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Here’s some answers which have been a long time coming. Sorry aboot that.

Robert “longtime fan” – new poster to FF (10 yrs old)

What position do you play in hockey? Is it the same one you played in high school? What was the name of your high school team? Will you be playing in any more charity hockey games around here [Los Angeles]?

I play centre in hockey and I didn’t play for a high school team but while I was in high school playing it was centre too. If I’m playing in any more charity functions I’ll definitely let you know.

You have done a lot of movies that are PG13 or R rated, are you going to be doing any movies that are G or PG?

I’m sure I will be but I don’t choose the movie based on the possible rating it’ll get. I look at the material and character.

What as your most favorite part about making Biker Boyz?

Meeting and becoming close friends with Derek Luke and riding motorcycles.

Did you take your little dog with you to Canada when you were filming up
there? Does he fetch and play ball with you? What does your big dog, Opa, think of Wolfman? Have they met?

I did not. He stayed with a friend. He does does play ball but he has 3 stuffed animals that say, “Booda” on them. It’s a company I suppose and if you ask him where “Booda” is, he’ll go around the house looking for them and will bring it back to play tug-a-war. Opa and Wolf have met and Opa is not big fan. She’s actually a little timid around Wolf ‘cause I don’t think she knows he’s a dog.

Did your mom make you eat broccoli, peas or brussel sprouts? Okra is good for broken bones.

I wish I knew about Okra earlier maybe I wouldn’t be setting the table for arthritis in the coming years.


Do you have a favorite bible story?

The Bible is a story?


What/Who is the most important thing/person in your life?

God. Oh and the remote control.

When you play hockey or any other kind of sport…. what do you usually drink to keep you refreshed? Sports Drink or maybe just plain water?

Plain water is what I like best but depending on who you play with beer is the only thing available so then you just got to aim at the net in the middle.

Do you prefer people lying to you to make you happy or do you prefer people telling you the truth even if it’ll hurt you?

Depends. That’s very situational. I prefer to tell the truth but what I do when I don’t feel it’s quite appropriate is to “waffle”. Or just fake an injury. That works wonders.

When you go to events with photographers everywhere…. don’t the flashes of the cameras bother you? I mean, with me one little flash bothers me at family gatherings and you have at least a dozen going out at once.

No one wants to take pictures of me anymore since the Forsaken so I’m set.


Do you like yard work? {Vin ponders as she looks out the window at the nearly 9 acres currently in need of mowing

I love to mow lawns that’s why vacuuming is so fun for me. I like to landscape as well but pulling weeds is out of the question.


Is there any state or country you’d love to explore on your motorbike?

I’m not sure I’ve only been to 3 countries in my life so I’m sure there are but I’m not sure which ones.

Do you have a favorite place where you ride?

The road preferably.


In your rant article titled “Answers and Insights” (dated 5-11-01), you mention that it is a fine line an actor walks. I was wondering how do you keep from losing yourself even as you are trying to create a character that audiences can identify with, complex emotions and all?

I realize almost to a fault I pretend for a living so my mind is always reminding me it’s make believe and that keeps me from going off the deep end though Sugar screwed me up in a certain sense. I wasn’t lost in the character but in the world I was seeing and experiencing I became attached to because I was essentially living in it on and off the set and became extremely depressed.

Most guys that I have come across are looking for a woman who is intelligent. In my observations, intelligence means different things to different people. What does intelligence mean to you?

Common sense really sums it up. And boobs. Oh, ah, whoops, wait. What was the question?

Mrs. George Eads

Do you like slurpees and what flavors? Do you like to mix them all together or are you a straight flavor man? If I buy you one, will you come to the gathering?

I do like slurpees. Slurpees, the 7-11 kind, are totally different in Canada though. I like both kinds but they are made differently. I tend to mix them all up. Did you know Winnipeg is the slurpee capital of the world. It’s totally true, %100 fact.


Did you get to interact much with Tantoo Cardinal on the Edge of Madness shoot? If so, what’s she like?

I never met her and she’s nice.


Will you watch the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens (Greece)? Do you generally like it?

and another one: what is the usual thing you would say to a girl that you like and you want to invite her for a dinner? are you more the romantic type or the direct and cool one?

Sure, do you want me too? Generally I do enjoy it, at least some aspects.
The girl thing. I’ll usually just say, “Hey want to grab a coffee or dinner sometime?” I don’t got much game but if I need to play to get a girl to go out with me it’s probably not one I want. I’m the direct cool one hoping to be the romantic one. My approach is very straight forward and kinda weak really now that you got me thinking about it.


