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I’ve got a few things to report. Obviously as some of you know I’ve done 2 eps. of CSI:Miami. Dan Cooper is back. It was fun to get back to work and to work with people who have treated me so well. I look forward to your thoughts on the 2 parter. I’m pretty sure with the reactions and please don’t hold back on either front. I’m really looking forward to SamGirl. I leave for Vancouver in about 1 month and a week (if all remains as it is now). The set was great and hopefully we’ll have most of the same people working on it as we did the pilot but I’m prepared for changes, as that is the nature of the beast. I’ve seen the pilot and love it. I’m very excited and have a great appreciation for the opportunity esp. given the circumstances as to how I got to be Jake Stanton. You can ask if you see me. God is good is all. Speaking of that, I have wonderful news. I’m also a papa!!! I’m going to post some pics on the site in the gallery. James Olivia Fehr is the new addition. 9 lb. 7 oz., 21 in. born March 26, 12:04 am. I’m just taking it all in and yeah whatever, it’s not your kid so you might not care (that’s how I am about other people’s kids so don’t feel bad) but I’m loving just watching the little monkey and won’t bore you since I think new parents have that tendency but man… just Blessed, really Blessed. Beautiful wife, beautiful child and a God who claims us all as His children. Couldn’t be happier.