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Dropping by to say hi. To tell you the truth not much to relay unfortunatley. I know alot of you want to know about Paddyville and it’s about the producers making a deal with studio/distribution, etc. or something before they can finalize deals. I’m really hoping it goes as I think it’d be extremely fun and very challenging. That’s about all I know on that front and in terms of CSI, I appreciate the petition effort I read about. That’s always very cool and as you guys know can keep a show on the air so… ha ha. I am in ep. 517 but miss a few after that and will see what happens towards the end of the year. It’s great to work on and I wish, as you guys do, I’d be working more but that will hopefully come. At any rate, we’ll see what happens and in the mean time, we’ll just has to see if anything else exciting comes up that I could let you in on. Life is great and that’s really about it. I hope everything is great for all you out there and again, thanks for hanging in with me. Hopefully I can give you guys something to get excited over soon as to not have to resort developing a nasty addiction and going into rehab. It’s really a career rejuvenation center is what they’re calling it now. That’s not even really that funny. Man, I’ve really lost it. I used to be such a genius, academically and in funniness. Just goes to show…uh… what it shows I’m not sure but that’s what they say…umm… who “they” are I don’t know but I know they’re out there… well… “where” I can’t say but… oh hell, I’m gone.