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November 8, 2002

Giddy – If they ever remade Rebel Without A Cause, setting it in this decade rather than the fifties, would you be interested in playing the James Dean character? Also are there any films from the past that you would love to have starred in?

No, I generally don’t believe in the remaking of films, especially popular ones that have already been accepted and held dear in the public’s eye. So no, it’s kinda a no win situation. The chances of you not living up to Dean are great, and even if you do an adequate or great job it’s still not “Rebel” so… what’s the point. There are movies I would’ve loved to have been in like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” or “Hard Core Logo” but none I want to remake.

ddawn347/RighteousProphecy – Are there any moments in your life you wish you can live over? What’s one of the best moments you’ve ever had?

There are a couple moments, well maybe more than that, but at any rate, moments I’d like to have done something different but I’m not sure any I’d be willing to go in the past and do over. I’d then change what and where I am now and I wouldn’t want that. One of the best moments I’ve ever had, ummm, sadly I don’t really know.

KrisCow – What’s your favorite exotic or extravagently expensive food? Like filet mignon, truffles (not the chocolate kind), seafood, etc.

I love filet mignon but I really enjoy kobe steak, the raw, cold kind. And there’s also this dessert at Nobu/Matsahisu’s which is just outstanding. It’s awesome.

PS2queen – What is the one thing that you do that makes people go ‘huh?’ (your most eccectric habit)?

Umm, one habit would be I put on my hockey equipment on the same way everytime, left to right, starting with the same piece of equipment everytime and ending with the same piece everytime. It’s also the only time I never wash my hands after going to the bathroom. Once I get my bottoms on with skates and all, I go take a leak and don’t wash my hands, then put the rest of my equipment on. Don’t ask why. I just do.

evil child with the sweetest smile – What is the most shocking thing that has ever happened to you?

I was at a premiere early on in my career and one of the most famous women in the world, who had starred in the movie, ended up kissing me (not just a peck either) in the middle of the after party. End of story. No names. But it was quite a great story for my buddies and family.

§Humahn – I heard you at times are content to hang out with yourself, which I can relate to…so, what do you do when you hang out by yourself and what places to chill are your favourites?

I play video games, read books, play with Wolfman, and I’ve now started to get into Home Depot and started to build little things. I just finished a coat rack hook thing which is hanging on my wall with other things hanging on it (just like it was intended to do so voila, a success)

MissT – If money was out of the picture, what would you like to do with your life?

Money is out of the picture, I don’t care enough about it. I’d be doing what I’m doing I suppose because I’m enjoying myself. Now, if not being selfish and having some balls had nothing to do with it, I’m sure I’d be doing something else more productive in terms of changing the world and some lives in it at least.

Spook – Also, I’ve been wondering what your favourite thing about acting is? And what you like the least about the profession? When you’re on a film set and are hanging around waiting to do your particular bit of filming etc, what do you do to fill in the time and avoid boredom?

Favorite thing about acting is getting to do things or say things you wouldn’t normally say or do, or in a lot of cases can’t say or do but want to. I either play with Wolfman if I’ve brought him or I play video games. Reading is done too at times.

Moondragon – Would you classify yourself as a Morning or Evenigh person. I noticed that most of your posting is done late at night or in the wee hours of the morning.

I used to be strictly a night or evening person due to the fact I was so not a morning person but now I’m whatever my schedule allows me to be. I’ve learned to adjust my clock and attitude accordingly.

PS2queen – How do you feel about all the new rule enforcements in hockey? Good or Bad?

I love the new rules. Players are being allowed to skate and use their skill and real defense is being required. How can you not when you see how the skilled players are really showing their stuff like Mario. It’s great. The league is so watered down with all the teams now, it was not as hockey should be.

§Humahn – What worldly wisdom did you learn from Derek Luke?

Stuff I’ll keep to myself but hope to pass on in action.

HeavyMetalQueen – I really enjoyed reading your lastest rant& rage, But you didn’t explain what it was like on the set? Like do you get there at 7am-11pm or so etc.? Just curious! Do actors run their lines with each other? Was the lots of rehearsing for the scenes, or did the director do a read through of the script and let it go at that? How were the action scenes blocked. We know Brendan had at least one fight scene. How did that work out. Did he take any actual hits.

On set was great. I generally got there around the time of 8 or 10 in the morning so nothing outrageous though we did have 3 weeks of nights which required a 3 pm call or so till about 7 am. We didn’t rehearse that much really. A read through is done of all movies though. But on set we’d run the lines a couple times, made sure the stunts were safe when they were in the scene and also that everyone knew what was going on so no one got hurt and we then let the cameras roll. Because it was such an extensive cast there was a lot of waiting around for everyone at one time or another so there was a lot of unique and interesting conversations going around, meeting all these new people and hearing stories.

Plutonic – I’ve got a couple of ‘Biker Boyz’ questions… 1) Did you ever feel jealous of the stunt bikers, or were you just relieved you didn’t have to put your own flesh and blood on the line?

Jealous, absolutely jealous. They ride and throw those things around like they weigh 20 pounds. It’s ridiculous. Awesome to see live.

2) Was your character very different from anyone you’ve ever played before? Did you ‘like’ your character?
Yeah he was different. He had no motivation or ambition, or more accurately had no ulterior motive other than having fun, riding, and making sure he has enough cash to do those things. Other than that, he didn’t really care. Not that he was a bum but that’s what I think he wanted out of life and so did it.
TeflonChica – Can you do any kind of accent? If so, which ones?

I guess I can do a Scottish accent but other than that I’m not sure. I suppose I can do any accent but is it good is another question.

brendan_fehrs_lady – Was there an interviewer that really pissed you off and one you really liked because he asked really good questions?

The interviews that have really pissed me off aren’t interviews but the gossip crap I sometimes read about me. I’ve been fortunate enough that I haven’t had any trouble with interviews yet. They’ve all been pretty good or better.

‘Chele – Hey, are you ever gonna post among us anymore or just your “rant and rage”?(Which by the way is most entertainig). Have you been to Vancouver lately? Sent your b-day present there, hope it arrived. Well, you really need to post with us, we miss you cause we love you.

Yeah I gotta get on that sorry. I’ve just been lazy. That’s my way of saying busy. Whoops. The other way around I mean.

And the one question Lisa informed me that everyone was asking was about the ending of the V.C. video. Well I was actually duct-taped to a chair with my mouth taped shut and a black eye but I guess that didn’t go over with whoever has the final say in the video. It was suggested she was going to keep her “pretty baby” no matter what and at all costs. So that’s that. Hope you enjoyed and we’ll be around later. “We” meaning me but just plural.