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August 13, 2002

NoThiNg LiKe NorMaL – Who was your favorite movie co-star, so far, to work with?

Well that’s actually a pretty hard one to answer. I have three that standout in my mind. The first being Majandra because of our relationship on and off-screen that we developed. Both were memorable and fun and I learned a lot during that time. The second being Kerr Smith. He is just the nicest guy in the world to work with. We got along really well and I found myself having fun everyday. The Forsaken was the most fun I’ve ever had filming-wise and a lot of that had to do with Kerr, along with Joe Cardone the director. I thought me and Kerr had quite good chemistry and brought out a lot of good things in each other acting wise and I am very proud of that relationship we had. It was short but very memorable. I would do another movie with him in a second. The third is Eric Stotlz. I shot a TV movie called “Our Guys: Outrage in Glen Ridge” with him and it was early on in my career and there is one scene where he interrogates as to the goings on at a party where I was being questioned as to my involvement with it. We shot his side first, meaning his coverage, close-ups, etc, and he calmly asked me the questions and I answered. Now when it came time to shoot my side, he sat there for awhile before saying his first line which made me wonder what was going on and then he just blew up at me and started yelling and screaming and swearing and asking all these different questions but even though they were different questions I was able to stick to my lines and have them still make sense for me. It was so much fun. I had no idea he was going to do that and did it to obviously make me uncomfortable and stuff without me really having to “act it”. It was the purest moment I’ve experienced in acting to date.

kriscow – What was your first Metallica concert experience like?

My first Metallica concert was the millennium in Detroit. I flew myself and 2 of my best friends down (their xmas presents) to watch Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and Metallica play. It was awesome. I was on the floor about 15 feet away from the stage and just stood there screaming my brains out to every song. The best Metallica concert I’ve been to though was the Miller blind date thing. This publicist at the WB, her boyfriend works for KROQ in LA and he knew that Metallica was the blind date at the House of Blues and got me 2 tickets. I was front row on the floor about 5 feet away. It was insane. Only about 500 people. They blew the roof of the place. No concert except one in my backyard will ever touch that one.
*~amelia_dizon~* – Brendan, when did you start playing hockey and what do you love about the game?

I started playing hockey when I was 12 which is really late for a Canadian or anyone for that matter. It’s the first year of hitting. I was the worst player on the ice by far and got crunched all the time, fell down, screwed up and was “that guy”. The one you definitely don’t want on your team. But the good thing is I knew it and was ok with it as long as I kept improving. Nothing’s worse than the crappy guy who doesn’t know he’s crappy. So slowly over the next 5 years I got better and made the All-Star game for my league my final year. I then tried out for AAA but broke my collarbone in tryouts and was out the year. I quit hockey after that to get a job and then started back up 2 years ago.

AFLP – Besides Metallica? Are there any particular bands and/or musicians that get you pumped up while you’re driving? Assuming, of course you crank your stereo up while driving.

Well there’s Johnny Cash, Motorhead, a little Sublime never hurt anyone. The Tragically Hip and HeadStones are good as well. Nice Canadian duo right there. I just got a cd burner and have made mixes for myself and now I pump those out. I even got a little Bon Jovi on it. “Bad Medicine” is a classic.

~sunshine~ – If you could have any of the powers the alien characters of roswell have, which one would it be? Why?

I hate these questions but I’ll answer it anyways. Ummm, I’d have the healing one I suppose. Nothing hurt to heal now did it? I was gonna say the dreamwalking but I think I’d use it too much and spoil life.

amanda^*^dizon – what’s your favorite movie genre to do and/or watch?
I don’t have a favorite movie genre. A lot of it depends on my mood and the other part depends on if I think it’s going to be good and by that I take into account the premise, acting, and directing.

Malanya – Brendan, why do you bother with us fans? I mean, really, what is it that motivates you to sit down after a long day of whatever you do all day, and write a rant for us to read, or check out what’s going on at this board?
I don’t bother you fans you bother me. Oh oh, why do I bother WITH you fans. Uhh, I’m a wannabe rock star and I do this cause it makes me feel like I’m keeping you up to date on my tour.

*Jackie*: – Brendan, do you ever look at the pictures of your fans on these boards? Like are you curious or do you honestly just not care?
I never have. I don’t have DSL and downloading all those pictures takes to long. If you want set up a naked thread and I’ll put in the time. Moon please don’t shut that one down.

kriscow – I read in Teen People from a long time ago in an article called “Gabbing with Brendan Fehr” that you were not reachable by any means – no cell phone, no answering machine. Still hold true or have you given in?

Ha ha. Much to the dismay of Jim, and my other managers and agents I am still unreachable. I have not given in to the evil that is portable communication but will probably end up bending in the next year or two. But pray for me people. Let them not break my spirit. I do have voice mail on my home phone, that would be silly, actually stupid not to have. That’s definitely necessary. I’d never get a date that way. No lovely lady could leave her number. But no cell phone or pager.

