way. I babysat for some of my teachers.

A long time ago you mentioned something about posting baby pictures of
yourself on your Website. We will ever get to see what an adorable baby you

Soon enough. Well maybe not soon, but eventually.

Kaliska asks

If you could really get your fans to understand one thing about you (that we
don’t know now), what would that one thing be?

That getting boozed up at Christmas and hitting on your grandma is really not as
bad as it seems. Try it and post your efforts on the board. There’s a thread
for ya.

Spook asks:

How many times have you seen Metallica play live? And would you drop all
possible plans to go and see them if they turned up in your area

I’d drop my girlfriend to go see them play. He says this while thinking out
loud, “How am I still single?”

Sefgirl asks:

what is your favorites holiday special and movie?

I’ve never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life”. No one ever believes me though. I
don’t even know what it’s about.

*PS2queen* asks:

What is your favorite season? (Summer, fall, winter, spring?)

Fall, or maybe autumn. I can never really decide.

I can tell that you like winter sports. Is there any particular place that
you love to go. I don’t need you to be specific, just in general, like
Colorado, Washington, Canada, Switzerland?


prettygirl a.k.a jennifehr asks:

What’s the last thing you do before going to bed?

Close my eyes.

olderfherfan asks:

Hockey players have their hockey names – i.e. Simon Gagney – Gags etc. Do you
have a “hockey name”? What is it?

The garbage man.