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Well it’s a new year (yeah I’m late. Shut up!) and what can I say? I’m actually asking you. What can I say? I don’t know. Thanks for all you who watched Bones. Hope you enjoyed. All you who didn’t well… sleep with one eye open. Wow, c’mon out threatening. That’s going to be the 2009 style apparently. Who knew? Maybe we’ll settled down if I’m lucky and blessed enough to pick up a pilot this year. Cross your fingers and say your prayers for me or more threats to come!!!! That’s a threat in itself if you didn’t notice! At any rate, there’s a chance you’ll see me on Bones before the end of the season (in what capacity I’m not sure but they’re great on that show and I have no apprehensions) and I just wanted to say God Bless to all. Keep praying. To all the healthy, sick, happy, depressed, confused and clear-headed, enthusiastic and beaten down, just remember there’s a Father who loves you and will stand beside you through thick and thin (if allowed). Here’s to more updates in 09 and not just for no reason.

Brendan Fehr