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March 18, 2002

Well here it is. The new website. It’s taken longer than anticipated but hopefully it’ll be worth it. If not, shut up! No one cares what you think! Please fill out the poll though, thank you. A big thanks to Lisa, Gil (the designer), and Kenn for all their effort and hard work. Complaints? Send to 1-800-EAT-!@#$.

And now for my words of wisdom or heaps of dog feces, mixed with a little cat poo, whatever you prefer.

This is now the 4th time I’ve had to start over because my computer “due to inactivity” has continually kicked me off the net. I woke up in a good mood, happy , but no longer however, and proceeded to type this thing up for the launch of the new site. Typing one-handed and thus very slowly kept offering up the chance for my computer to “take a break” from the internet and erase the numerous and all too many witty and genius things I had offered up in the 3 drafts previous to this. Now you simply get the rantings of a bitter and broken man whose patience and humor has dwindled. I have however won thebattle because I am now typing this as a document on Microsoft Word and will simply transfer it over when I am good and ready. Ha…. The stupid security guards at LAX made me turn over my money clip because had tiny scissors and a 1 1/2 inch blade that popped out a la Swiss Army. Yes I know the rules and yes it’s ultimately my fault but c’mon. What would worry you more? A man holding a money clip with a puny blade coming out of it (or tweezers which is also confiscated by the way. Tweezers!?), or a man holding a 6 inch pen (which are obviously allowed) with which he could jab out your eye and then write “Ha ha Yankee bastard” on your forehead after pulling it out. Most changes, new laws and procedures are excellent, necessary, and appreciated but then others just seem dumb…. It seems sometimes they are putting a little too much effort into creating a psychological safety than real safety…. In Canada now and leaving in a week for Indonesia for 3 weeks. Should be a lot of fun and pics will be taken and a little journal comprised when I return for all to enjoy…. The Olympics are over and Canada won the gold medal in hockey. Who did they beat in the finals? I forget but hey, it doesn’t matter, it’s all in good fun. BULL! We came up huge and kicked ass when needed. It was sweeter than sugar and makes me proud to be from the Great White North! Sorry but when it comes to hockey, diplomacy is out the window with you lovely, job-providing, movie-making Americans. It’s what makes our relationship so special. We can continually kick your ass in hockey and make sure you hear aboot it from us and take a few jobs from you here and there and in return we let your dollar and stock exchanges influence the world’s economy, allow you to protect and patrol countries in need, and basically let you control and rule the world. We even let you produce and support world wide tours of the Backstreet Boys, N’sync, and 98 degrees. Don’t ever say we’re not a giving people…. Did you hear about this? Some retard at a U2 concert at Soldier Field in Chicago was taking a leak and in the process slipped on a puddle of pee and water and broke his leg. He sued and won 2.4 million dollars. Can you believe that? That guy deserves to get this teeth kicked in and a beating of a lifetime. For 2.4 mil, he’s gotta go through more pain than a broken leg and I want to be first in line to dish it out. I hate people like this! Sh@t happens! Live with it and move on. This is what causes stupid ass rules to be instituted at concerts and other events which makes them no fun. It causes insurance rates and stuff like that to rise. It makes people and companies afraid to do certain things that would normally be great and funny and profitable because there’s always that retard out there looking for a quick buck. Here’s a thought, EARN IT, A-HOLE! Sorry but it really angers me…. My Patriots won the Superbowl, Canada won the gold as mentioned above, can my Mets win the World Series and can my lifelong dream be fulfilled and the Canucks win the Stanley Cup? Mets look like a contender with all the big sluggers, pitching is suspect but it’s looking good overall. Now the Canucks have an exciting young team fighting for a playoff spot but if they end up making them, look out. They’re gonna be giant-killers. Could be a great year for me in sports…. Oh yeah, my hockey team won the championship. We won the series 2-0 by a combined score of 16-1. Hopefully I’ll be back for the last half of summer session…. It’s funny I watched Kill Me Later with my mom yesterday and though the Forsaken was the most fun and a sentimental favorite, along with Edge of Madness which is probably my best performance, and Final Destination which earned $70 million, KML is the most enjoyable for me to watch. It’s pretty good. I’m not in it that much but on the whole it’s a great little indi I’m quite proud of. If you haven’t seen it, rent it, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

That’s the last of the first installment of the Rant and Rage page. Hope you enjoy the new site and send in your requests or thoughts and we’ll see if we can’t find your house and egg it.