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March 4, 2003

The following has not been checked or read over. Proceed at your own risk of thinking I’m retarded.

syniztar, a new fan asks

Does anyone know his Hockey number?? [syniztar may be referring to your current team number or his high school team number]

My hockey number is 16 because of Trevor Linden.

Sickofitall a student in Europe & new to Fan Forum asks

How do you let off steam when someone mucks your good mood or when you’re angry at the world?

I’m always angry at the world and am very rarely in a good mood to muck but on those off times I listen to music really loud and hold my own personal concerts. The reviews are always great.

Do you stay awake long at night when you don’t need to work the day after? And if you do, what is it that keeps you awake? Reading? Listen to music?

My average bedtime is probably 12 or 1 even when I have to get up early. Elimidate keeps me up til then along with Blind Date and reruns of 3rd Rock and Everybody Loves Raymond. And I always have the radio on to fall asleep to.

I’ve heard you want to go to Europe. What do you like about Europe?

I don’t know. Never been.

Shane939 a hockey fan & student in Germany who is new to FF asks:

Do you have a motto of life? Any favorite quotes?

Yeah. “Don’t answer stupid questions”

What are your favorite male names?

Hetfield, Kilmeister, and Cash. Oh and Wechsler.

TeflonChica asks:

Are you one of those people that can read more than one book and keep the characters/story line straight?

No reading more than one book is disastrous for me. Heck reading A book is disastrous for me. It’s gotta be read quickly and with no significant time lapses or I’m screwed.

M&M;’s an “obsessed” fan asks:

Do you have any food combinations that gross people out?

When I eat dinner while on the toilet with diarrhea tends to do gross out everyone everytime.

Do you watch shows like Junk Yard Wars and the one with Jesse James where they build cars and stuff I think it’s called Monster Challenge, when you watch TV?

I don’t ever turn on the TV knowing what’s on when but that is something I’ll watch if I happen upon it. It’s great. I am so envious of someone, anyone, who is mechanically inclined.

Which character type would you like to play most of all such as spy, fireman, cop, the devil personified, or other?

The devil personified is old after 25 years so I’ll go with spy.

What’s your coolest vacation experience?

Indonesia last year with my best friend Bryan. The cast was real crappy though.

Do you have a top ten list of things to do in a life time?

No just one. Enjoy it.

Lovely Miranda new to FF and a student of photography from Slovenia,Europe asks:

I was just wondering if you ever got a marriage proposal in your fan mail?

No, just casual sex.

Caiza, a “loyal”fan asks:

Do you want to have or do you collect all those issues from different magazines you are somehow related- interviewed, mentioned somehow [true stories or some gossip/assumptions, well I’m pretty sure you don’t give a **** for those ones if they aren’t like the LIKE Amish stuff] or if there’s a picture/poster of you? I mean do you buy them by yourself of does your sisters or mom or some relatives you have hired help you out? Or are there any cases when the journalists/magazine stuff send you one if they have made a real sole right kind of interview of you or do you have to buy them in all cases by yourself? This has kept my mind occupied a long time because IF I’d be famous like you I’d like to have those articles as a memory so that when I’d be old and frosty I could show them to my own kids and grandchildren some day. Ya know: “Come here you little fellows and see what a cutie I was in my earlies”

I do actually. I keep anything of significance in terms of a good article (in my opinion) or good photos. It’s exactly for the reason you mention. One day I’m going to be bald and fat and am going to have to get my wife’s engine running somehow. And porn is just so low brow. I’ll hand her some old article and we’ll be off to the races.

Lorilets a “dedicated” fan asks:
1. Since you love rock music, would you consider doing a crossover on the music business? or appear on a Metallica album playing an instrument?

I’d only ever like to sing a song with Metallica or play if I knew how, in a studio for kicks. I’d have it recorded for me and stuff but I wouldn’t want to do it for release. That’s a band I’d like kept separate from me so I can enjoy it free of anything but my own imagination and assumptions, etc. I’m such a wanna-be “rockstar” for lack of a better term but am too smart to do anything about it.

2. What are the things you’ve never done that you wish you will do eventually someday?

Skydive, cross country motorcycle trip, get married, have kids, win the Stanley Cup, and most importantly understand women.

3. Do you think that America needs a female president?

I don’t think anyone needs a female president!!!!

(Oh, oh, now you turn on me!!!)

5. Would you appear on a playgirl magazine?

I’ve tried but they’ve turned me down due to the tremendous cost they’d have to incur due to the immense amount of pages I’d need in the magazine in order that my photo not be cropped.

6. If you were a cocktail drink, what are you? why?

I’d be “sex on the beach”. The “why” is not needed to be answered now is it.

