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Well Biker Boyz is done and has a tentative release date which is within 6 months so the wait to see will not be that long. It was alot fun working on this film. Learning how to ride, meeting some great riders from the Ruff Riders out of New York, working with the cast and crew. Watching guys like Fishburne do their thing and seeing a guy like Derek Luke, who by the way is absolutely bar-none nicest most beautiful person ever. He’s just so great and such an inspiration. I’ll leave it at that but he taught me alot of life and stuff which I didn’t expect but isn’t that the way it always goes. It was quite an allstar cast though. Not only did it include yours truly and the above but Orlando Jones, Kid Rock, Jimon Honsou, Lilakoi Moon (Lisa Bonet), Salli Richardson, Meghan Good, Kadeem Hardison (one of my favorites). We spent alot of time playing video games during those long nights of doing nothing. I’ve seen a clip of the movie and it looks great. On the whole I was happy with my performance from what I can gather which is always good. No, I know, this has nothing witty or really intelligent to it but just kinda a bare bones here’s how it went. Sorry, long day. Riding the bike was great and I’ve continued to ride thanks to the wonderful people at Honda. I think the movie will be a great success and should be alot of fun to watch. Any questions, more specifics, should be put on the board and either me or Lisa I’m sure will pick some out to answer.

Other than that, I also wrapped up shooting a video for Vanessa Carlton. It was a quick little shoot and went very well. I play her boyfriend in it and it should be a cute little video. I don’t want to say too much because it’s not my video and I’m not sure what’s appropriate but it should be playing on MTV in the near future so… She’s quite talented (writes her own stuff and plays the piano) which was the reason I said yes because it’s rare to find someone as young as her doing their own stuff nowadays and I figured I’d support that and get paid at the same time. Plus, videos are always fun but as we all know and no it hasn’t changed, but only gotten stronger, no one replaces James and company on the stereo save for Johnny, Lemmy, and Gordie. I also stick Layne, the Glitter Twins, Steven, and Leonard in there occasionally. There’s a game for you guys. Who are these people and in what band, if they are in one, play in. I realize though that sooner or later I’m going to have to do a heavy metal or hard rock video and make up for all this. I just feel it necessary on the inside.

Other than that things are going well and we are into a few other things which hopefully will come to fruition in the next little while and I’ll then pass that along to you. Again, any questions, put’em on the board and I’ll try to get to them with Lisa’s help. See ya.