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May 12, 2002

I just went to a baseball game recently, the Angels vs. the White Sox. My buddies favorite team is the White Sox (I hate them, I just have never really liked anyone who’s played for them, anyways). We showed up at Edison Field to buy some tickets. Now compared to hockey or football tickets, baseball tickets are pretty cheap. At the window, we asked the guy about his best seats were. We wanted to treat ourselves and get some really kick ass ones. Well, it turns out his best seats were the $10.00 kind up above the foul pole way out in left field. Now the Angels suck this season, though they are picking it up, and these are the best seats! Turns out it was hat night and everyone who went to the game got a free Angels cap. Well crap. I didn’t care about a cap and it disgusts me that a pro team is only really supported by it’s fans when either a) it’s relocating (Oh I miss those Winnipeg Jets and Quebec Nordiques) or b) it’s bobble-head night and a free cap giveaway. Who goes to a game for a stupid bobble-head! I hate those kind of fans. They aren’t even fans. They’re not even watching the game. It’s pathetic. Anyways, me and my friend went to grab a drink and I left my hat on my chair. I knew it had the potential of being ripped off but I a) didn’t really care and didn’t want it anyways and b) thought “hey, everybody in here got one, it’s not like it’s a rare piece of merchandise somebody’s going take a chance on and steal.” Well guess what? Gone! Unbelievable! That’s just so disappointing. Not because of the hat but because of the fact that someone who has the hat already would still steal it at a baseball game where it’s supposed to be nice and fun and safe and all the crap that it’s not. It’s just so disappointing with regards to humanity and where we are in life. Just sick is what it is. There’s more though. So I’m sitting there spouting off to my friend and this world and how it’s going to hell in a hand basket, actually probably a FedEx express box, but anyways, and we find out from the nice girl behind us that a girl in the group of teens to our left told the old trailer park trash people, (and my sister lives in a trailer so don’t get on your high horses for that comment. I’m talking mentality not reality. Whatever it rhymes and gets the point across.), that they could have my hat. Now number 1, how in the crap does this chick think it’s her business and right to give away someone else’s stuff. Number 2, when that stupid couple saw me return wouldn’t they explain the situation or something? I would’ve gladly let her keep it. Well I’m just going off like I don’t know who has my cap and letting these people know what kind of people actually do those things and still no one ‘fesses up. Well if it was something I wanted I would’ve swatted it off her head and given her the business but I thought I’d let her keep the hat and let the Man deal with her down the road. Maybe it’s a real nasty toe stub or something like that. I’d say that’s fair. Anyways, just unbelievable. No it’s not really I know but still…… What else? Ummm, Canucks lost. BOO! Go Sharks. Ricci’s the best looking man ever and is a complete stud on the ice. Truer words have never been spoken. I love that guy…… I leave for Toronto soon for the movie. I’m looking forward to that. I always like going to Toronto. Hopefully the Leafs are still playing and I’ll be able to catch a game or two. That’d be great. Well that’s that I guess. I’m all outta ideas. Oh I was on the ice this morning and skated and shot the puck around. That was good but I’m still pretty far off playing again. Probably like 3 months. I could skate great cause I’ve been running and riding bike but my shot sucked nuts…… Now I’m done.