Baron + Toluca Twitter – Brendan and Majandra Delfino are hosting a ‘series’ of Roswell rewatches live on Instagram. The last of these is undetermined for the episode but do check below for more information including the date and time.

Next, here’s a update on ‘Behind The Yellow House’. Here’s a synopsis and a video with Brendan talking about the project. Also here’s the link to Seed & Spark to contribute to the project: Behind The Yellow House

Maggie survived but not without the scars of her past. Recounting her experiences brings Maggie back to a time that was dark, but after years of healing she feels empowered. This allows her strength to share her story and to help others. The story and remarkable subject matter will create an atmosphere of curiosity. Maggie’s incredible journey and her unstoppable force to survive and thrive, will embrace you as you become part of her recovery. This WILL create dialogue. Our team has confidence people will begin to talk about the subject matter most of us do not realize exists in the world, much less in our own backyards…Real life WITCHES! In Behind the Yellow House we follow the factual story of Maggie who was born and raised in an all-female dark and sinister coven in the mountains of New Mexico. Maggie witnessed and experienced torture and endured mental and physical abuse. She experienced human trafficking and was subjected to an unfathomable reality. Her destiny, though predetermined, is riddled with her fight against evil. Her protective nature as a sibling shows her compassion and loyalty for others. She is kind, loving and sweet but a fighter when the need arises. YOU will be pulled in to her story.