Lot_53 – How long does it take you to read a book? How many books do you have at home? Where do you like to read in bed, in a sofa, on the floor??

It depends. Sometimes a week, sometimes it gets strung out to a little too long. Depends on my schedule though I do find time to read at work quite abit if I’m so inclined. I have about 50 books at home, not a lot. And I like to read in the bath or my bed. Anywhere really but it’s generally those places cause that’s when you not going to be getting up to do very much.

*ReDnGrEeNmNmS* – What was your favorite childhood tv show?

My favorite child hood TV show was The Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, and wrestling. Saturday Night’s Main Event was the best night of the month. Wrestling fans will know what I’m talking about. And I lived for Saturday morning cartoons. Actually after school cartoons were great too. Transformers, G.I. Joe, Mask, Justice League of America were my favorites.

olderfherfan – Bren you really need to post about BIKER BOYZ – We’re all curious now … tell us about the BIKE.
Moondragon – What type of motorcycle are your training on. I understand that the bikes used by this group are “street drag machines — long, lowered beasts designed to go straight and fast for a quarter mile. ” Are you training on this type of bike? How long is the actual filming schedule. Couple weeks, couple months?

Well we haven’t started filming yet. We start on the 31st. The bike I’m riding in the movie is a Yamaha R1. It’s one of the fastest bikes on the road and has about 130 horsepower and weighs about 350-375 pounds which is ver y light. The top speed on the bike is about 170 mph. It has a short wheel base and is a wheelie machine because of that. I do officially have my licence now but I’m not at the wheelie level yet. I am however when people aren’t looking trying out stoppies or endos which is where you hit the front brake really hard and bring up the back tire. It’s the opposite of a wheelie. To me it’s easier and less scary and actually looks harder to do. I get scolded though when they catch me so I’ll have to do it in my free time. The filming is about 6 weeks meaning it’ll be done around mid-September.

Devon Mia Gill Bloom – Can you sing? and can you dance?-like the traditional way.

I can’t really sing but enjoy it immensely. Although I sing to Metallica so much it’s my best stuff and is actually quite good sometimes. I can’t dance AT ALL except that prom slow dance stuff.

MichaelsAngel – If some one wanted to cast you in a starring role of a remake of any film, which film and what role would you want it to be?

Remakes are scary and I’d prefer to do something original. Any movie worth remaking shouldn’t be remade cause if it’s worth it, it means there was nothing wrong with it in the first place.

sefgirl – I saw you wore #16 in the NHL Celebrity All-Star Game. Is that the number your usually wear? Does it have any significance? What do you think of the karaoke? Have you ever done it? If so, what have songs you sung?

I wear number 16 after Trevor Linden of the Vancouver Canucks who is my favorite player. Yes I have sung karaoke and love it. My next big purchase, or one of them, is to get a karaoke machine but I need a house first cause my apartment neighbours would kill me. I do do it and sing Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” or “The Memory Remains”. For some reason those are the only ones anyone has of Metallica. “Faith” by George Michael is a must and “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi is always a crowd pleaser.

Moondragon – What things would you put on a “wish list” for yourself if time, money or availability was no object. Let’s say a genii gave you a unlimited wish card. This sounds like a fluff question, but think about it outside the “box”. Wolfman – growing well. He’s a beautiful dog. Does he fetch? How many pairs of Doc Martins did you loose to those puppy teething urges? Has Opa met Wolfman? How is Opa doing in the Great White North?

Geez that’s a tough one. I do have a genii that grants me wishes, His just take longer and are on His schedule. Too hard too hard. Remember me being an average hockey player though. That’d have to change. Wolfman is doing very well and does fetch. He’s very hairy and looks like a monster. He’s adorable. No Doc Martins were lost in the training of him though my carpet might have something to say. It helps though when the shoe is bigger than the dog. Opa has met Wolfman and doesn’t quite know how to respond. Opa doesn’t consider him a dog I don’t think and is quite wary actually. Opa is recovering well in the GWN. For all those who don’t know, she was hit by a snowmobile and had surgery. But everythings looks good.

Lisa – What is your current favorite video game? What kind of game platform do you prefer?

My current favorite game is Grand Theft Auto 3, Destiny Warriors 3, and Stuntman. I prefer the PS2 format. I hate Nintendo and don’t really want the Xbox.
Do you have a golf handicap? (or just how good of player are you?) What do you like about this sport, it’s seems like just the polar opposite of hockey.

My handicap is about 18-20. I’m not that great. I don’t know why I like it but it’s a lot of fun to play with your buddies. Lotta bets and wager s can be made and because it is so hard, a lot laughs are to be had on the course. Golf carts are always big fun to especially when people have the ole beer goggles on. It gets pretty silly. And hockey player usually make very good golfers by the way.