Have you ever had a prophetic dream? If yes, was it reassuring when the moment in your dream arrived in real life, or did it just give you the creeps?

I had a dream once you ask me this question and I answered “no”. Isn’t that weird?!


Are you a fan of the punk rock genre; if so what bands do you like?

Yes and I’m going to do a little review of 2 bands in the next couple days and one of them is a punk rock band which I really really like. Keep checking the site.

And did you happen to see the Metallica 101 commercial. Where they have a teacher reciting Metallica lyrics and explaining to his students the greatness of Metallica? Its over on the east coast i don’t know if its over on the west.

I didn’t but heard about it. Uhhhh… that’s it I guess.

Do you go to group concerts like warped tour, lallapalooza, or ozzfest? What is the most recent concert you have gone to? And are you a fan of the band COLD?

I do but have never gone so what does that say. I hold one in my house every year called “The Sucker tour” and charge friends and family to hear me karaoke. It’s been slow but I think it’s going to pick up this year. I got a really cool effin strobe light and it really makes it all work.

Miss T

Which part of your work do you find most enjoyable – the actual acting, promoting the film by TV appearances/interviews, doing magazine interviews, charity events, traveling etc?

The acting.

How do you feel about filming on location?

I enjoy it. It’s been fun so far. A little change of pace and such but in the end I’m a home body.

Do you enjoy working on independent small films or do you think the restricted budget limits the end product?

I tend to gravitate towards the indies because they tend to be more edgy and real and stuff, plus they’ll hire me which is a wonderful plus.


In your latest “Rant” about Sugar, you said:
“There’s a handful of you who read the script I’m sure since it’s out there for the public reading and I hope you are, well, I actually don’t hope anything. There’s the end of that thought.” Could you “start” the thought again and finish what you actually were thinking at first when you said “I hope you are…” because I read the script and I’m curious. Even though you say you didn’t hope anything, did you just change your mind about posting it? Or was your mind really empty of hope?

Empty of hope? Such an ominous phrase. I understand by your name such a statement would not sit well with your soul and conscience, you don’t like the fuzziness, vagueness in life but don’t push your “anality” (great word huh, I’m getting smarter, really I am) on me sister!!! I answer to no one!!!!!! Now let me get on with these questions.


Hey Brendan, I just wanted to know…what did you think of Trevor’s goal 28 seconds into the 3rd? Wasn’t it just f***ing awesome?!

Yes it was but how fleeting that joy turned out to be.


Brendan–did your experiences whilst researching for ‘Sugar’ cause the precept to ‘never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes’ to really hit home?

I only follow the little adage when the man/woman has the same size feet as me, otherwise I just get cranky from my feet hurting so bad and don’t like them even more.


Do you think you will ever be in a comedy?

Oh I’ve been in many comedies. No wait they were tragedies. Wait, no, they were a little of both really.


Okay, the other day somehow my hubby and I were watching TV and we started talking about celebes we both think are hot. I asked him if he would buy an adult magazine if one of his favorite stars was in there nude. He of course
says no and yes I believe him because that’s the kind of guy he is. So, then he turns the tables and asks me if I would buy a magazine if you were in it nude! Now I will be honest w/ you, the thought is a bit tempting, but my answer of coarse is a big NO! Hope that doesn’t bruise your ego, but I’m married and looking at you nude would not be art for me it would just be lusting. I actually have a couple questions for you.
#1 Have you ever been asked to pose nude?

I don’t kiss and tell. Oh, you mean, for work. Umm, no.

#2 Would you ever pose nude? Why (yes or no)?

My butt but not the “goods”. But I wouldn’t “pose” but rather “expose” if the character, script whatever warranted it in my opinion. My butt is not that great really though.


Brendan, are you the kind of guy that would dress up as Robin Hood, tights and all, for Halloween, if your girlfriend wanted to go with you as Robin Hood and Maid Marian?

That’s a possibility yes.


Okay, Brendan – this is just one for me – you don’t have to answer it, but I’ve seen the pictures. I’ve “adopted” several of Meg’s male team-mates as sons and know how I would have reacted to seeing their long hair shaved down to the ruff. LOL When you unveiled your new “look” to your mother, were her first words along the lines of “Oh my lord” or “Brendan,. (then just stunned silence)”? We’re 99.9% certain that a big hug followed immediately. LOL

My mom hasn’t actually seen it I don’t think but she’d be kinda like I am about things. She never gets too excited or too down. We’re kinda “flatliners”.