7. Do you have a fave mushy, sappy song? what is it? why?

I got a few. “Wheat Kings”, “Scared” and “Fiddler’s Green” by the Hip, “Last Night” by Bob Mould, “Night Swimming” by REM. That’s all I can think of right now but there are more. They are all songs that instill a tremendous amount of sadness in me that remind me of certain things and feelings. It’s that good sadness in a way.

8. Actress/es you most likely want to be with in a movie?

Hopkins, Depp, and Nicholson. Oh and definitely Seymour-Hoffman.

10. What is your favorite part of your body?

Boobs. Definitely boobs. Not big even. Just nice boobs.

11. If you were invisible man for a day, what would you do with your powers? How will you spend the day?

Ohhh, I don’t know. Nothing on friends and family. I figure if they are who I think they are and believe them to be they have nothing to hide and if they do it’ll be revealed in time.

[In Biker Boyz] Do you have many scenes with Dion or Dante Basco? do you get along off cam? How was it working with them? do you know some Filipinos other than them?

I did have scenes with them and they were great. We got along really well. They are very talented and funny.

Vin & Oldercandyfan two horse experts ask:

Vin and I (“OCF”) have noticed that you changed horses during the film. I imagine this was after the getting thrown incident, (it happens to all of us by the way.). Did you find the second horse much easier to handle.

Yes, the other horse was not very good with all the yelling and gunshot and wouldn’t let me mount him. I wasn’t actually thrown but kicked and after being kicked, I think I’d choose thrown. So we had to switch out to the older, calmer one.

Also during the scene where you were trying to get the horses into the water, did you and the actress do your own riding there or was that a double?

We both actually rode the horses ourselves. There were no doubles in those scenes.

I’d like to say that you did seem very comfortable around the horses.

Thank you.

Kaliska an “addicted”fan asks:

Have you ever surfed? (in the ocean, not the web)
If not, would you try? and if you have, did you like it?

I have and do own a surf board. I’ve gone and not since. I caught one wave and came to the conclusion that for the 45 minutes in took me to paddle out there to catch it and ride it for 10 seconds was not worth my time or the wear and tear on my shoulder. But alas, I will be trying again I’m sure.

*PS2queen* a new FF member asks:

Do you ever get tired of being associated with Roswell? Or do you just hope that it will change sometime in the near future?

What’s this Roswell?

(May have already been asked and answered) What is your biggest pet peeve? The one thing that gets on your nerves like no other?

Ohh, that’s what a pet peeve is. Hmm, interesting. Umm, assumptions.

(Hope that this isn’t too personal, if so please ignore me, it’s late…) What do you consider your biggest personal flaw?

I don’t know if it’s my biggest but expressing physically, outwardly, exteriorally(?), on my face with a smile or frown, my emotions to friends, family, and especially the girlfriend tends to cause of few fights, arguments, misunderstandings, etc.

Brendan, what are your thoughts on Colorado firing their coach almost mid-season? Do you think that it was a smart move? Are you as surprised as some people at the season their having? Did you get to see Roy play his thousandth game? Quite a mile stone, eh?

I’m going to say yes because of what it’s yielded for them in terms of wins and a change in the way they are now playing the game.

Your dedicated fan Clarity asks:

Is it easy or difficult for you to learn your lines? Besides reading it through, do you also learn the whole script or just your scenes? What’s your method of memorizing and do you have certain tricks to make it easier?

Memorizing comes really easy to me. I don’t have any tricks to share, it’s just kind of a natural thing for me. I tend to memorize them the morning of, but obviously have a game plan as to how to attack the character from the beginning.
Miss T asks:

1. How far would you travel to see Metallica?
As far as necessary I suppose.

3. What do you do with all your presents from fans?

I keep most. Some are given away to charities if unusable or duplicated, but never thrown away.

4. We have heard you are tidy, but would you say you were an organized person?

5. Are you a pacifist and what do you think about picket lines? [please ignore this if too political]

I’m always strive for peace over war but at the same time, there are situations that arise that necessitate war and fighting, on personal and global fronts. Picket lines suck. I’ve broken a few. I rarely agree that people strike for legitimate reasons.

6. How much work is there in adapting an accent for a role? – When you did your Scottish accent on MTV the word “show” was pure Glaswegian

Thanks, I thought it was pure “crapegian” I had about 3 days to learn that accent. It was a quick shoot and a quick process so that didn’t require a lot of work in terms of time. Just a willingness to suck I suppose and let it all hang out.

7. When you fly, do you travel first/business or do you think it’s a waste of money and travel economy?

Always economy when it’s my own buck.

8. Why have you changed from snowboarding to skiing? Is one less dangerous or easier or sociable or is it an image thing?

I nearly paralyzed myself snowboarding about 2 years ago. Lost the feeling in my legs for a weekend after landing on my neck after taking a jump. I didn’t enjoy it enough to put myself into that situation again so switched back to skiing. If that had happened in hockey however, that’s something I love too much to quit no matter how scary or serious an injury is. It’s just all about the love and and passion for something that determines what you sustain to keep doing it.

MoonDragon asks:

Hear you’ve been playing baseball. What position do you enjoy playing most?

I play left field. I’d love to play 3rd but I’m just terrible at it and I have about the worst arm ever. I truly throw like a girl much to my own shame. That’s the 2nd biggest fear of a man. 1st is going bald, 2nd is throwing like a girl, and 3rd is having your son throw like a girl. Sorry dad.


If you have the chance to do a love scene in your next movie, and you can choose any actress, who would it be?

Someone unmarried, rich, sexually enlightened, long hair, fancy car, good cook, and ummm that’s it I guess.

prettygirl a.k.a jennifehr asks:

If your life were to go exactly as you want it to, where do you see yourself in ten years?

I’m not the one making the plan. I just follow it.

NikkiDarln a new Minnesota fan asks:

Where was the first state in the U.S that you ever visited? Any cool road trips you went on?

Washington, specifically Sumas and Bellingham. We’d go there for gas and groceries. We lived 20 minutes from the border.

Sefgirl asks:

What is your favourite NFL team? Also, who did you cheer for during this year’s Superbowl?

Favorite NFL team is the Bills. I used to despise them but gotta go with my man Bledsoe. I followed him from WSU to NE and now to Buffalo. Plus Eric Moulds is my favorite receiver in the league. I was cheering for the Bucs, I’m a Raider hater.

Spiderman Tonee asks:

Which do you like doing better: Real life stories, Stories based on a book, Stories written by screenwriters/playwrights, Comedies, Action, Dramas, Horror?

No favorites, just anything good.

Your co-mod Spook asks:

Brendan, do you get annoyed when people spell your name wrongly (and it’s not simply a typo)? Or do you not notice, or not let it bother you?

Oh, that actually might be my biggest pet peeve. It’s especially hilarious when I get “Brandon Feur, I’m your biggest fan.”

masterofpuppets a new fan who is also a huge Metallica fan asks:

I was wondering what kind of character appeals to you most? What kind of man do you love to play? A badass guy in control like Nick in ‘The Forsaken’? A ‘don’t mess with me’ punk like Eddie in ‘Christina’s House’? Or do you prefer to play the underdog-ish, loyal sweetie like Billy in ‘Kill Me Later’?

I like a rough and tumble man personally. A take charge kinda guy. Uhh, I mean, uhh, boobs, yeah boobs.

Plutonic asks:

Brendan–in your last set of answers, you stated that “raping” someone was easier to act than being “charming and sweet”, which felt false to you. Could you expand on that a little please? Is it easier because when you act you prefer the character to be as removed from your own personality as possible?

Being mean is easier because it is more fun in a sense. Charming and sweet is hard to do well on screen. You either are or aren’t. To turn it on is very hard for me. I feel it or don’t. It’s an emotion that requires, in my opinion, real genuiness(?) to come across as truth where as I feel for some reason I can “fake” the meaness a lot easier and it still comes across as real. That’s as best as I can do without thinking to hard.

From Moondragon:

Were you surprised when you discovered that there was a very lively discussion thread opened up regarding Edge of Madness?

Haven’t read them.

Were you surprised that by the many posts that were negative to “George” and sympathic to Simon?


Besides the accent (which was very good) what was the most demanding part of the role of Simon?

Finding the fine line of being terrible but making sure the audience understood why. Not getting sympathy but just understanding.

Several of the Fehrians are horsewomen and commented on how well you “sat” a horse. Do you get to ride much back home growing up? How familiar with horses were you before taking the role in EOM?

I’d been on a horse twice before that. Once when I was about 9 and once bare back actually when a ex girlfriend played a trick and told me it was the nice horse and didn’t need a saddle and I ended up getting on this bucking bronco, riding it over the 8 seconds and then jumping off into a snowbank when it took off for the farm next door.

Did you find getting into a period costume helped you get or stay in character?

Absolutely. No doubt about it. Costume, clothing, hairstyle, anything cosmetic helps me immensely.

Would you consider another “period” role? If so, what period in history?

Yes. Don’t know.

Majandra told her fans about her recent birthday party, evidently it was a “fairy theme party.” Majandra posted “Boys had jeans and small wings, while girls took the opportunity to live out their fantasies of flowing dresses and glittery wings.” So the question begs to be asked; Brendan did you don “fehry” wings for Majandra’s birthday party? A Moon Beam is riding on your answer.

No I didn’t. I had a hockey game and showed up for 1/2 hour in an adidas velour jump suit not unlike those worn by “ganstas” thank you very much.